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What Your Smartphone Says About You...

What kind of smartphone do you use?


FYI: Men's Journal, Reader's Digest, AskMen, all pretty much have the same results.


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SleeplessInTexas 8 Feb 10

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Wow. That article was harsh.

I have had an iPhone since 3. I now have a 6. I have an ipad air2, which I inherited. I have an iPod nano I still use and love.

The os is great, the camera is way better, and the products last foreverβ€”I have my iphone4 and second gen iPod (yes, it’s that old)I use when camping.


I use iPhone and even wear an Apple Watch, which I think has better cell phone reception than my iPhone. As for the write up in the link, I take hard exception to drawing conclusions about how honest people are based on the consumer electronics they purchase.


I prefer international all band unlocked android phones. Currently I am using mostly Blu phones. Though the latest models are starting to suck.

I am currently tapping out on the Blu special 6 inch Aoled screen edition 4k, 4k video and photo capture at 29 mega pixels with oct core processors and 3 gig of ram. It comes with 64 gig of storage which I've extended to 184 gig.

Sadly the blu phones don't come with detacable, replaceable batteries. So once the battery is dead it is done.

Still all this was only $320 in 2016!!
The replacement I have coming next week is only $120!

I also use Ting for cell services and only pay on average about $18 a month! 500 min talk, 2-4 gig data, 1000 texts all with no contract.

hehe, I sound like a ad, i just stand by the brand like I only buy Honda and Toyota


BLU PURE XL Smartphone - 4G LTE GSM Unlocked - 64GB +3GB RAM - Grey []


What's a Smartphone ?


Galaxy Note 8. The best.

@KenChang Yesss!?

@SleeplessInTexas galaxy 6 edge 64mb


Most people that pay out the ass for a cellphone have no idea what they have bought. Apple is by far the biggest control mongers when it comes to repairing and technology if you buy into apples B.S. scheme all your products have to be Apple compatible. Android is the only way to fly ASUS has some of the best they still need to work on durability the ASUS technology is far superior.

@John_Tyrrell I am not familiar with Xiaomi could very well be a sister company to ASUS from the quick read I just had done on it.

I have an iphone. I like their aesthetic and it works perfectly fine with all my other non-apple products.

@John_Tyrrell Was reading about Xiaomi on Amazon it seems to be a reliable product with great reviews. It is available on Amazon to purchase in the open market.


I have a decent off-brand Android phone that I use mostly over WiFi with a Google Voice number on Hangouts and Facebook Messenger. I also have a free, limited-use cell plan that I reserve for emergencies. I don't get a cell signal at my house, so I rely on my WiFi configuration but also have a landline (mostly for my father's use, though it's good for me to have a backup if WiFi goes out).


Interesting. I like to think I am all those things, but, I will let those who know me decide.


Please vote again if you recently did. I had to fix a grammar goof up and it erased all the votes. Argh! Sorry! ???


That’s a load of crap.


iPhone only for me


Seem a to fit. I'm an agreeable old man.

@TrailRider Please vote again. I had to edit a misspelled word and it erased your vote. Sorry, Sweetie. ???


9 months ago switched from a flip phone to an LG Android. Before I was forced to retire I had a Blackberry. Got too expensive. Affordable monthly plan now.

@Sassygirl3869 Please vote again. I had to edit a misspelled word and it erased your vote. Oops... ???

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