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Thought I’d write up a post designed to help people with acronyms that are frequently used here.. If I’ve left any out, or made a mistake, feel free to correct my errors and/or help out by adding to the list :) If you find this handy, ...
By AMGT 8 32 comments CA July 7, 2018
LINK You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video! 😉 - YouTube
By OpposingOpposum 8 37 comments FL Apr 18, 2018
Fcking Perfect
By VictoriaNotes 8 22 comments MS May 27, 2018
Matt Damon was hilarious as Brett Kavanaugh in SNL's opening sketch tonight. If you missed it, I'm sure it will be on YouTube soon. Edit: thank you to @misternatureboy for posting a link below!
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By dkp93 7 12 comments SC Sep 29, 2018
George Carlin - 10 Commandments - YouTube
By Kojaksmom 8 12 comments NC Feb 24, 2018
Happy Birthday to my old friend Dan Seals. This is one of his songs I did in memory of him. He was a dear friend. An extreme;y good man with a huge heart. []
By Duke 8 9 comments CO Feb 8, 2018
I’ve Never Believed Finding myself in a different space than most atheists and agnostics in that I have never believed in a god or gods. My family is Christian and though we didn’t go to church much or on a regular basis I have been to church ...
By itchic 4 19 comments AZ Dec 30, 2017
LINK Annoyed Camera Guy Smacks Down Christian Preacher - YouTube
By EmeraldJewel 7 22 comments OK July 2, 2018
LINK Little Brother Saves Sister In Wrestling Match! GET OFF My Sister! - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 11 comments NV Feb 21
LINK Guante - "Ten Responses to the Phrase 'Man Up'" - YouTube
By Mea 7 11 comments CO Apr 18, 2018
I got my employee of the month today! A pin for my hat and a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart! Oh, and my boss must have gotten over her grudge on me because she's talking to me again, like she used to. Oh, and since my Wi-Fi is absolute crap here, I gave ...
By Sarahroo29 8 11 comments CO Feb 23, 2018 seems to have been hit with an influx of scammers recently, and some have been trying to plant malware. Please if someone who is really new to the site posts a link, check out their member level before you click on it, especially if they are ...
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By HippieChick58 9 8 comments NE Dec 25, 2018
LINK Neil deGrasse Tyson on God - YouTube
By Dougl35534 5 11 comments MN July 8, 2018
My Twitter account was suspended. Somebody must have reported me. This is what I wrote: @realDonaldTrump either DIE of a heart attack and fall on top of Pence and smother him, or do something that WON’T destroy the planet. Trump Hellbent On ...
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By Closeted 8 11 comments IL Dec 10, 2018
LINK Top 10 Anti-Religion Comedy Routines (Pt.1) - YouTube
By ashortbeauty 8 4 comments FL May 18, 2018
LINK Debunked: "Socialism Has Never Worked" - YouTube
By skado 8 11 comments AL Mar 1
POLL The Best Sex Doesn't come From Hot-Blooded Passion
By VictoriaNotes 8 48 comments MS July 30, 2018
LINK Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole - YouTube
By onlyduh 7 11 comments SC June 21, 2018
LINK Sam Harris on the view of women in two cultures - YouTube
By lotusflower 5 10 comments Canada June 11, 2018
LINK Documentary / The Magic Pill 2018 - YouTube
By VictoriaNotes 8 16 comments MS Apr 29, 2018
Do You Know God? - YouTube (Humor) []
By bingst 8 7 comments GA May 17, 2018
Were the 3 Stooges Athiests? If I need to lighten up I watch Larry, Curly and Moe. (now on youtube). I based my home renovations on skills I learnt from that show. Okay I did devalue the property but I had a laugh at my expense. Of the 200+ ...
By jules4169 6 13 comments Australia May 2, 2018
Why can’t religious people understand that atheism isn’t a religion?
By EmeraldJewel 7 33 comments OK Feb 14, 2018
The past couple of years have been pretty tough for music fans. Tom Petty was a big loss for me. His music was a huge influence on me during the late 70's and early 80's. When he passed, I wanted to do something as a tribute. I recorded this in my ...
By Duke 8 14 comments CO Jan 29, 2018
Here’s a crazy idea: I’m thinking about starting a sex advice Youtube channel. Focused on alternative lifestyle, sex and dating the second time around, female sexual empowerment and the like. I’ve watched a lot of dating gurus and I think I ...
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By brainyactress 7 14 comments GA Dec 19, 2018
23 years in USA Today , and I smile . I smile every oct 7th . Thank u USA for giving me a chance . Especially the days that I was nothing but a prick , the know it all European ass diva who found everything here to be pffft! Thank u very much ...
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By Pralina1 8 6 comments VA Oct 7, 2018
Goodnight Kitty: This one reminds me so strongly of "Simon's Cat". If you've never watched Simon's cat go to YouTube. "Cat man do" is a good one. (Ok they're all good).
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By RavenCT 9 6 comments CT Aug 3, 2018
Mrs browns boys the Mormons - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 13 comments NV Mar 20, 2018
The interview that made Sam Harris Famous - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 7 comments NV Mar 1, 2018
Do you have wanderlust?
By silvereyes 8 39 comments OK Jan 27, 2018
Extremely damaging testimony. CNN YouTube Video. Just, Wow! []
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By GuyKeith 8 9 comments CO Feb 27
Good morning! With New Year's Eve fast approaching, what are some of your regional traditions? In Germany, one tradition is to watch "Dinner for One" every New Year's Eve before midnight. Here's some good info on it. If you scroll down far ...
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By germangirl90439 8 14 comments FL Dec 28, 2018
I was inspired by all of the posts in this group today. A few years ago I read about corpsing and watched a You-tube video about it. I decided to try it for the first time. This is a practice piece, it was a cheap paper mache skull. It turned out ...
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By 19dacar52 7 6 comments CA Sep 8, 2018
"Point Posters" I'll freely admit it's mildly ironic posting a rant about the very thing I'm seemingly doing now... but here goes: I'm a little tired of seeing posts that seem to be blatantly posted only for the sake of getting points. For ...
By WhatsInAName 6 20 comments OH June 3, 2018
Anything else dear...? Watch "The Husband Song" on YouTube Youtube
By BucketlistBob 8 5 comments LA May 19, 2018
I just made my first atheist YouTube video! It has been much to the credit of the people in this community that I had the audacity to make and post it. For this I thank you. I want to provide videos for those that were indoctrinated into Christian ...
By DavidLaDeau 7 8 comments CO Apr 30, 2018
LINK XTC - Dear God (1986) - YouTube
By Katt75 4 13 comments NC Apr 7, 2018
Has anyone here heard of Brené Brown? I think her TED talks are great. I have some of her books too, though I haven't finished reading them yet. For those who don't know who Brené is, she's a research professor who is known for her work on shame...
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By xamountofstars 6 7 comments MN Feb 23, 2018
The Illusion of Truth - How Cognitive Ease Can Be Artificially Created
By VictoriaNotes 8 12 comments MS Jan 2, 2018
Trump's attacks on McCain and Conway are truly bringing dignity back to the presidency by Rex Huppke March 20, 2019 Since Donald Trump became president, so many amazing things have happened, according to Donald Trump. But the thing ...
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By Closeted 8 9 comments IL Mar 25
[] I have lately been smitten by the idea of trying to help the threatened Monarch butterfly population by planting milkweed wherever possible. There are a ton of youtube videos on the subject. I particularly like what Paul Lund of ...
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By MikeInBatonRouge 7 8 comments LA Mar 9
LINK Monty Python - Bruce's Philosophers Song (Bruce's Song) {Official Lyric Video] - YouTube
By poetdi56 7 8 comments FL July 27, 2018
LINK 4th GRADER sings IMAGINE by John Lennon - YouTube
By BearsNPenn 6 8 comments PA June 4, 2018
LINK Atheism is Over – Debunked - YouTube
By ashortbeauty 8 11 comments FL May 24, 2018
LINK Why I Got Rid of Most of My Friends - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 8 comments NV May 8, 2018
If you haven't already seen this, you should check it out. John Oliver demonstrates how the televangelists hoodwink the poor and desperate and pull off legal and tax exempt scams. []
By verdefae 4 10 comments GA Jan 28, 2018
I love Tracie Harris on The Atheist Experience. If you haven’t seen her go check her out on YouTube.
By Alliegirl 7 12 comments SC Jan 14, 2018
Has anyone else watched YouTube videos with Tracie and Matt, The Athiest Experience ? They are out of Autin Texas. I have been watching them for years. Very enjoyable.
By Wildgreens 7 14 comments LA Jan 1, 2018
Its a little after 4.30 am here - cold morning so fire is now burning up, coffee made, teeth brushed and a quick wash; now I am aready getting bored with Sunday .. have 20 ton of stone to move, new garden area to level and rake, dozens of plants to ...
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By ShadowAmicus 6 8 comments UK Mar 24
LINK David Gilmour Wish you were here live unplugged - YouTube
By DavidGreen1 5 6 comments UK Mar 1
LINK The Original Double Slit Experiment - YouTube
By zblaze 7 6 comments OR Aug 19, 2018
LINK George Carlin --- Religion is Bullshit - YouTube
By Highway124 2 6 comments TX June 5, 2018
One of those life lessons which I have taken on in my dotage is about eye contact. Think about it. In face to face interaction, it is the most important thing. Turn that around. I have learned in meetings that if I deny someone my eye contact ...
By Palindromeman 7 14 comments Australia Apr 23, 2018
Why Women Aged 35 45 Are Single and Unhappy The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness - YouTube
By IndySent 7 49 comments Norway Feb 18, 2018
I should start my own YouTube channel.
By PeppermintDreads 7 9 comments OH Feb 14, 2018
In my continuing efforts to "secularize" my Bible belt school's senior class, I have my students reading an essay about writing from Stephen Fry this coming Tuesday (how I slipped a homosexual atheist writer past my literacy facilitator/censor is ...
By MsOliver 7 13 comments AR Jan 12, 2018
Youtube Here’s a piece I wrote called “rebound”. I’ve been trying to get some of my original songs on YouTube finally, but being a music major keeps me busy and I get self conscious about hearing myself sing. Let me know what you think!
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By bi_heathen97 6 6 comments MI Feb 17
Finall bought my 1st Atheist shirt. My own design for my Atheist Youtube channel.
By WeaZ 7 4 comments MO Jan 26
LINK There Is No White Jesus | Famalam - YouTube
By TheMiddleWay 8 7 comments CA June 2, 2018
One of my favorite people who walked this Earth was Christopher Hitchens. An avid athiest and antitheist...has written many books and can be found on YouTube quite extensively. Are there any other similar authors anyone can sugest?
By Tomed 5 10 comments PA Apr 3, 2018
POLL The Four Horseman - Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennet, Harris [2007] - YouTube
By Andy_Lynch 4 17 comments UK Mar 31, 2018
Dave Allen on Religion Fucking Hilarious! - YouTube
By snytiger6 8 8 comments WA Feb 27, 2018
This talking cougar will have you laughing!!!
By EmeraldJewel 7 7 comments OK Feb 24, 2018
How religion turned American politics against science | Kurt Andersen - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 10 comments NV Jan 18, 2018
I made a salmon stew today for lunch/dinner. Recipe is a modification of Chef John's Tuscan Fish Stew (youtube it). 1 fillet boneless salmon cubed 1 onion thinly sliced 1 carrot chopped 6 mushrooms sliced 1 bag of chopped spinach 1 fresh ...
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By VineetHonkan 6 9 comments Canada Jan 26
We had a really great movie night all about early animation and how it evolved. @DeeTee put some real work into making it fun for all of us - and I'm sure we all learned while laughing and joking. I think this could be a great venue for teaching ...
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By RavenCT 9 5 comments CT July 29, 2018
LINK The Greater Insult - YouTube
By ashortbeauty 8 5 comments FL May 27, 2018
Why sports are dumb - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 50 comments NV Mar 29, 2018
Well, they're sorta memes? Thought it was cool, anyway, hope y'all do too! []
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By phxbillcee 9 4 comments AZ Feb 25, 2018
Meet the immortal jellyfish that can live forever. | Science Nature Page - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 8 comments NV Feb 25, 2018
Radiohead - House of Cards - YouTube
By Sadoi 7 7 comments MI Feb 12, 2018
Atheists at the Ark Encounter... []
By phxbillcee 9 5 comments AZ Feb 2, 2018
When I got married my wife was not religious. When we had a child religion started creeping in, symbols of indoctrination started showing up. I tried to be supportive, even went to church even though I have been a life long open atheist. I found ...
By ThomasLevi 6 11 comments IL Jan 28, 2018
Ismo: Ass Is The Most Complicated Word In The English Language - CONAN on TBS - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 8 comments NV Jan 27, 2018
Which accent do you like the most/ find the most sexy, and which one grinds on your nerves? Im in love with both the New York and Boston accents, I could listen to them talk all day! I find the southern accent both sexy and funny at the same ...
By Sacha 7 35 comments New Zealand Jan 12, 2018
Freedom From Religion Foundation weekly TV show.
By JackPedigo 8 5 comments WA Jan 8, 2018
A VICE profile of Natalie Wynn (AKA ContraPoints) a YouTube philosopher/atheist who brilliantly tears apart the internet memes of the alt-right in an entertaining way. Youtube
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By PalacinkyPDX 8 5 comments OR Mar 15
LINK Seth Andrews: The Satanic Panic - The Witch Hunt of the Late Twentieth Century - YouTube
By chlorine413 6 5 comments CA Jan 29
If you have been around the internet and YouTube any length of time, you may have seen this. "If it doesn't fit, you must quit" -Ruthless Goat Enjoy. []
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By GuyKeith 8 8 comments CO Sep 11, 2018
Looks like there are no skoolies in the group yet. Maybe mine will be first. Getting ideas from youtube; []
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By JustKip 7 4 comments CA July 27, 2018
Just watched George Carlin's review of the Ten Commandments and Christian religion on YouTube. Pretty clearly defines why I am not religious anymore. He puts it all in perspective.
By Openthinker 4 14 comments IN July 15, 2018
Would it be too much to ask people to stop posting things that just say "YouTube"? Please give some clue as to what it's about.
By rogeralyn 7 12 comments AZ June 16, 2018
LINK COMMANDER OF CHEESE! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody - YouTube
By Stacey48 8 7 comments MD June 8, 2018
LINK Sam Harris 'just cannot believe' Donald Trump is US President - YouTube
By zblaze 7 15 comments OR June 7, 2018
LINK 'Be My Eyes' app helps blind people do everyday things - YouTube
By Alvingo1 7 4 comments TX June 2, 2018
LINK Why Don't You Believe in God & Creationism | Brian - Nebraska | Atheist Experience 21.04 - YouTube
By ashortbeauty 8 7 comments FL May 28, 2018
Holy crap! We have Holy Koolaid as a member! Holy Koolaid is a Youtuber definitely worth watching! He is among the best! If you have any questions about religion his channel is probably has content that you WILL benefit from! Check out his channel ...
By DavidLaDeau 7 8 comments CO May 13, 2018
LINK CGI Animated Short Film HD "Alike " by Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez | CGMeetup - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 4 comments NV May 10, 2018
LINK Hitchens and Fry Intelligence Squared - YouTube
By msar0414 6 7 comments MA Apr 25, 2018
LINK Prejudice by Tim Minchin - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 5 comments NV Apr 24, 2018
Double Slit Experiment explained! by Jim Al-Khalili - YouTube
By obis 6 5 comments IL Mar 4, 2018
A Perfect Circle - Judith - YouTube
By balou 8 8 comments TX Mar 1, 2018
Are you in favour of a revolution?
By Rugglesby 8 58 comments Australia Feb 27, 2018
After the launch of Falcon Heavy today, you can see several camera views of "Starman" on his infinite journey through the cosmos. This reminds me so much of the opening scenes of "Heavy Metal". []
By Duke 8 4 comments CO Feb 6, 2018
Is this what winter is doing to you? - YouTube
By SteveB 7 13 comments IA Feb 6, 2018
Fault Vs Responsibility by Will Smith FULL SPEECH - YouTube
By DJVJ311 7 7 comments FL Feb 2, 2018
Elton John - I'm Still Standing - YouTube
By HippieChick58 9 13 comments NE Feb 1, 2018
This bit from The Flintstones is the oldest and the most obvious sex joke in a kid's Saturday morning cartoon that I've seen (on YouTube)? I know that writers always add jokes in cartoons that kids would totally miss. There are plenty of sexual ...
By SamKerry 7 5 comments Australia Feb 1, 2018
The Bible is mostly not factual - BBC debate - YouTube
By BeeHappy 9 10 comments NV Jan 31, 2018
This SNL bit on "Aziz Ansari" is so spot on I'm placing this in "News" rather than "Silly"... []
By phxbillcee 9 11 comments AZ Jan 28, 2018
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