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What's the worst food in the world?

Either something you've tried, or something you've heard of but would quite frankly rather starve to death than ever eat.

I'll start with three...

Casu marzu cheese, which contains live maggots []

Canned whole chicken []

Canned pork brains in milk gravy (check out the cholesterol level on what must be the least kosher food ever invented) []

Jnei 8 Mar 2

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Balut. It's especially appalling as a vegetarian. I consider myself adventurous when it comes to food, but I draw a hard line at eating boiled duck embryos.

I concur. I was offered balut in Manila. No thanks, but pass me some more pancit.

At times like that I'm glad to be vegetarian - I can claim it's "for religious reasons" as a polite way to say "absolutely no way I'm eating that!"


I got you all beat! Surströming. Quite literally it is putrified raw herring in a can.

A friend of mine who lived in Sweden for many years says it's delicious - but I quite agree with you and am content to take his word for it rather than try it myself! (@Charlene would agree, too - she listed it below!)


Never tried it,just heard about it and that was enough to put me off totally


Chitterlings with hog maws

Had to Google both of those!

@LittleAnimal255 You're obviously not from The South. Other areas have that too, but you can't have lived in the south and not have heard of this. I've never seen it spelled before though. I always figured it was spelled like it's pronounced - chit'lins.


Haggis. It's all my nope, cooked in more nope with a side of nope. (Sheep internal organs cooked in its own stomach, for those blissfully unaware of this..thing)

2nd one: Vegemite. Ew.

I'll assume you marinated your nope in pure nope beforehand.

Haggis is delicious delicious


Something served in an empty dish.

Gohan Level 7 Mar 3, 2018

Any organ that filter urine or has urine come out from it. Ditto for any involving feces


I shall never open, nor taste, a can of Surstromming..ever..not even if hell does freeze over...or if the mountains crumble to the sea..

What is that?

@Ravenwolfcasey It's a Swedish delicacie..of aged comes canned..It is extremely maloderous...I can't tell you what it tastes like..but it definately Stinks of dead fish..

@Charlene gross

@Ravenwolfcasey eeeeeyes!


Even the thought turns my stomach! I think I'd rather eat spider abdomens and some of the other stuff mentioned in these comments!


Brussels sprouts. To me they taste the way dead things smell. Blech.

To me, they taste how farts smell. Never understood why people want to eat the things.

Brussels sprouts are little balls of evil.

Love them.

@FrayedBear Yes, but you live in the country that came up with the pie floater 😉

They turned out to not be bad at all raw. Never cook the little stinkers though - yuck!

@FrayedBear I love them..roasted is best!

@Charlene Someone told me to have them with chestnuts ... keeping buying the chestnuts but forget to do them. When you roast do you give the a wipe of oil or fat first and if so any particular favoured? The goose, pork or beef fats particularly spring to mind.

@Jnei lol.which country? Are you refering to meat pie in mushy peas? ... and lol, be careful or I may start mentioning wasabi peas and other eastern delicacies.



Then you will love this lol ... When I was younger, my brothers and I would eat ramen noodles raw. We would sprinkle the seasoning over the top and crunch away!

@JaciBea. I can't even imagine!

How dare you insult the adulation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! May His noodly appendage (aw crud, the joke played out before it was finished 😛 )

Oh...I forgot. Blasphemy!!!


haha...I love canned chicken....we called it 'the punk challenge'...Watching people eat large fried spider abdomens still makes me queasy and I have had survival training. Let's just say I would have appreciated some cheese with my maggots.

ROFL! spider abdomens ... 😛

@MST3K oh, now you dunnit! Let me see if there is a youtube video...I saw the video in survival training, showing us the wide selection of yummies in the wild...this isn't the video we saw, but it works:

Survival training is much easier here in the UK - you just walk a couple of miles in any direction and you'll find either a 24-hr petrol station or a Tesco Express. No consumption of spiders required!


Canned chicken, canned vegetables, fried fast food, food with preservatives,salt.


Stove top stuffing. Growing up it was cheap and my family was poor and we ate that a lot. I hated it my brothers and sister hated it. I refuse to ever eat that again.

What is it?

@FrayedBear Wet bread crumbs with seasoning.

@noworry28 Thanks. The equivalent of English bread and dripping without the calories but more flavour.


Marzipan, or any of its derivatives.
The worst thing I have ever tasted, however, was a pot noodle imitation, bought by my friend for about 20p. It tasted of wrong, rubber and death.

Litmus test "would the rat eat it?"


Haggis or blood pudding ... Also that casu marzu cheese you mentioned ... I'll eat grass and bark before I would even touch one of these foods!

I'd cut off one of my own legs and survive by eating that rather than eat most of the things on this thread!

How about milbenkäse, which is served complete with yummy live cheese mites? [] 😉

Haggis is largely made of oats as is black pudding. Do you eat porridge?

@FrayedBear it's sheep lung wrapped in its own stomach casing ... Blood pudding has actual blood in it ... Having oats in them is irrelevant to me

@JaciBea Lol. What do you do when you cut your finger far removed from water, bandaid or antiseptic wipe? Haggis contains far more than sheeps stomach and lungs. During WWII during rationing bleached cow's stomach aka tripe was relatively available. However each to their own preference. I recall that slippery elm bark powder made a very pleasant drink.

Oh yes Haggis...ugggg

I actually like black pudding but avoid it as I always feel I might need heart bypass surgery afterwards

I actually like black pudding but avoid it as I always feel I might need heart bypass surgery afterwards


I like casu marzu , but for me , the worst thing I, ve ever tried is that putrid ,,rancid , fermented shark as a delicacy in Iceland. I can't even pronounce it.

Sounds horrid. Shark is best poached.


It took a brave or very hungry person to eat the first oyster.

You do have to wonder who first looked at one and thought "that looks like something I want to eat", don't you?

You also have to wonder how many people died from eating kidney beans before someone worked out you have to soak them for several hours and then boil them - and why, after the first people to eat them died, they bothered.

@Jnei I had no idea what I was doing with my first batch of pinto beans, and I was told later that I could have died. They were so disgusting not soaked that I guess I couldn't eat enough to do any damage. They probably just figured out pretty quickly that to make them more palatable, soak them a long time first. People died so often of so much that far back that people probably didn't figure out that unsoaked beans killed people until they noticed that people didn't die after eating soaked beans.

Or someone with a heavy cold .

@MarcIveson yuck. Mind you we had a Prime Minister caught on camera eating his earwax.


Anything with High Fructose corn syrup.


Pretty much anything I would cook.


I once ate a grub worm to goss my friends out. It worked.


The severed pickled "feet" of swine in glass jars.


Pigs feet
Fermented Shark
( never ate any of these but have handled tripe for a dog treat product...the most vomit inducing stench I assure you)


The worst food in the world is LIVER ugk.
I would not give that shit to my dog.

Your dog would love you..and Liver is one of the healthiest things you can consume...Native Americans always ate pieces of raw liver from Buffalo...I believe it's high in Vitamin K

Try #TurkeyLiver


Bugs....and lima beans


Balut. Look it up (if you dare) - I'd rather look up two girls; one cup than think about eating balut.

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