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LINK Did you consent to being born? Why one man is suing his parents for giving birth to him | Life and style | The Guardian

LMAO ? ??! He's serious about suing his parents for bringing him into the world without his consent...

By Dmej1147
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He actually has a point.
I think kids that are born into over crowded families should file lawsuits.
It's irresponsible and criminal to have more children than you can prevent yourself from neglecting.
Mormons and Catholics need to learn that it's a vagina, not a fucking clown car.

Novelty Level 8 Feb 5, 2019

But if he wins, he won't get any money because they don't have any...because they had too damned many kids, lol.

Now that's just excellent!

I have three siblings. If there had been two children in the family, it might not have been bad. But four was too many - lots of mental neglect. There was never enough time and money to go around. There was medical neglect because there was no money for "trivial" problems like severe face acne and blinding headaches. I can't understand why people have more children than they can handle. I also wish that religion would quit beating it into people that birth control is "sinful." If I could turn the clock back and prevent myself from being born alive, I would do it. But I am here and I try to behave decently and I try to make myself useful. At age 12 I promised that if I survived to adulthood, I would never have children. Childhood is pure hell.


When I was about 12, I decided that I did not have to do anything my parents said because I did not ask to be born.

My mother relieved me of that idea in short order.


Obviously he isn't aware of the cancellation clause, that allows him to opt out at any time. Please someone direct him to the nearest tall building or bridge

just what I was thinking!

Unless some prick has had netting installed under it as a way of suicide prevention.

Way to get to the root of the problem.


What an idiot playing victim.


This is an interesting question and it is difficult to talk about because a lot of people get either precious or indignant. My opinion is that life is certainly not worth living so I have a lot of sympathy for the philosophy called antinatalism. However it makes no sense for me to get strident about my parents (or anyone else's!) because they hold a different view. I used to subscribe to an Antinatalist site but I left it because too many of the people with whom I agreed philosophically were ... how can i put it? dickheads.

Lilburne Level 5 Feb 5, 2019

sounds like a real fun group.

@callmedubious not as annoying as most, how should I put it?


Generally, not nearly as delusional either.

"life is certainly not worth living" Very sad that you feel that way. I read a quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson who I admire greatly which said something about how the odds against being born were incredibly long and how we should be eternally grateful for life. I totally agree with him and think the Indian guy is a complete idiot,

What is the antinatalist position on suicide?

@Carin I'm not sure if there is a majority opinion among antinatalists. My personal opinion is that suicide is a legitimate choice and if somebody wants to croak himself the rest of us should do what we can to make it as painless as possible.

@Lilburne OK, you really got me curious about anti-natalism, which I'd never heard of before. I did some quick research & learned how it can be seen as really compassionate because adherents don't reproduce in order to to avoid causing a new person to be born & suffer. Wiki-How's information stated that because of a strong concern for not causing others to suffer, suicide is not OK because of the immense suffering it causes to the person's family, friends, or even people who didn't know them. I was impressed by the emphasis on being a "good" person, not causing suffering to others, often even including animals, & actively doing things to reduce the suffering of others. Thanks for sharing about such an interesting philosophy!

@Carin I'm glad have been of service, ma'am smile001.gif I just point out though that, as I said above, when I joined a Facebook group about this philosophical attitude, I soon left iy because like so much of the Internet, it was dominated by offensive, fanatical people who weren't interested in a genuine exchange of ideas. Sigh!! There's not many of us idealists left smile001.gif

@Lilburne Wow, that's too bad. I hope you like it better here.

@Carin Pretty good so far, thanks smile001.gif

@Carin David Benatar, a main figure in antinatalist discourse, is concerned with the fact that life equals suffering. He is against suicide because it adds to the suffering of existence. Hence, it is better to have never been born.


Good grief!!!
All the whining really must stop.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 5, 2019

There is one simple way to correct how he feels he was wronged.

powder Level 8 Feb 5, 2019

Irrespective of dodgy parenting etc etc if unborns have to give consent, which they clearly can't, then the human race stops right now.

ipdg77 Level 8 Feb 5, 2019

you act like that would be a bad thing. It wouldn't.

@SkotlandSkye I'm with you.

@SkotlandSkye ,
spoken like a true dour scot. i'm 27% scottish. if i had to live in that climate i'd be even more dour.
but i can understand where you are coming from.

@callmedubious You live in British Columbia and you call our climate bad ??. It's 11C here and sunny at the moment, What's it like with you ? We have some dour people here but on the whole we are quite cheerfull. I don't know if skyeSkotand is dour but she is very sensitive as she blocked me for reacting to some ridiculous comments she made about me.


I'm sure the lawsuit will be thrown out, but it is interesting. It is provoking conversation about procreation. Making babies is a primal urge, but we have the ability to consider what we choose to do and our reasons for these decisions. Many people assume that the children they produce will be grateful and will enrich their parents lives. There is no guarantee that offspring will be either grateful or happy that they exist. There are no guarantees that they will be born healthy or have long lives. With the size of human population and the challenges our environment is facing, there is a good possibility that those born today will be experiencing an increasingly difficult and challenging world. Joy, peace and a long happy life, might be the parents hope when having children, but life holds no such guarantees. Offspring have as much right to their feelings about existence as the parents had to their feelings about creating them.

LB67 Level 7 Mar 10, 2019

I’ve thought about suing my parents for bringing me into existence. But I’ve met them and it wouldn’t make any bit of difference...


I don't see this as being winnable. No one has ever asked to be born. It is totally a whim of creation that any of us are here.


I hope he wins. Everyone born into poverty or an unhappy or abusive home SHOULD sue the selfish twats who spawned them. There needs to be a higher standard of parenting.

Huxley's 'brave new world' had some good ideas in it. maybe we'll get there yet.


If interested in learning for about antinatalism, check out the author David Benatar: [newyorker.com]

KMac Level 3 Mar 25, 2019

Wasn’t there an opt out clause in the birth contract?

Detritus Level 6 Feb 13, 2019

Life is a gift. Parents make decision for their children, as they have since before primates existed.
Every animal has the will to survive. It's the ultimate purpose of life, to live and reproduce.
Everything else is opinion, and not part of science.

A gift from whom?

Life is an accidental conjunction of egg and sperm, out of their thousands, nay millions of possible meetings. A gift must be intentionally given.

As somebody who has battled depression for three decades I can assure you that your view that "life is a gift" is a statement devoid of truth for a great number of people, at least the 1 million or so who commit suicide every year


To rule in favor of the plaintiff would mean that everyone having children would be liable for damages, threatening civilization itself and the legal system that it's built upon. Good luck with that! I've known of much more just claims that courts will never rule in favor of because "that's just the way it is".


How can this waste of tax payer dollars even make it to a courtroom?


You may not have decided, but the egg & sperm that became you seem to have made choices--& yes, the egg is not entirely passive--when you see all the sperm butting against the egg & finally one, but only one, gets in--the egg chose that one to let in.

Carin Level 8 Feb 27, 2019

He should sue that egg for all the money it has.


I was not capable of conscious decision-making at that point, but I am very grateful that my parents did what they did which resulted in me. I might have my moments of stress or unhappiness, but it is up to me to rectify the situation and get happy again.

If I was so unhappy with my life that suing my parents was my reaction, well, I suppose the best recourse might be some serious counseling. Wowzers...

Rustee Level 7 Feb 24, 2019

I call this the Stanhope argument. Though in his case, it was only a thought experiment.

Stanhope does have an interesting take on the whole modern concept of parenting, however. The whole "once your 18, your not my problem anymore!" thing, particularly related to so called Camp 1 crazies. The notion that you make a seemingly long term commitment with society, but only have to uphold it for 20 years or so.

Bullshit! Pay up for what you brought to the table motherfucker!

Yes, it is somewhat amusing, using a comedy routine as an argument. None the less, good ideas come in many shapes and forms.

Mb_Man Level 6 Feb 6, 2019

If it's any consolation, his parents probably were planning him either


Incidentally, there is plenty of evidence that he's not actually forced to have a career....


I think the capacity to ask why I have been born and why I was not first consulted about it arrives not earlier than three years old. So the question is always retrospective. The only way i have ever managed to deal with this question is to reframe it as, Given that am alive without having chosen to exist how can i maximise the beauties and unique opportunities that this brief and transitory life in this vast universe offers me?


my life itself

Cathamy Level 2 Mar 30, 2019

I read an article on this. His parents are both lawyers and think it is hilarious that he is doing this. His Mom has warned him, she will devastate him in court if it gets there.


There was a post on this topic today by @SkotlandSkye and she got her panties in a bunch over my comments and blocked me. Watch out what you say on this topic.

You made me go find it and read. I'm grateful that I worked, and stayed late to shoot the shit with some people, instead of being around for that. I now feel personally attacked as a "selfish breeder". I guess I know who won't be my new best friend here.

you too

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