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What's the worst food in the world?

Either something you've tried, or something you've heard of but would quite frankly rather starve to death than ever eat.

I'll start with three...

Casu marzu cheese, which contains live maggots []

Canned whole chicken []

Canned pork brains in milk gravy (check out the cholesterol level on what must be the least kosher food ever invented) []

Jnei 8 Mar 2

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Microwaved frozen okra. I could not swallow it - the texture was like baby slobber with chunks, and tasted like I imagine that would taste, too.

Oh, and either Beef-Not or Chicken Not vegetarian meat substitute. Feels and tastes like sponge, no matter what you soak it in or for how long. How dare they call that "food." Basically unswallowable.


Bombay mix and peanut butter are the only things I can't stand anymore.

Bombay mix is an unusual one!


Tripe has a weird texture.

Sorstrummin from Sweden is canned fermented fish. From Wikipedia:"...According to a Japanese study, a newly opened can of surströmming has one of the most putrid food smells in the world, stronger than similarly fermented fish dishes from Japan and Korea..."

It's beyond fermented!


#Cheese&OnionStew, #SubsistanceFarming
This is a repost of a reply to a recent post in the main stream. It contains an interesting recipe for a hearty meal:

My cousin told me of his youth and a day he and his 11 yo mate went walking with the hunting dog on the Lake District mountains in the NW England. They walked so far that they ended up having to carry the dog. Returning to his mate's home he was welcomed in by his mate's mother. She sat them at the farmhouse kitchen table, slapped a one and half inch slab of farmhouse bread in front of each of them and ladled on to it a northern dish called " cheese and onion ".

Now my cousin had never in his life, after a first attempt, been able to eat this delicacy without vomiting.

#MyRecipe: The recipe is simple simply adjust quantities for the number of people eating - a lot of onions are halved and thrown into a large saucepan. A large block of cheese, the tastier the better - a favourite was Lancashire tasty cheese (that was the cheese that if left on the sideboard had an aroma that would, through the closed front door and at thirty paces, make the eyes of passersby water!) was sliced and added to the pan with sufficient milk to cover the whole. It was then boiled until the onions became soft and translucent, the cheese soft slabs and the milk reduced to a thick white sauce consistancy.

Well according to George he was so hungry and knowing in a Lakeland subsistance farm the only food was that on the table he had no alternative but to eat it.

He told me the story about 50 years after it happened and I can still remember even though it is now at least fifty years since he told me, the gleam of remembered ecstasy that he still had for his satisfaction at that simple meal and its assuaging of his hunger pains all those years previously.

A good memory for me and perhaps a timely reminder for many people.


Okra in any form, Brussles Sprouts, Asparagus, Pickles.

But...but...but... okra and asparagus are delicious! No doubt at all about the sprouts, though, and most kinds of pickles are fairly revolting.


I can't even read these responses. Just. No.


Black olives

Really?? I could eat olives by the pound


I have a friend like you - she absolutely detests mushrooms and wouldn't even eat from a plate with a mushroom on it, suggesting her hatred is due to something more profound than taste such as poison or death and decay. Personally, I love them!

Another favorite food of mine


Liver or any type of organ meats. Yuck. Also, when I was on Australia I tried Vegemite. Aussies swear by it. I don't get it.

I once cooked #turkeyliver for a group of 70+ year old diehard liver hating scoffing country women used to lamb and beef muscle (see "Food Glorious Food" for details of cooking #turkeyliver). Without exception all changed their revulsion of liver to one of "can I have another piece please".

If you did not like #Vegemite have you tried the English alternative #Marmite? Australians, I'm told like #Vegemite mixed with #PeanutButter. Personally I think that a waste of each product.

I've had beef liver turkey, chicken liver, chopped, fried, any way possible. Grew up in a Jewish household, so that was kind of a staple. Never tried turkey liver, but I would consider it. I never say never!

@bleurowz very sweet, very mild flavour and cut with your fork tender if prepared correctly.

I love vegemite. We make friends from overseas taste it by the spoonful.

We never have it on it's own. I always have it on toast. Most have it on toast and butter.

@FrayedBear "if prepared correctly" is the key to all liver. Overcook it even a second or a degree and it's disgusting.

@ElizabethI exactly.


I'm also going to add frozen ready-made pizza. Pizza is one of the highlights of all human endeavour thus far. Frozen ready-made pizza is an insult to it, and ought to be illegal.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 3, 2018

With or without pineapple pieces?


I love sushi!! In fact, I think that might be lunch today.

@HippieChick58 Fine, you can buy me a hotdog.

@Whathappensnow I'd rather buy something less processed and more natural. But if you insist.

@Whathappensnow LOL I wonder if you'd feel the same way if you witnessed how that hot dog came to be. ????

@MollyBell I actually worked in a butcher shop for just under a year, when I was 18. One of my jobs was making sausages. I know exactly what goes in them.

@Whathappensnow I stand corrected, then.


Liver and pigs feet.

Join "Food Glorious Food" & learn all about the beauty of turkey liver. Pig's trotters however I agree with you are in line with tripe!

@FrayedBear My grandfather used to eat pigs feet all the time. It was GROSS!

Shudder! I was anemic as a little kid and was forced to eat liver. Ugh **** 1000.

@Ohub And probably badly cooked.


Too many things I would not eat, but many I have.
Can't do hot and spicy
least fave of all is curry.

So called curried sausage whole used to leave me non plussed knowing how many beautiful flavours of cooked curry are obtainable. We all have individual tolerances just as some have food allergies of varying danger.

I'm the opposite, I love curry and the spicier the better for me.

@noworry28 ditto



Never tried it, but I'm told that if you can get over the smell and the texture it's delicious. I suppose it must be if people are willing to get over the smell and texture!

And seemingly don't imbibe and eat durian - it may kill you.


It is not the same calling the devil as to see it coming! You would eat ANYTHING then!

That's what you think. The devil could be standing there prodding me with his pitchfork and I still wouldn't eat pork brains in milk gravy or cheese with maggots in it.


Ortolan, which are buntings fattened up and drowned in armagnac.

Rumoured to be delicious, but I know what you mean - I couldn't cope with the bones any more than the drowning part.


And here I thought I was so adventurous knowing what lutefisk was. No, I just don't do weird "foods"

Lutefisk is awesome...the smoke flavor is lovely as is the cream sauce...mmm! Ever tasted FinninHaddie?..that's a smoked white fish dish as well..

@Charlene And Arbroath smokies!

@FrayedBear whats that?

@Charlene Arbroath is on the East Coast of Scotland. The smokie is a haddock smoked.
Arbroath smokie - Wikipedia []


Ethiopian cuisine. PERIOD!! Lived there for three years and lost me and another person in weight. HORRIBLE.

Sounds like it did you a lot of good.


chicks cooked in the shell

What is that?! Sounds scary lol

fully developed chicks in the eggshell

@LeighShelton they would be tender but i imagine tasteless.

I eat with my eyes and mind first so probably not the worst by far but just seem like it. let's face it some medicine is fucking disgusting.


P'tcha - calves' foot jelly. Looks as bad as (I imagine) it tastes.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 3, 2018

If i remember it has very little flavour just a soft slimy consistancy. I found tripe worse.

@FrayedBear That sums it up. It's one of those things that people made from the cheapest ingredients available and which somehow became a tradition even though most people can afford food that they actually enjoy eating nowadays.

@Jnei In England it was simply a case during the war of making use of everything because of rationing and scarcity. I could be wrong but recall reading that tripe and trotters did not count towards the weekly meat allotment.

@FrayedBear My grandmother, even in the early 1980s, still cooked a few things from the rationing era. Scrap cake, which was made of whatever you happened to have left over at the end of the week, was sometimes very good indeed - kind of like bread pudding but with occasional surprises like lumps of Yorkshire pudding mixed in.

@FrayedBear Pickled pig's feet are delicious.

@ElizabethI Each unto their own palate @Elizabethl. I have just been talking elsewhere of people eating their own ear wax and catarh. I also recall an Indian Prime Minister drinking his own urine each morning which also reminds me that mother gorillas eat their babies faeces in order to develop antibodies to pass through the milk to help the baby overcome infection. Follow the hashtag to #CheeseOnionStew to read about my cousin and his hunger overcoming his distaste for the dish.


Spanish rice. Thanks, mom!


Mushrooms and sweet corn, yuck.

Jon791 Level 4 June 12, 2018



I was offered snake once in China, did not appeal to me at all! I don’t like Pigs feet, far too much fat and grizzle, don’t like hearts or Haggis but Generally speaking I’m quite opened minded about food. I forgot to mention Water Melon, makes me feel sick if I try just one piece. Don’t know why, if it’s just the juice in a glass I will drinkit, no problem.

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