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School Board Jesus Prayer

Should any School Board in the USA be allowed to have a Christian prayer for an invocation?

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Grecio 7 June 17

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Religion of any kind is not appropriate in any public school system.

I think they passed a stupid law in Kentucky about a month ago allowing it.

@chucklesIII Which of course it totally unconstitutional, which christians care absolutely nothing about.


This disturbed me so much because I have a daughter in a public school. We are an atheist household and my daughter should not be subjected to something that is unnecessary to her education and betterment as a person. Even she knows that prayer is completely useless. Instead stick to a motivational poem.


If they are a Christian school yes.

I agree. But make it completely optional to participate

@kraseyk Defeats the object of being a Christian school then.

There is also a part of their book that says that shouldn't be done and also says that you should go into your room and close the door so "god" will hear you. Yet another contradiction.

@gsiamne Not heard of that one. Do you know the reference.

@Geoffrey51 Here is the biblical reference: Matthew 6:6 - But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

@gsiamne okay. Dear ole Matthew is one of the apocalyptic writers and the Matthew texts, consequently, have a different take on what is going on.

The problem we have is that the Bible is sold as a complete set of agreed ideology that supports itself. The reality is that these are all seperate sets of writings compiled to convey an idea.

Some brilliant writing and stories in them but as far as individually expressing a collective idea is misleading. Matthew is no more an inspired text than Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’.

Unfortunately the Bible is sold on as a complete work where it is actually an anthology with an agenda. If you read Matthew as a stand alone it’s a great read!

@gsiamne It could also be argued that this is also a reference to don’t make song and dance about what you do, just get on and do it with humility, a bit like the widow’s mite.

@Geoffrey51 Yes, but that book is only given the name Matthew yet we don't know who actually wrote it.

@gsiamne Exactly it represents a school of thought not anyone called Matthew. The author, as there is no historicity is irrelevant.

@Geoffrey51 Maybe the word "closet" in the concordance. I think the passage is in the Bible.


What if it's a Christian school?

Private schools can do whatever they want. However, The public school board meeting isn't held with students present. Everyone inside the school board room meeting is an adult. The board only assumes that everyone present is a Christian, or if they aren't then they don't mind hearing a Christian prayer.. In our case, the board doesn't realize that a student may be watching online. Of course, the parents could allow their kid to watch the meeting.

Congress is in debate right now as to whether public tax money can be given to private schools for support.


Should the $ have 'In Gold We Trust' instead of God. After all, with a promise of religious freedom in the USA, then the inclusion of multiple Gods and none at all should be included.
So, if schools take prayer, then they must allow for all belief systems.

With Trump in the Whitehouse, the nation is moving back toward courts allowing "In God, We Trust" to be written everywhere.

"In God We Trust" is a true motto for our money. The money is the god we are trusting in.


I'll recite The Jabberwocky backwards then.

And in Latin.

Just to make them terror pee.


I voted "maybe" because there was no mention of public or private schools. For public schools, definitely not.

The question was meant to be concerning the school board meeting, not inside the school. There are no students at the school board meeting, only adults. However, the school board directs the school system, where prayer is not allowed. The problem isn't only that there is a prayer invocation, but the invocation is Christian. What about the Jews, atheists, Muslims, and others present?


It's not a church meeting. The school board is supposed to be secular.


It's Evangelical crap! If such a prayer is allowed what about those who are from a completely different faith? Then we have that question of why should a school board be having prayers in the first place.It's wrong and against the Constitution.

Most every board has some kind of invocation, and that isn't bad I think. However, the invocation shouldn't be a Jesus prayer. I wonder if the Senate and House have an invocation. I think they do but I don't know if it is a Jesus prayer. What do the Muslim and Atheist congressmen do during the invocation?


No invocations of any kind, ever.


No, why do it at all

bobwjr Level 10 Feb 15, 2020

Separation of church and state.

marym Level 4 Feb 9, 2020

Sure, but they must do a prayer for all the other gods too, especially Woden!


We cannot be going backwards in any country globally. Therefore prayers (a bias) in schools should stop immediately. The brainwashing has caused enough damage. Are they saying a morning prayer is a good start to a day. classing it with an apple or an egg a day lol


Only if I can say a prayer and mantra of calling to Xxgurlaka, the intergalactic moose/salamander hybrid

J75243 Level 6 June 18, 2019

There's the first amendment, right? So this christian bullshit will be challenged and upheld by any court.

I don't know what a court would rule with Trump hollering God this and God that. Trump says this nation was founded on God and faith and he spouts it everywhere he goes. He knows 75-80% of the people in this country identify with Christianity.

@Grecio so? That doesn't mean courts and constitution will change the separation of church and state amendment.

@Mofo1953 The amendment won't change but the interpretation of it might. Like amendment concerning guns. The interpretation is critical, I think. One question is whether or not the Constitution is a "living document", or is it subject to change with the times?

@Grecio courts interpret them, in the case of religion the courts have been fairly consistent.

@Mofo1953 I agree with you. However, we are beginning to see a number of challenges. Some places are trying to take away guns, or at least limiting them. We have sanctuary cities that openly violate immigration laws and even hinder ICE from doing the job that they are being asked to do by our government. Separation of church and state seems to be coming to a blur.

@Grecio ICE should be abolished, it was created after 9/11 to capitalize on the fear of Americans, all of which prompted Bush to go into Iraq and do all the abuses he got away with with Cheney and Rumsfeld. Besides, the constitution allow states to do their own regulations and laws, republicans always defended these rights of states UNTIL the states did things republicans don't like, well tough titties, sanctuary cities are 100% legal and protected by the same constitution you seem to forget. And please, present proof of where are these places "trying to take away guns"? That has been a republican hoax repeated with absolute zero proof.

@Mofo1953 The 2020 Virginia Showdown

Rolling into 2020, all eyes are on Virginia following Governor Ralph Northam’s declared intention to pass onerous new gun control laws that could mandate the forced confiscation of common semi-automatic firearms which have been legal for Virginians to own for more than a century, ever since their invention. The first date in the coming showdown to be aware of is Monday, January 20th, when the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a pro-Second Amendment group, is organizing a “Lobby Day” rally to be held at the state capitol to oppose these new gun control laws. It’s estimated that thousands of Virginians will attend the VCDL rally, many arriving in buses from all over the commonwealth.

@Mofo1953 ICE is present by law. If ICE should be abolished, then pass a law to abolish it, but don't make their job more dangerous and difficult until that happens. Illegal immigration is, by definition, illegal.
Studies on the relationship between sanctuary status and crime have found that sanctuary policies either have no effect on crime or that sanctuary cities have lower crime rates and stronger economies than comparable non-sanctuary cities.[5][6][7][8] Opponents of sanctuary cities argue that cities should assist the national government in enforcing immigration law. Supporters of sanctuary cities argue that enforcement of national law is not the duty of localities.[9] Legal opinions vary on whether immigration enforcement by local police is constitutional.[10]

@Grecio intentions are not laws. If they pass the law, then your ICE argument that you posted becomes moot because a law is to be obeyed, right? In any case what you posted doesn't prove anything, ergo still a republucan hoax.

@Grecio you don't say anything about state rights granted by the constitution. Conveniently forgotten? ICE should be abolished is what I said, of course to abolish it requires a law or an act of congress. Everything I said is aok. Again, states have the constitutional right to establish sanctuary cities and there's nothing republicans or Trump can do about it except bitch and whine. Your copy paste has no relevance to my point.

@Mofo1953 You're a Trump hater, no matter what the solution is for this country. You're a Trump-hating Democrat that doesn't care what the solution is for this country as long as you get rid of Trump, just like all the other democrats. You don't care about this country, your primary gold is to get rid of Trump.

@Grecio wow, for once you got that right! I hate traitors, I hate bullies, I hate con men and I hate liars. Ergo, he must be outed in November. And it's goal not gold, dum dum.


Bullshit evangelical crap

bobwjr Level 10 June 18, 2019

This is a school board--aren't they responsible for all public schools in a city? Ours are...that's why I asked.

The school board doesn't meet with students. I have never seen any students at a school board meeting. School prayer is banned in Georgia (USA). The exception is if the prayer is asked for by a group of students. Many high schools open every home football game with a Christian prayer. A few only conduct a moment of silence. Back in the seventies, Rome, Ga. had the following placed in each Biology book. "Evolution is only a theory and other ideas such as creation should be considered.". This was later judged unlawful by a court.


i don't think public schools should have prayers at all. why should they? it's not just christian ones that should be forbidden. but private religious schools can do what they want.



The school board members are all adults, yet school prayer is against the law, except in certain circumstances. The board members just assume that everyone present is a Christian. Seems like a double standard to me.

Grecio Level 7 June 17, 2019

When I was at school the morning assembly was Christian C of E, but your parents could allow you to opt out if you were of a different denomination.

I had a friend who was JW and another that was Plymouth Brethren so if I didn’t fancy going I just hung out with them.

@Geoffrey51 The whole issue with separate prayed by not having any. Simple.

They do not assume anything and really do not give a shit, they just deliberately and intentionally force their particular brand of insanity on everyone.

So this is happening at your local school board meetings? Maybe report it to the FFRF? (Freedom From Religion Foundation, [] )

@bingst This is done all over America. It's really up to me to complain to the board. The FFRF can't cover the whole USA, I don't think.

@Grecio I follow them on Facebook, and they're constantly making posts about sending letters to government entities all across the country, including school boards.

@bingst I am sure you are correct. FFRF is a good organization.

Yeah! Send them a few bucks -- you, too can be a card-carrying member.


The newest controversy is concerning the teaching of religion in schools. I think the teaching of religion would be beneficial, but teach about them all in a history class or something. Kinda like studying Shakesphere, and Milton.

Grecio Level 7 June 18, 2019

A Survey of World "Religions" (monotheism, polytheism, animism, shamenism, spiritualism,..., atheism, humanism) with some specific examples would be an excellent idea.


I forgot to include private school considerations. I guess they would be exempt.

Grecio Level 7 June 18, 2019
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