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LINK Tucker Carlson Blames Higher-Earning Women For 'Men In Decline' | HuffPost

How do you guys (gals opinions welcome as well) feel about higher earning women? Are they a threat to you?

HippieChick58 9 Jan 3

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He is a grown boy in prep school bow ties. Entitled and smug and terrified of losing his priviledge.



Blame da womenz. How original.


I haven't ever watch this guy and don't think that I want to start now.


Just one contribution...Tucker Carlson is a blowhard asshole.


It's assholes like Carlson who help perpetuate the mindset that women being equal diminishes men.
He, and his ilk, are far too threatened by women who can hold their own.

He should shut his pie hole.


He's a buffoonish carnival barker spewing the garbage his viewing audience so desperately clings to...


John Stewart showed everyone that Tucker Carlson was a complete idiot back in 2004 and as near as I can tell he's only gotten worse.

7 a professional career woman, I'm enabling in the decline of men!!! No, no, say it isn't so!!! I know you guys are in a decline, but is there anyone with the strength out there that can take some of my hard-earned money (power and control) off my shoulders, and out of my life, so you can raise yourself up and, whatever Tucker Carlson wants you to be? Is there? Anyone??

nicely put;
Somehow I don't picture you looking
over your shoulder=where as he
may need to(or the wall) ha Haaha

@BBJong Thank you.


Well, I'm not a weak, whiny man: So I'll go with "no, they are not a threat to me".


What a gormless dweeb. He has the gravitas of a wilted lettuce leaf. No wonder he feels threatened by competence. He's a fraud.


Not everyone can have a Stepford wife like Tucker I guess.


Groan. This is awful but typical of the raging male mindset. To me this is reflective of male insecurity and the blame game played on ‘the others’ - high earning women. This is red meat for his viewers though.

Ohub Level 7 Jan 3, 2019

This tells me it's not about overly strong women but weak men. Unjustified blame and name calling are signs of weakness.


We always gotta blame someone else. If we took responsibility, it would require us to take some action and do something. As long as we can blame others, we don't have to do anything.


He's still employed? Didnt all his sponsors leave....


@MLinoge 's video says everything, and more, that I would want to say.


I don’t know what he is on about. I have met plenty of men who are into women in high heels and fishnets with whips.

I hope this comment is just snark.


It's true, but so what? No more good ol' boys club; and rightfully so. Women are getting it done.

SCal Level 7 Jan 3, 2019

I have no problem with women earning more than men, so long as they are the highest qualified for the position, and not just as a company directive to diversify (affirmative action). There are immensely intelligent women on this earth who, for years, were marginalized based solely on sex. My boss is a female, and quite an intelligent woman, much more so than I when it comes to the ins and outs of this business, so she has earned her place. Now, that's not to say that a man, or another woman with even higher intelligence couldn't replace her, but right now, she is the most fit for the position. That's what it comes down to for me. So long as the person is the best suited and qualified, they deserve to make the top rate, regardless of sex, race, religion, background. I do have a problem when affirmative action dictates a more qualified person take a back seat simply for diversification. Affirmative action defies natural selection and social darwinism.

Affirmative Action is no worse than the Good Ole Boys networks which are closed shops to women.

@Wangobango3 unfortunately you are right, businesses still have the right to employ who they want to, and deny employment to those they dont. Just as they have the right to refuse services to whomever they want, for whatever reason they concoct.


I cannot believe Carlson. He is an educated, but demagogic buffoon.

Just goes to prove that being educated does not keep you from being a "demagogic buffoon".

He seems desperate to keep his show, so turns the snark up to 11. I understand when conservatives say some liberal commentators act "smug", but however you would characterize Tucker's sarcasm, it's much worse than any on MSNBC. It's the tonal equivalent to a straw man argument (or the mind games of an abusive husband).


WOW-does it ever matter where a
good idea comes from-isnt it (past)
time for all boats to rise -^-^not the top 1/1%

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