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Some people seek the truth.
Some seek confirmation
Some just seek recreation.
Some are not in a position to seek much more than to stay alive.

Just a thought I had recently.
What do you think?

Santaclause 4 Mar 11

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I seek ripe mongthong durian. When I have that, I'm happy!
Pic: Me eating monthong durian on Penang Island, Malaysia, but they grow durian in Thailand also.


Having experienced all of those places
.I totes agree..


I think your right


awal n tidet (words of truth= in berber language)


Maslow's hierarchy of needs in a nutshell.



I like it


The perceptions of each group carry the same weight in our voting system, part of the reason I'm never surprised when stupid, unconstitutional laws are introduced and passed.


You are thinking too simplistically. We are more complex than that. We can seek all those things at the same time -- and more. When I was seeking a syntehsis of information and leatrnings, I achieved confirmation when I was successful -- and ejoyed both the search for truth and the confirmation of myself through achievement immenbsely.


I think this really ties in with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


I seek a shrubbery.
And to not take it all so damned seriously.

@atheist A wise choice.


In general, people seek "better". A better understanding, even if that is an artifice rather than the real thing. A "better" emotional state, something more comfortable. A better level of health, of income, of sexual satisfaction, of stability... you get the picture. People value so many different things as their top priority. But they ALL seem to be seeking BETTER.


I'm seeking happiness. Soon it will be found.

@atheist I'm thinking positively. Or trying to. I think too much. That has always been an issue for me. It sucks.

@atheist I ruminate the most. (A post I just made 20 min ago.) Soon I will be back in college and away from work for 2-3 days a week. Lately I have not been coping well. Part of it is from the toxic people I work with and being over-worked for 2 weeks, part of it is my mental illnesses, and now with losing one hour of sleep. I also had to change my avatar. My profile pics were my issue. I will no longer answer messages from this site.

@atheist Soon I'll figure out something to do that makes me happy.

Happiness is a feeling, not a destination!

@atheist Reconsider what?

@atheist Unhappy people try to make me miserable. My issue is I'm too nice and I get used a lot until I lose control of my life. I'm learning how to cope.

@atheist No more on that. All the men hit on me, a few harassed me. All because of my pics.


To thine on self be true and do or cause no harm.

@atheist Thank you. I am not a revolutionary.


That is about right... I agree. But, I think even those people just trying to stay alive, have something to give life! I guess, I really believe everyone and everything has value, somehow!



True, but why are some not able to seek?

The only reason i can think of is they are too busy trying to stay alive.

@atheist Or living in Yemen, Syria, or Myanmar.

@atheist No

@atheist I see


Was inspirational and depressing.

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