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What's something you didn't learn until you were an adult?

There were a few things I learned a little later in my life based on how I was raised. What's something you learned in your adulthood? One example is the idea of individualism vs. cooperation. I grew up with a mother who really encouraged self-expression and individuality. Her parents didn't, so she went the opposite direction. But, what I didn't realize is that sometimes that comes at the expense of cooperation. Cooperation and working with groups being a big help when it comes to going to work and being successful. I had to learn later how to strike the balance between "being myself" and "playing well with others." How about you?



Blow job is just a phrase. I would have thought somebody would have mentioned it during girl talks. Talk about embarrassing!

HA! Made my day.

Lol yea I remember as a naive teen imagining how blowing on it would be helpful.

I've never understood why its called a blowjob at all. its anything but.

@Heart_Truth Thank you! I wondered if we had to blow it up to use it! Learning's been fun, though.


@LeighShelton Exactly!

if you need to learn more im more than happy to help lol

@LeighShelton Thanks so much for the offer. Would it really stretch over the ocean? Lol. Actually, I just made a connection with someone I've been talking to for weeks and weeks. Hope it works out, and I can practice a lot!

no, you are right. no need to rub it in lol x nice thought though. I'm just a very helpful person. good luck with your date.

@LeighShelton However, if it reaches across the ocean, there's always Guinness Book of World Records. Everybody has to be known for something! Lol


I think I would be more likely to get the fastest skier award for the shortest difference


@LeighShelton Gold medal braggart!


not really im talking inches and a lot of pain lol

@EllenDale Me too!

@DharmaBum50 😉 glad you got home safe


I actually lost knowledge when I became an adult. At 17, I pretty much knew everything. Now I am not sure of anything.

JimG Level 7 Mar 10, 2018

As the saying goes ... it's amazing how little your parents knew when you were young, and how they wised up when you were an adult.



My adult lessons have mainly been X rated.

Do share. I have so much to learn smile009.gif

@batscradle I never kiss and tell.

Actually, I rarely kiss. Ew.


X-rated, no kissing. I believe I saw that movie, @donotbelieve.

@batscradle Were you watching your momma's home videos again?


@Donotbelieve [gph.is]

Damn. Can't post a GIF. Effect ruined.


I didn't experience any of those lessons as a youth but I did run across a very informative book when I was in Jr. High. "Now that you've got me here, what are we going to do? A non-marriage manual" The book was written by an experienced woman in the trade and gave very frank and diverse information as to the best methodology to please your partner.


I learned that adulting is hard.


That most people are fucking assholes all the time and all people are sometimes, including me ofcourse.

I think that was the only thing I learned before adulthood.

I was a bit slow I guess but the world seemed a much better place.


It took me until adulthood to know that there was anything but Christianity as an option.


That Jesus isn't real, god is fake, and the Bible is Jewish mythology.


Many (most?) men like (their own) children and enjoy being fathers. I had to date men to find that out.

Having small boobs is, by and large, a negligible impediment to physical attractiveness.

People generally do not like to admit they do not know something and some will go to any length to avoid it.

You don't have to do anything at all for someone to hate you. Sometimes just being visible is enough.

Yes I think you are right about have small boobs. I'm a B cup I'm trans and that's how big they got on hormones. My Trans sisters all had big ones put in but I can't afford them.


That fresh green beans were a thing.


Agreed, after finding out. Steamed with butter and lemon pepper. Worlds apart from the canned things I grew up eating.

Hahaha my mom never made fresh food. Do you know how nasty spinach in a can is?

@Celestia I think my mom tried to pull the "Popeye" routine on us once. Only once. It wasn't pretty.


As a child and youth, I was largely a conformist to the expectations others had of me. Virutally all of my intellectual, moral, philosophical growth, my growth in productivity, and my self-definition occurred as an adult.

Yes I was a pleaser, too. Had to learn what a fool's errand that was. Never could please god OR man no matter how hard I tried.


To trust, but VERIFY


It took me until my 30’s to find the balance between living in the moment (which I had done with fervor until then smile009.gif ) and planning for tomorrow.


I learned to pick my friends,evaluate comments before making a decision,spot illegal doing's, watch my money and be cautious of my health. Oh yes disavow churches.


There's a whole lot of shit I can't and shouldn't try to control.


This is going to sound horribly naive. I just assumed when young that with age comes wisdom and altruism(altho I didn't have a word for the latter then). That all old people are nice and care about others. LOL@self
I was wrong.

Excellent point. I have to occasionally remind myself that just because I am honest and just, I should not necessarily expect the same from from others.


How niaive I was /am.


My parents are only human

Like my mother once said to me, it can come as a bit of a shock to realise that your parents are only gods with feet of clay.


It's ok to say no. If they get mad, screw 'em!


I learned very early on that I could make any male do anything I wanted, just by paying real good attention and sparkling at them. As an adult, I realized that I really did not want that ability, so I dimmed the sparkle and became sarcastic.


That my parents had elastic conscience's.
I also learned that you are allowed to take time for yourself guilt free. Work isn't the be all and end all.


When I was very young I came to the conclusion that the church and it's foundation (religion) was too stupid to be real because adults were telling us stories that were clearly not based on reality. I therefore concluded religious claims were not real and nothing more then a stupid mind game adults use to control children. It wasn't until I was in my twenties that I realized that some (many) adults actually believed in the fantasy the church preaches. That was a cold and bitter realization that changed what until then had been a very optimistic outlook for the future of humanity.


I think I have the exact opposite to you. I always was co-operative, lived in communes worked in worker co-operatives I am only in the last 25 years becoming my own individualised person and feeling Ok about it .


I learned that many people are full of shit.

Correction, all people are full of shit ! otherwise they must be starving to death .


The main thing I learned as an adult is that adults aren't as smart as I thought they were as a kid. Most of the time it seems like we're just making things up as we go along. We don't really know what we're doing for the most part.

Don't tell my kids that. Lol though they know now I was mostly winging it. Still am, actually.


As a Television serviceman, it was not until well into my craft that I learned that pure water was an insulator. it is only the salts and contaminants from the earth which render water as a conductor of electricity. Rain water is pure, it must be or all the transmission lines across the country would have their insulators short circuited whenever it rained.

@That's interesting silvereyes, sounds like you are interested in such subjects ? I better be careful, you may be a scientist !!! [ I hope you are ]

I was really lucky when I was young as my best friend was a total science geek. Because he included me in many of his experiments, I figured that out around 5th grade. That was also the same year we converted an old tube television into an AM transmitter.

Hi NoMagicCookie , It sounds as if you are interested in science subjects too. Your Tube TV conversion sounds very interesting. I like making scientific instruments which keeps my interest current.

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