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One do over....

If you could have one do-over what would it be? Would you do-over something to right a wrong or would you relive an excellent moment?

By Namaste5
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I would figure a way to sneak off the island and get into the Fillmore East on Feb. 11, 1970 to see the Dead, Allman Brothers and Fleetwood Mac sharing the stage in a big jam.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Mar 12, 2019

My kind of do over

You can listen to some of it. ?✌?


@Lutherzme I have the whole show from Owsley's recording. Just rather to have been there! Peter Green, Duane Allman and Jerry Garcia? Wow.....


Not get married, ever.....


I would have invested in that hot stock tip for the first aids drug

I wouldnt have bought a dry cleaner

Lastly I would like to relive my first two loves.......for the joy....


I would choose to not have to exist in the first place. Then just for ever be non-existent all hanging out with the non-existent flying spaghetti monster sky god for ever and ever.

Antifred Level 7 Mar 12, 2019

That was almost my second choice, but I know I've had a positive affect on enough humans and critters that I'd feel bad not being there.

@WilliamCharles multiple possible outcomes to Butterfly effect? In 100 years we'd all be dead. Those of us living now.

If butterfly had a do over and didn't cause lion to sneexe in Africa that didn't scare hurd of prey that didnt stir dust into atmosphere that didnt cause storm the following week in where ever land that didn't cause a tornado that didn't kill a family that ended up having a child to be the Earth's worst sociopath and killer killing millions of people, or not. Maybe that family that didn't die had child that makes greatest medical discovery that leads to millions of lives saved then 500 years into future Earth over populated because of lack of population control and everyone turns zombie carnivor .... cannibal and people eat pepple as population control.

@Antifred Cannibal. Don't forget the double tap.


The whole thing. I would would do my whole life over. I would have parents who would raise me with self esteem instead of having a sexual predator dad and sexually enslaved mom, who both neglected me.

Aryn Level 7 Mar 12, 2019

This breaks my heart.

@ElusiveMoby I got past it. Mostly. smile001.gif



Good question! My wish for a do-over was to be more pro-active in knowing where my (then) husband put our money, so when the ugliest of the caustic divorce was happening, I would've been able to point out exactly where the hidden funds were hidden. He could not have denied having more money if I had been able to point out exactly where it was, versus stating that there was a (large) amount unaccounted for.

Rustee Level 7 Mar 13, 2019

My ex did the same thing


i would not have become a financial advisor in 1985. i was gullible enough to believe that capitalism worked for all and business cycles were normal & to be expected. Greenspan became the FedHead in 1987 & abolished the normal business cycles. financial markets have been dishonest & manipulated ever since.
we have seen income/wealth disparity widen to the biggest gap in history. consequently the middle-class is in the process of being wiped out.
had i not been so indoctrinated i would have made better investment decisions instead of mainly speculating b/c i never could have imagined the global debt levels ever getting remotely close to where they are today.
it will end badly.

damn day traders. smile001.gif

@Aryn ,
i was one of them and had a one year gain of 153%. unfortunately, i thought i had it all figured out & was invincible.
but when you're betting against the house & the house is crooked, you might have a great year but over the long term you can't win.

@callmedubious that’s why I got out.

I hope y’all are finally doing something you enjoy.

@Namaste ,
i still bet against the bastards. but have really been retired since my earl 50s. i've had an Canadian Armed forces pension from 42/yo.


There are lots of things I wish hadn't have happened but in hindsight, they all helped me evolve.


sucked it up and got the courage to pursue an artistic career instead of medicine

btroje Level 9 Mar 12, 2019

I would have played the field earlier. I dated the same person for 6 years and I should have ended it much earlier. Many opportunities were missed from age 17 to 22.

McWalsoft Level 6 Mar 14, 2019

I don't know if this fits the conditions but I would choose not to get a rare autoimmune disease that no one can tell me how I got. It has made my life a nightmare!

Lutherzme Level 8 Mar 14, 2019

I would have become an atheist instead of accepting a Moron (oops, Mormon) baptism at age eight. It might have caused a bit of friction in the family, but on the other hand, I might have convinced them that Moronism (oops, Mormonism) is indeed Moronic. smile001.gif


Many times I've wished I could do things over but when I try to think of what the alternative would be, I realize there aren't any viable options because things happened because of who I was. Here's the thing, though. I'm doing EMDR therapy and during the therapy my mind often takes me back to certain events and replays them but fixes them in the end. Instead of beating myself up after an argument, I forgive myself. Instead of letting my ex-husband abuse me, I get up and walk away. I can't really go back and yet, I sort of can.


Too many to list. Plus the problem with hindsight is that there is no way to tell what the other decision would have brought. A lot of the time there is no good decision and if we could go back and change something we might just make it worse.


I would change the degree course I studied and go for psychology rather than engineering.

Envixer Level 5 Mar 13, 2019

Wow. Great question. Tough one too. Wish for more wishes? No, nevermind... different hypothetical. Head spinning. Too many options. Too many mistakes. I guess I'd pick the do-over of a lost love, though I'm sure it would end up much the same way. Ironically, it was covered by the same 10 year time frame of Kurt Vonnegut's Timequake.

  1. I would have spent that $100 on bitcoins.

I would stay in the Army, best job I ever had.

MacTavish Level 7 Mar 12, 2019

Easy. I would have never gone out with my ex....

For her, as well as for me.... Would have saved a lifetime of unhappiness...


A Mulligan, there is one short love affair that if i could erase the mistakes i would.

azzow2 Level 8 Mar 12, 2019

I would have turned around and driven back.


Not get married but have at least 4 babies. Marriage not good, babies good.

St-Sinner Level 7 Mar 14, 2019

Many excellent moments to relive.


I would choose a more wild life style, I played it safe for most of my -25s and everything went great.
I think maybe more black market lifestyle, underworld deals and that kind of stuff. I would probably thrive in that environment.


I'd have tried to be more present in all moments of my life. And in those moments, tried to have been the most kind person I could be. BUT we can't go back and THIS moment is the only moment we ever get. So let's make this fleeting collection of moments going forward the best they can be.

Steve_M Level 4 Mar 13, 2019
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