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What movie fucked with your head the most?

I just finished watching Requiem for a Dream (for the hundredth time). Darren Aronofsky needs a serious hug from his daddy.

What movies have you watched that fucked with your head so much that you were still thinking about it the next day?

IndySent 7 Feb 13

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Hands down it was Eraserhead...and yes, I was soooo stoned...


A Clockwork Orange always makes me think new thoughts.

Viddy well ill brother. Viddy well.

I do enjoy a malenky bit of the ultraviolence, tolchocking starry teacher type vecks in the yarbles and grudies. πŸ˜‰


Memento stands out. Just the idea of someone not being able to form any short term memory is a trip.

I think we must have posted roughly at the same time. Yes, Momento was a mind bender, right from the opening when we realized--after the discarded gun flew back into the killer's hand and the Polaroid photo from which the image had vanished before our eyes was sucked back into the camera--that we were watching the entire scene in reverse order.

Moral of that story: if a lovely woman asks you to spit in a cup of coffee, don't! πŸ˜€


Night of the Living Dead. I ain't been right since.

@AMGT I avoid all zombie movies. Although, I got stuck in a situation where I had to watch "World War Z". I closed my eyes for most of the zombie parts. I won't watch "The Walking Dead", or it's spinoff. I even have trouble with the White Walkers on "Game of Thrones". The whole idea of the "undead" really freaks me out.

@AMGT I love that one!

If you get a chance, watch the spoof of that movie. Night of the dawn of the day of the living dead, or something like that. It’s the original film but with all new dialog. It’s cute and might wash the creep factor away. It should be on YouTube

Zombies rock! I live near where they filmed NOTLD, although a little closer to the original Dawn of the Dead location. My sister told me about them filming that and wanting extras for it. My Mother wouldn't let me go, though. 😟


The Matrix.

Another great one. I was baffled until after he took the red pill red pill and Kansas went bye-bye!


Full Metal Jacket!

LEPeff Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

Donnie Darko.

This x100

@MrLizard I actually have Frank the bunny tattooed on my arm

@SonderOpia That's so cool πŸ™‚

I watched it with my brother in law, and for some reason I was finishing lines even though it was my first viewing. The bit that surprised him is when I started a rant about smurfette only to find that the movie was also going in that direction.


The Exorcist. I saw it when I was 8 and had nightmares for years about a little girl turning her head around 180 degrees.
The Shining also seriously impressed me.

I was 8 and easily impressed. Now it seems more silly and farcical. @BawdyEclectic

I saw it when I was young. I laughed at it, the special effects were, though good at the time were easily fake.



LejaJ Level 5 Feb 13, 2018

Requiem for a Dream. That freaking haunted me as well.

THIS. It’s a great film, but one that I never need to watch again.


Boys Don't Cry -- the rape scene is seared onto my brain - unfortunately. Hillary Swank did such a good job.


Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey still blows me away.

A more recent mind bender is Christopher Nolan's Momento.

I do like a space film that isn't afraid to venture into sonic realism.


Paul Blart Mall Cop......paid for it and saw it in a theatre. Took me a couple years to gain the strength to go back for fear of another Kevin James movie.


Apocalypse Now.


When I first saw Blade Runner soon after it came out. What really got me was the sci-fi film noir that was juxtaposed with the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack by Vangelis. And then of course many years later came the Director's Cut! Mind blown again. Vangelis refused to release the soundtrack for many, many years,as he did not want to be heard outside the film.

Underrated movie.
One of the best looking movies I ever saw. No CGI! NOT impressed with CGI. Makes it way too easy.


Brazil. Certain aspects of that movie still haunt me to this day.


Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, or Waking Mind.


Requiem for a Dream.



NEVER want to travel after that!
Screw that!!

@IndySent I've yet to watch the 3rd one. Those are worse than the Saw movies!

And knowing that is based off true events.. makes it even more nasty.

@mistymoon77 that's just Fucked Up!


When I was 12 years old I went and saw Old Yeller. So much blood and gore, killing and gang-violence, and sex and nudity. Actually, now that I think about it, I might have gone into the wrong theater.


(No mention of David Lynch films? This is no cinema discussion! I'm outta here.)

Mulholland Drive is probably his more famous film about this topic. But more so The Lost Highway. Both films present how, for some of us, our minds cope after a traumatic experience.

But those are just for real mind zingers - when you go WTF after watching them.

Ex Machina was the film that stuck in my head days after seeing it. The Turing Test isn't about whether an AI could pass for human. But whether it could while you know it's AI.

Ok, eraser head? WTF? I still can’t quite process that 35 years later

I second Lynch's movies man. Mulholland Falls is a favorite of mine.

@mrcharlie65 Yeah ... I've not researched Eraser Head.

I didn't know what Mulholland Drive was really about until I decided to research it. Then I was recommended The Lost Highway. And I had to look into that as well.

Lynch is truly unique and masterful in converting the psychosis presented in those two movies into narratives. Of course, they were "WTFs" as viewing experiences.


House of Sand and Fog. Heartbreaking.

@IndySent I Didn't know it was a book! The movie was with Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley. 2003.


The "Shining" , with Jack Nicholson. Man, I wouldnt go on ski vacations with my family without fear for years. That movie is just one of those things that could happen....


Watched the original Phantasm entirely too young. Think about that movie every time I visit a cemetery to this day. Nothing recently has had that effect. :-/


The Exorcist. I was at an age where I was putting magical thinking behind me. This movie caused me to pause and also created a few nightmares. I think the hype this movie created among the religious community added to the movie's impact.


The shining...

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