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"Socialism has a lot better chance of working in the US than elsewhere since we're the one country that can't get invaded by the US."

Could Socialism work in the US? Is Capitalism being spread at the end of a nuclear warhead?

This question springs from a recent run in with the powers thay be. . . Why do I need to pay YouTube in order to play videos while using other apps on my phone?

EricTrommater 9 Feb 7

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Statement is made sideways to confuse the reader. Socialism in USA would simply be Safer from invasion from the most-imperialist nation (USA). Somehow, through all of the rational reasons for greater socialization (extending civilization beyond selfish capitalism), historically, despite the Utopian ideals, capitalists have succeeded in So demonizing anything 'tainted' by socialism, that it's a really uphill (how I see it) battle to work past the now ingrained prejudice


USA IS presently a Socialist country. Why that question? The pertinent question is: Why does the USA have Selective Socialism?

twill Level 7 Feb 10, 2018

Socialism and capitalism both have their flaws. On one hand with socialism you have the idea of universal health care while on the other end you have Venezuela. And on one hand with capitalism you have innovation and mom and pop shops while on the other hand you have folks climbing up the ladder and pulling it from behind them. I could go on about the strengths and the weaknesses of both economic theories but ultimately they're as good as the people that run them. And humans are imperfect so we're never going to get it entirely right.

I'm curious to why Venezuela was thrown in to this.

run a free market system within a socialist framework, so 'the people' benefit from the free market and 'the workers' are protected to some extent from the untethered greed of company owners

This premise seems very pratical however there will always be flaws in government just because we as people are not perfect. Nowthe choice becomes what flaws are we able to withstaand and run as a government. I personally maintain that government can and should operate as a combination of the the various types of governments. Why shouldn't we take the best of each form and run them together. Healthcare should be a right and run as a non profit business like Blue Cross and Blue Shield was for years. It does not mean the entire government needs to be socialist.Taxes need to be fair but based upon the ability to pay. You cannot run a government without funds and you cannot assume that one person who's luck gave them untold riches deserves it anymore than another.


It could definitely work in theory. Unfortunately we have too much government corruption, an absurd wage gap with 1% of the population owning more than 60% of the nation's wealth, and this really selfish individualist "I got mine, screw everyone else" mentality.


Venezuela hasn't been invaded by the US, how is socialism working out for them?

If you don't call CIA intervention supported by our tax dollars to support that governments opposition to create chaos, unlawful sanctions using false narratives to mange the worlds perception, an invasion, then just what do you call it?


I am not sure about that. We have than enough dysfunctional ideology and ideation to prevent socialism from taking serious root here. And, that is a damned shame!




Don't put too much faith in that my friend.


Bahahahahaha. Oh, if you don't laugh, you cry.


Look around. We ARE being invaded by the US. Look at the militarization of the police forces, look at the current plan to project power on our main streets with parades.

Doesn't that whole parade idea make you think of Kim Jong-Un?

@DeeTee Trump has told the military to have a big parade for him.

@DeeTee Yep, what Dick_Martin said. Ugh. I think it is more evidence of the size of his...hands.

@DeeTee Yeah. I thought it was a joke, at first. A military parade is a sign of 'look at my big stick'. Just look at what we said about North Korea when they had their parade. It is what the world will say about us. I am embarrassed for my country. Ugh.


LOL! Unless the alt-right movement can be considered a sort of "invasion."

What else can we call it? We have been taken over by less than a third of the population.

@Dick_Martin In all fairness, the DNC shot itself in the foot by blocking Bernie, who would have won in a landslide according to exit polls.

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