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Who had their infant child circumcised and why?

FrayedBear 9 Feb 5

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It isn't the norm here in the UK, so we didn't have our son circumcised. I am in the unusual position of having a partial one, having been born with hypospadias (which makes me intersex according to some physicians, but not others.) I've contemplated circumcision to normalise things, but I actually quite like the way they work at the moment.

Foreskins aren't without their problems. Having seen a few penises in my time, I've encountered a fair proportion with ones that won't retract and fully uncover the glans, and some that will barely expose the tip of it. For the guys who have this problem, it's 'their normal', and they genuinely don't know any better or different. They can't ever have known what it's like to feel direct stimulation of the glans. On the flip side, one of my exes was circumcised, and I think he lost a fair amount of erect penile length in the process. He also reckoned sex with a condom and without felt exactly the same with him as the insertive partner, which I attribute partly to desensitisation of the always exposed glans, but also to the normal sexual function of the glans sliding in and out of the foreskin: something that a condom restricts, making a natural penis behave much more like a circumcised one.

I don't believe in routine circumcision of infants. Done for religious reasons or out of convention, it is genital mutilation, pure and simple. But I accept that's a modern perspective, and wouldn't take issue with someone who'd had it done to their children when it was more acceptable. I do believe circumcision is sometimes necessary for sound medical reasons, and that if you have an overly tight foreskin that can't be stretched, it may be beneficial. It's also a body modification that someone can have by choice as an adult. Reversing the process is much more difficult and time consuming, though apparently not impossible by stretching the available skin.

It's my suspicion that there are more nerve endings in the inch removed than in the shaft. Im very curious about the inability to stretch foreskin. Currently I have an acquaintance with fluid build up in his penis following an operation. He says it currently is the size of a cucumber topped by a mango and has been warned that it could grow to watermelon dimensions. Now that is one heck of a lot of stretching. My suspicion with so called tight foreskins it is quicker to cut it off than spend the time stretching it.

Well said . I believe the whole idea of circumsicion was to desensitise anyway .


Apart from a valid medical reason it is mutilation of an infant who has no say in the matter . I'm tired of the hygiene excuse ... Ever heard of soap and water ?

And I question validity. I had an argument with my Australian doctor who crapped on about old blokes in homes having problems. ... yes they were probably neglected and no one made sure they were clean beneath the foreskin. Same goes for the argument that uncircumcised men give cervical cancer. I suggest that lack of hygiene one day in seven does not help.


I am happy I had the procedure as an infant and have always considered myself fortunate that it was done for reasons I prefer not to elaborate on .The majority of men do not complain of having the procedure or of having any problems being circumcised as an infant . On the other hand some men are reluctant to have it performed as adults. Having the procedure as an adult may cause problems,but negative results are rare when performed on infants

Statistics that I saw from 25 years ago stated 2 in 6000 die from complications. Many end up with deformed penises resulting from bad procedure or infection subsequent to operation. All consequences of not being circumcised are due to infection and or poor hygiene. I always ask "do you routinely perform masechtomies at birth to prevent subsequent breast cancer?"


My son was circumcised in 1989 because it was the accepted practice and his father wanted it done.He was a preemie and it wasn't done until he was 6 months old and I very nearly backed out
When my daughter in law was pregnant 6 years ago the subject came up and my son thanked me for following through.

My oldest grandson was not circumcised when he was born in 1999 because his father was from Europe and not circumcised; my daughter wanted him to look like his father. There was a medical issue and he had to be circumcised when he was 3 and it was horrible for him.


Each mother can decide what's best for them.

Shouldn't be father's choice? After all... we are the experts on the subject not the mother... we are the ones with access 24/7... I heard of cultures deflowering females at berth to remove the stigma later when teens. I heard that of american women while growing up in Puerto Rico. Just what I heard, mind you... just what I heard. And in japan a virgin at marriage is at a disadvantage in such an "advanced society". Just saying let Dad Decide based on his experience.

Ah! Children as possessions? What about their adult free consent?

@GipsyOfNewSpain Fascinating. Sounds to me like Puerto Rican gossip mongering and protection of what I presume is the predominant faith - catholicism. On defloration of girls the one I abhor is the belief that a virgin relieved of her hymen will cure aids. I read a year or two ago of a Brazilian who raped and killed his girlfriends 1 year old daughter to cure his HIV. He then confessed to the crime. In gaol the other inmates raped him with a broom handle thickly wrapped with barbed wire. I posted it on commenting about karma and was promptly berated by a women nurse who presumably knew the hazards of dealing with such medical cases.

@FrayedBear catholic it's always been. I still remember in the Military stationed home and I have to give the watch off to the Puertoricans working for me when the pope came visit the island. They wanted to see the pope. Bullshit but were my homegirls.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I once knew a big white Pole who was similarly affected. Crooked as they came but had to kiss the Pope's ring.

@FrayedBear I lost a brother to aids... but we will never know if it was drugs or sex how he got it. We suspect sex because he had already quit drugs when the diagnose came. But don't feel bad... never heard that before and I had two daughters at the time... I would had done anything no matter what stupid to keep him alive.

@FrayedBear if you got netflix... watch the jack black new movie... the king of polka. and is based on a true story... I saw his documentary back in last decade. You will also see a photo in the movie of the convicted scam artist with a scam artist turn president. So is like a validation that he scammed people to go and see the pope. Specially Polish in PA.

If it's not broken there's nothing to fix. Unless it's an actual medical issue.
Hygienic issues, there's lots of soap and water.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Sorry to hear that. Lost mine in a motorbike head on collision with another bike ... and my bro taught the London police how to ride bikes. If your time is up it's up. At the time i had premonition but not skilled to recognise it. Didn't get on with my bro.Never trusted motor bikes personally.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Don't have Netflix but will look out for it. There is a lot on YouTube about it -

Thanks for the heads up.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I hope not with your daughters though!

@FrayedBear son riding one now. He waited until I left vegas to get one. But they are never safe.


Health reasons. At the time, that was common practice and thinking.


I didn't circumcise my son because there was no overwhelming reason to do it, and I preferred to allow him what bodily autonomy he could have at his age. I figured he could have it done when he was older if he really wanted to. He didn't have even one urinary tract infection, so that was a non-issue. And my son was never ridiculed in the locker room. Uncircumcised boys are becoming common enough that I don't think that happens a lot any more. I have to say what made the emotional part of my decision was actually seeing it done when I was in medical school...OUCH!


Yes, for hygiene reasons.


My parents did, and they have not been forgiven, seriously, how dare they?
But then my parents were pretty much village idiots as far as intelligence goes, they could not think for themselves.

LOL. Ah! You were a genetic aberration or the milkman called for his money?


I had it done at age 26. I had phimosis which means the opening is not large enough for the head to fit through comfortably. It's more of an ordeal to have it removed as an adult so I wish it had been done when I was an infant. However, it was nothing compared to other operations I've had.

Unfortunately that would not have been detectable at your birth. I'm glad that you have been able to put it into perspective. According to records that I found 25 years ago, in America two in six thousand circumcisions on infants resulted in death and many in irreperable traumatic damage. I hope that you had no ongoing problems.

@FrayedBear Wow that's nuts. Certainly not worth the risk with those odds. My cousin actually had his damaged during the circumcision. The reason I didn't have it done at birth was because I was born without a spleen which means I have a weak immune system so they decided it was too risky. For the vast majority of people, there are no issues with being uncircumcised so yeah it's best to leave it alone and deal with problems as they come along. For me, it's much better now.

@RoboGraham Glad to hear it.


My husband insisted!! He said he did not want his son to be ridiculed in the locker room. I cried and still wish I'd tried harder to convince him not to.

Zster Level 8 Feb 5, 2018

My sons were circumcised on my kitchen table by a mohel...ritual circumcision.

@vnufall -- Been there. I mean, on the table. Funny, I don't remember it.

@evidentialist Did you give your permission?

@FrayedBear -- I don't think so, but my memory is pretty hazy before the age of 6.


I was circumcised and, although I don't think it probably makes a lot of difference either way, I can say that the glans isn't protected and can become chafed under some conditions. On the other hand, cleanliness is a breeze. So, for me, it's a mixed bag.

"mixed bag" - Aren't you confusing your parts? Lol!!!

@Hominid I'm losing my marbles. lol

@Hominid an elderly friend has just had a hernia repaired. His surgeon failed to mention the common side effect of water accumulating in the penis - he described it as a cucumber with a mango at the top of it. Eventually they had to make a bag or truss to hold his swollen member upright to stop it tearing the mesh or stitches a short distance above.

@FrayedBear That sounds incredibly uncomfortable if not outright painful.

@FrayedBear - I guess he doesn't have to buy Viagra an more... 😉

@icolan At 92 he at times has been, for him, distraught.

@Hominid He unfortunately is too worried to laugh at such jokes ... a sure sign of his condition. I'm about to phone and get today's update and find if the truss and vertical posture have helped.

@FrayedBear - 92 - holy crap. You sound like a good friend to him...

@Hominid about 12 years.


We discussed it with the pediatrician and decided not to have the procedure. I haven't asked my son if he cares.


I did because my wife convinced me to but if I had it to do again I’d contest her more on that.


I was, I did. I expect my grandchildren too. I am not going to argue here. It is not Your Fucking Penis.

Why the agression @GipsyOfNewSpain? Did you give informed adult consent for your circumcision? Will your grandchildren? Or are you following an edict held subconsciously and planted in your childhood by the church.

@FrayedBear Well I was not going to say but about age 9 or 10 I discovered that mine was not completed and being the way I always been. I took it into my own hands... I got me a brand new razor blade from my grandpa... and little cut by little cut I finished the job myself. It was painful... never mentioned to anyone before today... But cut by cut I did it... so I will say I am grateful I had the ignorant balls to do it. May had taken me a week or two, But once again... I realize how different I am to most people. So you can say by that age god and me were not in talking terms. First time I ever mentioned to anyone. And this is from someone afraid of needles in any shape or form... no tattoos or piercing of any kind. But I took the blade to myself and finished the job. Sometimes Ignorance have it's own Rewards.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Wow. What advantages did you gain?

@FrayedBear For starters is a muscle like any other muscle... it felt to me like the right thing to do... full potential to grow requires removal of protective envelope... Add possibility of receiving the best blow job on heaven or earth. It is a reality and reason enough for me... I didn't knew it then but now I know my soul was like... something ain't right... we need to get this fix pronto!!!! Previous Life Recall.

@GipsyOfNewSpain End of discussion. I do not agree with you but as you say it's yours. 😀 now let's get on with the music!

It's not yours either .

@FrayedBear Music it is.

@MarcIveson I never met a woman in my life asking why I am circumsized. That seems to seal the deal for me.

@MarcIveson ?

You may have misunderstood me in my reply . I was trying to make the point that your children's penis isn't yours either and have no say in the matter . I,ll go further . .... If it's done to children or infants without valid medical reason both parents , doctor , Mohel or whatever should be prosecuted .


First, an admission: I have no f'n idea what I am talking about here. Zero factual knowledge. I was not circumcised. I had one relevant incident that I remember, and that was when I was young; under 8. Maybe 6. At the doctor for my physical and he and my mother had a discussion about my having to learn to pull back when I peed so that my foreskin rolled back, and I had to learn to wash there when I bathed. I still remember that and the follow-on lessons, so it most certainly made a big impact. And then no issues for the next 70 years but lately something has changed; not sure what. Without going into details, it pleases me that erections now are rare.

Not pretending to know what you are talking about, but if there is a pain issue, that means something is wrong and a visit to the doctor is in order.

@Dick_Martin private messaged you.


I did not have my son circumcised because my husband did not want it....I've always wished I had gone ahead and done it. It doesn't hurt the child anymore.

marga Level 7 Feb 5, 2018

Why do you wish you had done that? Just believing that it doesn't hurt (which is opposite my belief, but we can leave that alone for now) doesn't sound like a whole reason.

@witchymom No, it's a personal choice....I am 64, so I come from a generation where that was the norm, and in this matter, at least, I am a product of my generation.

the pain is mostly gone after 63 years, but there's still some

@marga A norm in your society perhaps but not in most others. Is it still the norm in your society?

@McIntyre Thank you for your response. Mental or ongoing physical pain because of permanent disfigurement causing loss of functionality other than sensitivity?

@FrayedBear I don't know if it's still a norm or not; I haven't been paying attention. I'm not trying to justify the choice either way; it is what it is.

@marga I always ask the question of people "would you routinely cut off your daughter's breasts when they are newly born in order to prevent breast cancer later in life?"

@FrayedBear okay....I don't really see the correlation, although I understand what correlation you're trying to any case, it's not up for discussion with me anymore. Like I said, it is what it is.

It would have bloody hurt in the first place ! Mutilating the genitals of a child indeed .!
What next ? FGM ?

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