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Is there any way that religion can be proved to be man made?

dinoid 5 Apr 18

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I don't see any way to prove it was man made, even if I believe it was.


@dinoid - you simply asked the wrong question... It is not up to the non-believers to prove that religion is man made IS up to the believers to prove that it is NOT !

Hello Frosty, you are right of course, but it is something that they will not do, so it is up to us.
Read my answer with 'resserts' level 8

@dinoid - You are not going to convince a believer why bother?


Well who the hell else do you think "made" it??!!!


I am always amazed at how people just assume that "religion" refers to only Christianity, Islam or Judism. These 3 religions are barely 3,000 yrs old and humanity has been around millions of years.



Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

It's been proved to be man-made, repeatedly.
The believers refuse to accept that.


The fact that there is, nor ever has been, any evidence, facts or data to support the claim of the existence of any god(s), is proof enough that god(s) is a product of man's imagination.


Is there any way that religion can be proved not to be man-made?


Everything in religion tells us it is man made. If you study the catholic church history you'll get there.


Religions are organizations. Organizations are created by human beings. Not that complicated.


I think you just did...... just by posing that question and not getting killed instantly by lightning kind of proves that religion is man made. 🙂

There's still time. I'd better say my prayers.

@dinoid I was gonna say... report back dude !!!!!!!


Even most deists could agree with you that religion is socially constructed by humans. Also, you may want to read Peter Berger’s The Sacred Canopy to help you make your argument.

That looks like an interesting book. I'm not familiar with Bergers work, but I'm going to have to look into it now. Just Googled it briefly. Reminds me somewhat of Robert Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.


Religion is without a doubt man-made. There is no book that could not have been made by a human or has any hint that it was not made, or dictated, by a human. There is no organization (the catholic church, the jewish synygogues, the buddhist temples, etc) that doesn't have humans as 100% of it's membership and that is made by humans.

What cannot be proven to be man made are the gods that religion talks about.

Think of it this way: astrology, and to much lesser extent astronomy, is man-made but the stars are not. What we say about the stars is 100% man-made... what the stars are on the other hand are wholly independent of humans.

Of course, the stars exist. You can see them. I can se them. Anyone with eyes with or without a telescope can see them. God, on the other hand, is very hard to detect in any reproducible manner. Perhaps impossible, which might account for the total lack of evidence for the existence of one.

We have the luxury of saying that now. But prior to Galileo, what could we say about the stars? Anything, everything, nothing. Therein lay my point: what we say about a thing is wholly dependent on man-kind... 100%... and that means it can be wrong or right, precise or imprecise. But the actual existence of a thing, it's "reality", is not man-made and up to us to put int man-made concepts. In short, we did not create the stars... but we do name them. 😉

No, not less accurate but some of it is still man made. Concepts like "red giant" for example... red and giant being man made constructs to define that star... it's "reality" isn't red or being a giant. Or the concept of retrograde motion which is merely an artifact of humans seeing a three dimensional object move on a two dimensional surface of the sky.

Or even more to the point, dark matter... we still have no idea if it actually exists or if it is man made, man made in the sense that it is a improper reading of the data by man and that improper reading makes us believe something exists that doesn't.


What proof is there that it's anything else?


Yes. Just read the Bible.

There's to many lies

@Gbgood there are too many...


Humans have deceived, scammed, and conned each other throughout history in all sorts of ways. If humans can scam one another out of money and power (just for example), don't you think they could easily scam each other for control through the invention of pretend super powers?


As it only pertains to "man" with no other life giving a rats arse what we believe, it seems fairly obvious to me.

So true! We are the only species on the planet that worships some sort of deity. That speaks volumes!!

I agree, but it does give that bit more satisfaction if you can put it into words that they can't deny.


What other creature on this planet has the imagination, creativity, and need for attention than a human? Our history is filled with imaginative story-tellers as well as greedy power hungry people who lie, cheat, manipulate, and take advantage when the opportunity presents itself. Leaders past and present have taken advantage by creating fear with misinformation and used religion to gain control.
If a deity needs recognition and adulation then it would present itself to all humans, it is inefficient otherwise.

Betty Level 7 Apr 18, 2019

To answer the question, Um... dolphins? Everything you said after that question has nothing to do with dolphins.


No need for proof! Who invented them then, the penguins, the monkeys?

I doubt the monkeys would have the husband as the head of the wife, just as Christ is the head of the church.

In Islam, a dead man gets 72 virgins. A woman gets her husband back. (And generous as Allah is, if she married more than once, she gets to choose which husband she reunites with! Wow! How she gets along with the 72 virgins in paradise is anyone's guess.)

@greyeyed123 but I heard that all women become virgins again when they get to heaven 😉

@girlwithsmiles Oh thanks!


Simple. Religion did not exist prior to lthe time that evolution produced the modern homo sapien.

I think that that is both unsubstantiated and untrue.

@Metahuman Its substantiation is the grounds that no evidence of religion among any other earthly creatures has ever been found. Try that for starters. Rebut that!


The faithfools don't accept science, they don't accept reason, they don't accept modern times, they do not accept the reality...... how would they accept the proof the God is man-made?

A woman in the U.S. just saw Jesus standing in the burning spire of Notre Dame on TV. This is in 2019? The faithfools see Jesus in bread toast. They see Mother Mary crying blood. All this defies logic and reason. You cannot convert the stupid. Stupid is by choice. Once they have made it, they cannot be changed. They must die out.

I worry about the type of people we'll be left with if all the religious die out. I don't think the world has a substitute for them in place yet.

@brentan How so? Most of China and Russia have a lot of people and they look beautiful. Remember, initially there were only Adam and Eve and they got to eat the apple.


read Yuval Harari's "Sapiens"


To the satisfaction of a fanatic? No.

To the satisfaction of a reasonable, reasoning person? Yes. I think that's how most of us ended up here.

Well said.


To start with Mary wasn't a virgin.yes she had a child named him Jesus.he never died on the he never rose from dead.get the big picture.its all not true.

The post questions religion, and your response is about jesus.... look inside yourself and find the big picture. ... why are you here, really?

@frisbee212isn't religion all backed by jesus??

@frisbee212 We are here because our parents joined and our mother gave us birth. Our reason for living is up to each individual person.


Whether or not there are any gods, and I believe there are not, religion itself is a social construct. If there were gods, they would continue to exist even if no one worshiped them, just as people worship even though there are no gods. Religions have more or less evolved over the millennia to fit the needs of their societies, so without knowing exactly when and where the first religion started, it would be impossible to prove the origin of religion, just as it is impossible to "prove" the nonexistence of gods or other unlikely beings.

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