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What are your thoughts on reincarnation? I don't believe in it but it certainly is interesting to think about. ?

daitheflu317 6 Nov 9

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Not having to die is a very appealing concept. Our imagination can come up with countless ways to accommodate that fantasy.

skado Level 8 Nov 9, 2018

I agree. It's an appealing concept. Currently, locally a I'm attending UU with theists and nontheists and I'm enjoying some studies with a group that doesn't tell their members what to believe, the Scientologists. Mingling lots seem pretty nice. I don't try to get to the bottom of what individual folks really believe in any sort of ideology group as it would probably be a vane effort.


For me, it’s kind of like the idea of heaven. Like, it would be nice if good people got reincarnated as house cats and my ex got reincarnated as kitty litter. Or maybe as a parasite. That would be appropriate.
Too bad it’s fantasy.

That's funny!


I think recycle



Oh lord: Here we go again!


Closest we have is we come from the primordial dust and in a sense we return to it.


I am constantly being reincarnated as my body rebuilds, my mind evolves, and my memories get pruned to make room for new memories. Even if I have memories from a previous life I’m not necessarily that same person who lived before. My sense of personhood as a body is an illusion.

Perhaps the real self is Universal Consciousness.


It's all recycling of matter and energy.. The individual consciousness doesn't get recycled otherwise if it did why do the babies need to be educated again ?


I mean, hey, if the Druid has the spell components...oh, wait, this wasn't a D&D question? 😉

Hordo Level 6 Nov 10, 2018

I used to believe in it, but that was many years ago.


No. There's no reason to think that reincarnation is possible.

JimG Level 8 Nov 9, 2018

I think our energy is recycled, but that is as far as I am willing to conjecture.


Well to be carnated would infer some imaginary creature in fact created humans so with that being defined to be reincarnated would infer some imaginary creature remade you. There for it is just some made up human fiction.


Sure, there's no evidence to support it, but it is fun to do thought experiments like that. In the very least, it might teach me something. For example, just how dangerous humans are sitting right at the top of the ladder. I'd be petrified at the thought of coming back as an animal (or anything living that's not human).


it's an enjoyable mental game to play but of course physiologically impossible.



If reincarnation was a reality, wouldn't history be replete with tales of memories from past lives? We see no such tales. Therefore there is no evidence of an afterlife.

Isn't an afterlife a bit broader subject? Some believe in life after death, but don't believe in reincarnation.

@WarmFluffy Reincarnation is just one of many afterlife concepts. But all of them share a lack of evidence.


"My only fear of death is coming back to this bitch reincarnated."



Actually, there are many different versions of reincarnation. So, if you are going to decide to believe in it, you will need to spend some time investigating it and deciding which particular version of reincarnation you are going to put your faith in. Personally, I think it is just wishful thinking. To some people heaven sounds boring and reincarnation is a more invigorating form of immortality.


I don't believe in it at all. Once we're dead we're dead, that's it, nothing more.


Interesting to think about and as plausible as unicorns with fairies as their stable boys serving the tooth fairy queen.

That sounds like a fun children's story actually.


I was watching a Rabbi teach a class on Youtube the other day and he said that nothing that is alive can die and nothing that is dead can live. I think it's an interesting idea to contemplate. At my seminary they teach the idea that within our minds are absolute realms (things we know are true) and relative realms (things we believe might be true). Reincarnation exists for me in the relative. Watching videos about recent sub atomic particle experiments and the irrational ways they react has reinforced my belief that reincarnation is possible.

Sounds like the Rabbi is kind of mixed up about his own groups beliefs.


Not in the conventional sense, no. But I have a weird and probably faulty concept of all individual consciousness being somehow connected together. If when I die, at that very moment a baby is born, there is no practical difference between the hypothesis that the baby and I are two separate beings, and the hypothesis that the baby is me without any trace of my previous memory. Yeah, I know. That's not really a reincarnation without the continuity of the identity.

But this forms the basis of my worldview and why it makes sense for us to be nice to each other, and to plan logically for the future.....

You're close, we are all connected in the universe. IMHO

Yes, except I don't know what "connected" means exactly. It's the vague terms like this that sometimes give way to misperception of the reality. My perspective really isn't reincarnation. But imagine this. Let's say that every living thing dies on the planet earth one day, and there is one living person, as the last remaining sentient being. For however long this person lives, whatever she experiences, that experience can be accurately described as the sum total of human experience during this time. And when she dies, will the universe be somehow lessened as a result?

As long as she lives, will "I" also be present in the universe?

@starwatcher-al What's IMHA? I didn't realize our opinions had to pass another members approval.


The question regarding numbers and population has a simple answer... Split personalities.


It is an interesting concept.
But I have to reject it.


Energy is eternal. That is scientific fact. You and share molecules with Agustus Caesar. Of course in this sense, reincarnation is real. It is just unlikely that all the same molecules will reform into another new creature. However it could be possible. I do believe...well know that our genetics carry memory.


It's an interesting concept but there's no evidence to support it.

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