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Opinion on people of faith.

When confronted with "people of faith", what are your opinions of them?

VIKingsCFH 7 Nov 19

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I treat them like anyone else. As long as they're not in "saving" mode, and are nice to me - I'll be nice to them !


I've found 2 types:

  1. the ones who aspire to a better life
  2. the ones who use it like social club

The key phrase here is "being confronted". I don't mind people of faith as long as they don't try to push it on me. I like to tell them it's just not my thing.


To each their own. If religion floats your boat, hey, fine by me. I really don't care what other people want to do in their personal lives as long as they aren't trying to force it on me. Religion may not be my cup of tea, and I would never recommend it, but I can't decide for others what is right for their life.

They will certainly decide for you what is right for your life or at least try too

Yup sounds about right.


Mostly normal people, who can't face the truth of their mortality.


That is most people....and I don’t base my opinion of them on what their religious belief is. Religion is only one aspect of a person and in no way defines their whole character. Here in Northern Ireland I expect everyone I meet to believe in god. It is not a subject I raise with them, and quite frankly it occupies very little of my thoughts except when I come on this site...where a great number of people seem to be obsessed with their Atheism. If someone does talk to me about religion, I tell them I am an atheist and don’t believe in god....they can do what they like with that information, but I don’t engage in any further argument with them.


It depends on the totality of his/her character.


My views are just as varied as my views of any human beings. People of faith can be kind and generous and decent, or they can be asshats. I'd argue that when they're good, they're good more in spite of their beliefs than because of them. But ... they are not all bad actors.

I'd argue that most of the bad actors tend to be in the authoritarian denominations, e.g, the fundamentalists. As we've been discussing in other threads, on a worldwide basis, and depending on how people are classified, that's somewhere between 13 and 30% of Christians, who in turn represent around a third of the inhabitants of the planet.

Of course there are extremist elements in Islam, too, as well as other religions.


Depends on their approach.

If they keep it to themselves and don’t try to jam it down my throat I have no problem with them

If they are like the majority of their ilk and preach at every opportunity and rant against everyone that doesn’t believe as they do and stand in hypocritical condemnation of others, then I have no time or patience for them.


I read an article by the Friendly Atheist yesterday about a minister that went and joined and supported the folks that are trying to escape violence and come to the US. His story was so different than what I hear from most ministers and their followers. There are surely still some good ones out there but they are becoming ever so hard to find.

gearl Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

It is the tragedy of our time that even with so much truth being freely available to the curious, most people choose to blind themselves with faith (lies). The reasons are many. Science can be intimidating and may not provide happy answers. Most people are stupidly convinced they don't have the horsepower when they do. People prefer being stupid over the hard work of actually thinking for themselves. They are lazy. Or they know how intolerant their fellow religionists are and don't wish to be exiled or worse. Those with faith disrespect truth; they promote their lies and all the evil that goes with them. They dishonor themselves and poison whatever good acts they perform.

As liars to themselves, they are liars to everyone else too. Trust must be calibrated accordingly.


It depends. If they have a "hook" with them, meaning their (ultimate) intent is to convert than I consider them a virus. I put ultimate in parenthesis as many evangelicals are very good at having what they call "intentional relationships". That is they befriend people without necessarily confronting them with a turn or burn message to begin with. But rather build a relationship on false premises and over time determine what emotional buttons might be best to push (to make someone think they "need jesus" ) or wait for an opportune time like to go in for the kill (conversion) like when one might being going through something, be dealing with the death of a love one, etc...

Agree 100% there, I've met and known ( not in the biblical sense btw) more than my 'fair' share of them.
One, in particular, comes immediately to mind, that being the Evangelist neighbor in this street.
His 'ace in the hole card' upon moving into the street was to befriend as many as he could, find out how they could of use to him, try to discover everything about them AND then, a little later, begin to exploit us one by one whilst trying to preach to us about how god/jeebus had made him into a better person.


I've never had a problem with someone and their faith, however, it seems that those I tend to meet seem to have a problem with my lack thereof. It seems people assume that because I am a non-believer, I must be evil, or vile or have some sort of mental disability or disorder. When they take the time to sit down and open their minds and ears, they realize that a)I'm no dumbass; b) I probably know more about their religion than they do; c) I am actually a person with morals and standards that sometimes are far greater than their own. I was just wondering if any of you have had those types of experiences with the "righteous" folks.

I doubt it is possible to be around "those" people and not experience it.


I don't care


I attempt to assess how far they are from reality. Too far, and we must unfortunately keep our distance. Not so far, and I’ll spend some time with them.. Of course, they’re assessing me, too.

Varn Level 8 Nov 19, 2018

Faith, if it is ever right about anything, is right by accident”. ― Sam Harris


It depends on the individual. I have many believers that are friends. If they are decent people, then they are all right with me.


Freedom of belief. I say good on ya! Then tell them I reject the concept, no proof.


The pushy ones are annoying AF!


The Jesus mythology does not seem to indicate aggressive recruitment

Coco Level 3 Nov 19, 2018


Gullible idiot. I'm really bothered when that shit comes from a medical professional. Either mine or colleagues.

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