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LINK Queen Tribute - We Are The Champions - Child Prodigy Cover | Maati Baani - YouTube

I hear older people talk about the kids of today in negative terms but I know that when I was young the older people also talked about the younger generation as lazy, spoiled and not going to amount to much. Every older generation tends to have the same attitude.

Well I don't! I see hope and a better future!

Here are a group of talented young people that are an inspiration! I can only hope that other talented children out there aren't discouraged from pursuing their talents (whatever that may be musical, academic, physical, etc.) because of the negative attitudes of the people that surround them.

""Positive Vibes"" Group

By BeeHappy9
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This is so beautiful, I'm actually crying!

You can see more from them. I posted them once before. It's a group by always changing. You can find them on YouTube under Maati Baani.

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