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What is the best road trip you have ever made?

I have done a few, and think my favorite was going to Cape Breton Nova Scotia from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Akfishlady 8 Feb 17

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When we first came to Northern Ireland we made a road trip all around the coast it was great we had a vw van that we could sleep in and absolutely everything was magickal - In those days 25 years ago there was little difference monetarily between North and South but then the Celtic Tiger arose and it got pretty expensive and we got too old for sleeping in the van.


Roanoke, VA to Amsterdam, Holland. a wonderful married.


My favorite so far (and I've had several) was landing in Anchorage, renting a car, and driving all around Alaska (not the outer areas that had to be reached by sea plane/boat): Fairbanks, Telkeetna, Homer, Seward, North Pole, Denali, and a few other places I'm sure I'm missing. It was amazing!


to the south of france to see the who at frejus. we rented a fast car and made the coast in 20 hours from london pre tunnel. so many tales from that one .


Wow, I used to take lots of road trips. Before I was married and had kids I'd take off on a whim. I had a CB radio, used to talk to truckers. I took a few with the kids, they'd get nervous when I went off on boondoggles. I need a road trip soon.


I spent eight years walking the world. Started in San Diego and went South. Returned through Canada back to San Diego. West Africa and the Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Malta were awesome. France and Germany were o.k. I would do it all again and again.


I went around the US in a little blue VW Rabbit back in 94 .

Dougy Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Best or most memorable? My former partner, I and her 2 parents went (in my Honda Civic Hatchback) from Heidelberg to Amsterdam. We then took an overnight ferry to Hull, England and to Edinburgh Scotland. From there we drove to Inverness (to see Nessie she stood us up) and then on to the infamous "Path of the Cattle". I heard OMG from the mother in the back seat more times than I cared. Either cars going in the opposite direction or herds of sheep in the road. It was a nightmare. If you watch closely you will see small openings on the right. That is for one to pull over in case of an oncoming vehicle. One has to be wide awake! After Applecross we took the coast road back which was only marginally better. Scotland is the pits to drive in. Pay attention to the end.


I think my best is ahead of me, once I retire and don't have to rush. ANY drive to vacation has been great with my crew in the car. We always have fabulous (typically funny) experiences on the road.

Zster Level 8 Feb 17, 2018

Carlsbad caverns with a stop at NM state wildlife park and the White sands park. I only feel bad I didn't have time to stop at Roswell and the Trinity site.


San Francisco to San Diego on Hwy 1, approximately 656 miles along the Pacific coastline.

I tried that trip once with a former partner. Unfortunately she was prone to car sickness and we only went a short distance. I got tired of constantly pulling over. It's pretty funny now. There is a similar drive up here. Albeit shorter. It's called Chuckanut Dr.

@JackPedigo I can see why. You were driving. 😛

I kid. Lol Given the terrain, car sickness is understandable, especially if one is not the driver.

@VictoriaNotes Exactly, She said it was worse when in the back seat. When she was younger the family would go on road trips and the father would say, Sandy and the dog are both throwing up. She did try driving and it was better but still there was a problem.It's funny but in the trip we did (above) she didn't seem to have a problem. I'm wondering if alcohol had something to do with this.

I remember an interesting study about eye movement. Video cameras were placed on eyes and it was seen some had rapid eye movement and some had slow. The rapid eye movement people were used to things moving around all the time and didn't get motion sickness. However, they had trouble with detail work (I'm in that category). The slow eye movement people were just the opposite. Sandy was great at detail work but did have motion sickness problems


A fall trip along St. Lawrence Seaway, Black River Valley, Mohawk River Valley (see photo), and Hudson Valley out to Long Island. I was already in the 1,000 Islands for an Outdoor Educators Conference.



Last October I drove across Northern NM to Hurricane Utah and back by the old blue highways. Lots of scenery on the way. Your trip sounds cool! ANy Drive up the coastal highway in California can't be be either

@Akfishlady I was thinking of how lush your Newfy/Mass trip was as I wrote about the desert . I lived out there a few years and could not go that dry again


So you swam right? (Extreme sarcasm).

I've had too many to count. Trips up to Maine - that's one. Gotta bring good eats! And good friend(s).

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