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Who Were You In High School?

I was a loner who got along with everyone. I liked everyone so much that I never wanted to sit with any group of people and seem bias. Strange, but true. In essence, I was popular for my choice. If that makes any sense. I miss my high school years and everyone I went to school with.

By SleeplessInTexas8
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Someone who no longer exists.
High school is over and is no longer relevant.
Hasn't been for decades. It's also why I will never attend a hs reunion.
I have no desire to see any of those people ever again.
They mean nothing to me.

KKGator Level 9 Nov 7, 2018



I was Jayne. I still am.

Amisja Level 8 Nov 7, 2018

Lmao i feel it


Excellent student (accelerated classes), and first chair flute player in band, orchestra and marching band.

In junior high, I was cruelly bullied for being too smart and skinny. Tough older girls threatened to beat me up. Terrified, I walked two miles to a different bus stop. Each day as I entered science class, boys loudly sang, "She's a carpenter's dream, flat as a board!" - emotionally scarring me for life.

Suddenly I became popular at age 15, when I entered high school and developed a little figure. I refused to join cliques. Instead I was friendly with everyone. An extrovert, I can chat with anyone and love making people laugh.

In senior year, classmates voted me "best manners," "most poised" and "best dressed." I sewed all of my clothes, including this prom dress at 15.

Had the same boyfriend from age 16 to 21.

Our 10-year high school reunion in Michigan was great. Big-breasted former cheerleaders were fat and divorced. In contrast, I was fit and happy.

"You were the prettiest girl in high school," guys moaned, hanging all over me. "Why didn't you ever date any of us?"

"I had an older, more mature boyfriend," I replied and smiled. SLAM DUNK.

omg--I am going to find my prom dress...you are going to die laughing...it looks like yours! ha ha ha with the same hairstyle even! ha ha ha

You haven't changed at all.


I wore all black, shaved my head, and hated everyone.

Since then, I've lightened my wadrobe pallette, grown my hair out, and learned to genuinely love a few people.

You would freakin' rock a shaved head!

@MrBeelzeebubbles Aw, thank you!

@Donotbelieve it's all about the bone structure, daaahhlink. And the big green eyes. Anyway, I'll show you mine, you show me yours!

@MrBeelzeebubbles All my photos are at my parents house. I will try to get them.

I have a rather small, round head. The barber complimented it's smoothness. I remember that.

Bald is sexy.

@Donotbelieve I'm imagining 'evil pixie'.

@MrBeelzeebubbles That's spot on.


I was somewhat of a loner, but had a few friends. I always did well in classes, but didn't take learning seriously. I was the top gymnast on the rings in my high school and had more female admirers than I realized, which I only found out much later. I started my first business while in high school, which was a tutoring agency that tutored kids at night in mathematics and reading. I also worked on the weekends and on holidays at an electronics company. I was dating a girl from another school, someone I married after high school, so I wasn't that interested in the girls in my high school. The photo is of me a couple of years after high school.

sfvpool Level 7 Nov 7, 2018

I was just me.


I was pretty laid back and wasn't a follower. I had no problem making friends and was an honors student, active in band, theater, and science projects. High school was, for the most part, boring. I've never had an interest in attending reunions.


I started HS(9th grade) at age 12, so I was kind of an outsider...the little kid...everyone was nice to me but I really couldn't do a lot of the HS things until I turned 16. I mainly was just one of the smart kids who spent a lot of time reading and hanging out with those like me...bookworms and awkward girls...


Prissy honours classes elite member. Academically competitive as hell. Science geek. Well liked and known among smart geeky nerds. Bullied by popular mean girls and dumb jocks. And no, I don’t wish to repeat high school again (which for me was grades 8-12). Never attended a reunion ever.


A proud member of the Math Team. Who knew math was a competitive sports? smile001.gif

But I hung out mostly with left-wing stoners, not with my fellow nerds. Hated high school, and most of my class mates, with the exception of the aforementioned cliques. My misanthrope flags were flying high even back then, clashing frequently with my extroverted nature.

Figures that I would later on my life settle comfortably in narcissism. smile001.gif


I hung around the crowd that loved to listen to music and played instruments. I loved my high school days and developed a few friendships with some cool people.

Good question!

balou Level 8 Nov 7, 2018

Me too! And I was Class President!

@Anniemae I wasn't even close to becoming class president. I hung out with the stoners! lol

@balou I hung out with everyone! Stoners included!!!


I was the new kid in a private Catholic high school, who wasn't Catholic, and who didn't come from a family of 8-10 kids who had all been going to school together since kindergarten. Being the new person and like no one, I was the target. Within a couple of months, this kid began to bully and harass me. My class consisted of 40-42 kids whom he influenced most of them to join his bullying against me. So I was pretty much ostracized. His family owned the community, and donated large amounts of money regularly to the school, so when I sought help and protection from the school's principal, Sister David, it was ignored. This demonic (can I say that being an atheist?) kid went on to torture me through freshman and sophomore years. The bullying subsided somewhat in the junior year, and I didn't have to deal with it in my senior year as this kid went to college for half the day. He ended being our valedictorian. He now is founder and managing partner to a billion-dollar hedge fund. Total scum.

Seeing as how this was my experience. I was a quiet kid. Kept to myself and didn't try to make friends. Pretty much a loner. I still am.

linxminx Level 7 Nov 7, 2018

Shy,academic ..who reached my final year ...and blossomed into the alternative , non -conforming rebel that I currently am.Thank god ..on second thoughts .,he has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I embrace ..but the terminology is preferable to resorting to expletives...Or is it ??


I was pretty nerdy and short until my senior year. By that time Inhad achieved my full height (which helps in the socialization circles) I was so introverted prior to that that it took 3 hours to get up the courage to ask a gal to the prom. Sad. (But I evolved from there!)

In Senior I was the leader of the “anti-clique clique”. Sound like an oxymoron, doesn’t it! Ha!


"Univac" (an early type of computer mentioned in Weekly Reader)....not really a compliment at all.....


I was a singer an athlete a farm boy a closeted sage and an extremely anxious boy.


Nerd. Under achiever.

Rob1948 Level 7 Nov 7, 2018

I was a loner. I am told that I was seen as mystrious because I was so quiet most of hte time. I too had nto one group I hung out with, but I wasn't social enough to be viewed as popular at any time in my life.


I was nobody

Me neither smile009.gif


Honors student (STEM and writing), band geek, visual arts. I marched to my own drum and was surrounded by fellow band kids and artists who relished being odd. I had good times, but have zero desire to revisit it. No reunions, thank you.

Zster Level 8 Nov 7, 2018

I was a nerdy jock. I was a top athlete but my friends a social circle tended to be nerds and stoner's.....

Dhiltong Level 7 Nov 7, 2018

I guess a burnout? Idk i never really payed enough attention to other ppl and their cliques i didnt even realize how big a thing it was to some people until later in life.


High School wasnt to long ago for me, and I have grown a ton. But I was a bfg or a big friendly giant. I was quiet never went to dances. The only thing extra I did was play football. I had a small group of friends but it seemed most people knew me and were friendly.


I was simply alone

Seeker3CO Level 7 Nov 29, 2018

Come here, let me hug you hard.❤


I was a loner for the most part. My parents were rather poor and cared more about their drinking habit than what I was doing and it resulted in me having low self esteem, which I grew out of while in the military. I hung out with other people who also had broken homes. We joked and laughed all the time. I guess it was our way of escaping reality. We all survived and became productive members of society.

Wiley1 Level 3 Nov 12, 2018
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