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Just a notch or 2 above Ocasio Cortez and Bernie but still to left wing. I could never support any of the democrats as they are just to crazy. The democrats don’t have anyone who can beat Trump anyway.

Do you mean "too crazy" and "too left wing" ?. She is about as left wing as a moderate conservative in the UK and if having a social conscience is crazy than she sure is !.

He will defeat himself.

@Moravian I’ve noticed your still using oil and gas in Britain. Ocasio Cortez wants to discontinue all oil and gas use by 2035. She also wants open borders with unrestricted immigration. If that’s not extremely radical I’d don’t know what is!

@Moravian If your politicians are as radical as she is Britian will never survive.

Never heard of Ocasia Cortez but I have long been an admirer of Elizabeth Warren.It always takes a Democrat president to sort out the USA's economy after it has been destroyed by a profligate Republican giving money away to his wealthy friends.

@Marine You are quite delusional.

@Moravian You means it alway takes a Republican president to straighten things out after having a racist idiot like Obama for 8 years.

@Trajan61 Sorry but you really do not know your politics. Almost every republican president in the modern era has left office with the stock market binj a tail spin. The Dems come in turn it artound and get blamed for spending the money the republicans should have spent and the cycle begins again.


to far left


I must make up my mind on her. I like her actions vis-a-vis Wall Street, but don't know much else about her, except she endorsed Hillary, the only person in the world who could lose an election to Trump.


“While so much of the action on the American left in recent months has come in the form of revived enthusiasm for socialism, Senator Elizabeth Warren has positioned herself quite differently. During the past two weeks, she has expounded about the prospects for capitalism in a much-covered speech and in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.  Instead of championing the system’s demise, she presents herself as its savior.”

“Foer: The 1980s seem to be the moment of your own personal political transformation. Right? [Warren  says that around that time she went from identifying as a Republican to becoming a consumer activist.]

Warren:   Yes.”


skado Level 8 Jan 2, 2019

I am so excited about this!


I'm willing to give her a shot. I am waiting, though, to see who else puts their hat in the ring.


She will be my first choice -- and would have been in 2016 if she had run.


I like her. Why are people so reluctant about this?

Because people are _____. Hell, Trump got elected so nothing is a given any longer.

@HippieChick58 Yeah, I understand about the trump base. They are idiots. I guess the rightwing propaganda bullshit affects the normal people as well as the idiots.

@HippieChick58 Trump got elected because of a reaction to Hillary. Why Trump still enjoys any acceptance at all is a mystery.

@HippieChick58 I feel the same way about that idiot Obama as you do about Trump.


In 2016, she would've been my preference. Now, I'll need some convincing. I'd rather see some fresh faces duking it out in a real primary this time around.


Maybe Warren can suceed where Clinton failed to reach the oval office.


She has no chance.

You're an entire bag of tools, you know that?

The rightwing has an interesting perspective on "truth."

How much of "Obama is a Kenyan" the truth?
How much of "Mexico will pay for the Wall" the truth?
How much of "I didn't cheat on my wife with a pornstar" the truth? 🙂

Oh, and they just can't seem to resist the chance to dishonor the Native Americans at the same time as dissing on "liberals." Which of these meme's actually speak to the substance? Probably as much as the "truth" contained in the above three statements.....

@KenChang 1/1024 does not mean native american, that is well within the margin of error.

@KenChang These dude blows the GOP daily. He can't be reasoned with or see the hypocrisy. Put your feet up, have a drink, and smash your face into a brick wall, it'll be more productive.

@maturin1919 Oh. I am not worried about changing anyone's mind. I am just having some fun. That's the funny thing: it reminds me so much of talking to the faithfuls. In a sense, that's who they are.

And yet, he has a point. Her claims about her native american ancestry will be brought up and just like it bit Rachel Dolezal in the butt, it may very well bite her in the butt...

... especially as her "ancestry" are her opening shots in her bid for 2020... not her accomplisments as a senator... not her vision for the future... not how she will make the US a better country... no... rather she opens by countering Trump on a point that even those of us that don't support Trump agree with him on...

On Monday, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren kicks off a barely veiled campaign for the 2020 presidential nomination, with a video that takes the fight straight to Donald Trump. Trump's voice is the first thing any of us hear in the video, riling up a crowd with a jibe at Warren's claim to Native American ancestry. "She said she's Native American. And I said: 'Pocahontas!'" This might be a video about Warren's vision of her family's struggles, "on the ragged edge of the middle class," but really this is a video about Donald Trump.


@TheMiddleWay What point does he have? She claimed Native ancestry, her DNA test verified it. Seems like the case is closed.

No mention of the dipshit in chief's pretty terrible behavior surrounding the issue.

@maturin1919 Anything that small on a DNA test falls in the margin of error. So it being that small cannot be accepted as fact. Nor can she legally qualify as a native american, as her factional genetics are too low.

@Veteran229 I believe she only claimed ancestry. Which she has. So you and your orange god are due for apologies. I expect neither will be forthcoming with them.

@maturin1919 And the DNA test with the margin of error, does not prove her claim true.

@maturin1919 But please, continue to deny science, to support your belief in her.

@Veteran229 And just because there is a margin of error does not mean it's NOT true. But you're as classy as the orange buffoon, and I refuse to smash my head against your variety of brick wall.

@maturin1919 Which means it is not true or false. Just an unjustified claim. with nothing to support it. which is a common trend with leftists. accuse without facts and demand compliance and punishment. The burden of proof is on her, and she has failed to support it scientifically.

@maturin1919 But what we do have is a law on the books of who can claim it. And she cannot, legally. That is the only measuring stick that can be used at this time, since she failed with science. Which concludes the result of her being full of shit.

@Veteran229 Yup, biology major denying science. You got it.

You keep on assuming it's not true (because margin of error implies possibility, not certainty) so you can keep being the classy grunt you are.

FYI: I've never revealed my feelings about her one way or the other, but I assure you they have everything to do with her politics and nothing to do with her ancestry.

@Veteran229 I'm sorry, did she try to claim legal standing?

Lol, it's not true or untrue, but you'll double down on not true. Got it. You are everything you present yourself to be, I'll give you that.

"She claimed Native ancestry, her DNA test verified it. Seems like the case is closed."

Not according to experts...

Does Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren really have Native American blood running through her veins?

It's scientifically impossible to know for sure, according to a collection of leading geneticists, industry experts, research scientists with expertise in indigenous genetics and Native American leaders who spoke with ABC News.


One leading Native American anthropologist -- Dr. Kim Tallbear -- characterized Warren's Monday press conference and declarations as just the latest incidence in a decades-old practice of white Americans co-opting the Native American identity when it suits them.


@maturin1919 Because she has made a claim, she has the burden of proof. She has failed to show proof. She will be hammered into submission with this in party primary and presidental campaign if she gets there.

One of the few sensible ones. Nice to have a fellow conservative in the Political debate group.


On the warpath for democracy! Who-oh-ohoh- huya-yanah-nah

Part Native as well. Funny your boy never apologized for his childish horse shit, but that's to be expected.


She had me until she touted for HRC in front of those whom believed that she was a progressive


I welcome this, but have concerns over the degree she's already been vilified.

see posts that came in after yours 😟


I’m not crazy about her but she’s better than what we have.


She's not my first choice but she's far better than anyone on the other side.

Who would be your first choice?

Honestly I don’t know. I think Warren, Biden, and Bernie are all too old. I don’t get the excitement over Beto. I’m concerned that Kamala, Klobuchar, Gillibrand, and Cory Booker can’t win. Maybe Bloomberg? Who do you think has the best shot?

@jerry99 None of them have a chance against Trump.

@Trajan61 Fortunately we can count on Trump to knock himself out of consideration.

@jerry99 You are delusional.

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