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Favorite Anything?

What makes you smile, other than sex, what makes you do your happy dance?

paul1967 8 Feb 8

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For me it's finding a fossil. I know that might sound boring but it's always been my zen thing to do. I wake up early I load up on morning carbs at the nearest IHOP and I go out to a public dig site and I spend the day digging in the dirt. It's actually more fun than you might think.

My uncle was a geologist with quite van extensive fossil and rock collection. To see his face when he found something or was just talking about some specimen he found was intxicating. Made you want to go with him on his digs again and again. I lived in Massachusetts and he in Colorado so I only went with him a couple times. I found some agates that polished up nice and some tourmaline. It was like we found gold!

That all actually sounds really cool, @paul1967 and @olliberry!


Everytime I hear Tom Jones "It's Not Unusual" in public.


Animals being adorably silly! Very highbrow, I know. lol
But then, I also love beautiful dance and music. That's as close as I get to spiritual moments.

dance, yes! when i do the dancing πŸ™‚


Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me grinning like a fool more than the sound of a big-mother old school v8 with a lumpy cam.
Some folks will get it, most won't.

...why am I envisioning a β€˜matching Harley’ πŸ˜‰

Yeah, I got nothing. LOL


To break and run a rack of 9-ball is a pretty good feeling.

d_day Level 7 Feb 9, 2018

@AMGT I'll be going out to play later today. Hope to run a few.


Looking through my camera telephoto lens and seeing a species of bird I've never seen before.
Bonuses if the the sun is low, and behind me, and the bird doesn't notice me.

Photo is of a dark morph, short-toed snake eagle, photographed near Lamnarai, Thailand. I've not seen one since.

thanks for the pic. i have a deep respect for animals, but a special love for the feathered fellas.

Very nice shot


The ocean. Looking at it, as I do each day, gives me a sense of peace and see at the same time


Key lime pie... chocolate cream pie... prime rib.... sorry... we're food people over here.

Right there with you, Bob! I am soooo hungry right now!!!

@BlueWave. Me too....ugh!


watching the brahmini kite above the beach, launching itself off its invisible flying carpet, to then fall into the surf well-aimed & return with a fish in its talons - it makes me feel whole & united: the multiverse & i πŸ™‚

That's sounds peaceful. Flying a kite is something I don't recall ever having done.

πŸ˜€ @paul1967, you understand that it's an australian seabird? sorry, it's actually brahminy kite. was going to add photo - doesn't work 😟


Sunshine in winter.

I got to drive home from work today whilst it was still light and the sun was shining.


And also the icing on the cake after a hard day at work and the first day of half term holiday. πŸ™‚


It varies! Favorite apple? The last one I ate! Favorite bird? The last one I saw… That kinda thing πŸ™‚ Favorite song? The same.. Here’s one, favorite movie: The Wizard of OZ ~

Varn Level 8 Feb 9, 2018

My favorite apple is the SweeTango. Have you had one?

The wizard of OZ, classic.

@BlueWave I’ve not eaten a SweetTango, but with it’s β€˜mother’ being Honeycrisp, I suspect it’s tasty! I’m an amateur orchardist, so limit my trees to stuff that can handle the local growing conditions, which limit me to the β€˜old standards.’ But fresh off a tree, most apples are good πŸ™‚


Driving a Pontiac Fiero GT.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 9, 2018

Holy shit, you're a Fiero dude? Sold mine a few years ago, wish I still had it.

Yes, yes I am. I had to sell mine because the transmission blew chunks all over the highway. I managed to get it off the road and sold it to the wrecker guy, he wanted a project for his son. Now, I would've just purchased a $400 transmission and put it in myself and continue enjoying my Zanoflex beauty.

A friend of mine bought a new one in 1986 I think, red. Fun car but should have had a bigger engine, I think. I had 2 Mustang GT 5.0, '83 and '89


Food!! Especially my favorites that I can rarely get -- In-N-Out, El Pollo Loco and Tito's Tacos. Seriously HAPPY.

Riding my motorcycle. There are some roads around San Antonio that had many people on our ride positively laughing. They were very hilly.

Seeing natural beauty (think any waterfall, Utah, Grand Canyon, Smoky Mountains, etc.).

Seeing wild animals in the wild.


Back yard flowers blooming. Especially hibiscus.


Justice, kindness, the sound of small humans laughing, my dog snoring, a good joke, and seeing my best friends.
I'm pretty sure if I ever won the lottery, I'd definitely smile and break out into my happy dance.

No kidding on the lotto!!! πŸ™‚ Me too on small humans laughing, good humor and seeing best friends. πŸ™‚

Here is a joke for then. What do you call a woman who can play pool whilst simultaneously balancing a a bottle of Bud on her head?

Beatrix Potter


Making music with others. Picking a little banjo. Vine ripe tomatoes, fresh from our organic garden. Hooking and landing a steelhead. The smell of fresh made bread. Listening to live music. Solving a problem. Listening to live music at a pub in a foreign country. Traveling. Spending time with grandkids. Fly fishing. Cuddling with sweetie pie. And the list goes on and on. In a great place.

Mmmmmmm....vine ripe tomatoes!!!! And bread!!!! See? It's all about food in my distorted brain.


getting a new fish or a good chat. I love elephants.

Elephants are amazingly intelligent and beautiful creatures.

yes I just adore them


The ocean. Looking at it, as I do each day, gives me a sense of peace and see at the same time


My favorite is when I use my fingers to whistle to my horses and they run in full bore from the pasture. Puts my heart in my throat everytime!
A close second is sitting outside on a warm summer day with my dogs playing chase the squirrel and the horses lounging around the barn leisurely swatting a few flies with their tails and creating a little dust with their hooves.


I love music, especially music with a really strong back-beat.


I love to introduce people to new things. Be it music, art, film or other people. I am a bit of a dictator when people come round. If someone says " can you play Dark side of the moon? " I will say no (I presume they have it in their own collection anyway and if not, why not?) but I will put on " Dub Side of the Moon " etc.


Normally a Stash of Coquito but tonight it was Mofongo!!!!


I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren or relaxing in the mountains during the summers.


Look at my avatar....

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