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With a perpetual shortage of NEEDED blood, lets use it for a ridiculous pursuit of lost youth ?


Reminds me of that old TV series The Immortal, where a rich old codger was always pursuing a young man with magical blood that made him immortal so the old man wanted to capture him and make him a permanent supply of rejuvenating blood for the old man.


Oh vanity and the fear of aging!

You hit the nail on the head!


Young Blood? I can't get you outta my mind


Note that the article says there is little to no evidence that this would work.


Who's the CEO, Elizabeth Báthory?




Man, that reminds me of an episode of Silicon Valley when the protagonist was trying to deliver his sales pitch, and the billionaire, sets up a blood transfer unit attached to a "blood boy."

Man, comedy can't make up anything too outlandish anymore.


Just another example of the culture of fraud and greed fostered by Trump and his ilk.

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