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Easter plans with relatives anyone?



The little ones get baskets. We eat. It's just another food holiday.
Nothing more.

I absolutely love this Eddie Izzard video. Me and my kids would watch it all the time! Cake or Death??

@stomato I just posted that clip a little bit ago!


no. i am usually too busy reinacting my interpretation of jesus rising......I dramatically rise out of bed that morning and eat ice cream for breakfast wrapped in a white sheet.

@atheist lately yes!

No pointed hood with the white sheet, I assume?

Lol! That’s funny

@tioteo well i do enjoy role play......

I especially like the bit about the ice cream. I'm sure Jesus did that too, right before the assention! How can you go to heaven without ice cream ... really!! Haha!

@stomato right lol


Easter is on April Fools day, so maybe I'll just tell them I'll meet them in church

I actually did this to a very religious customer of mine the other day. I told him I would go to church with him on Easter and then I waited a few seconds and said April fools. lol


Smoke a little weed, eat some candy, and pet a bunny rabbit. Party over!


Instead of easter, I celebrate spring with a home cooked dinner with friends. You're all invited. Time and date to be announced r.s.v.p greatly appreciated.


Why fuck no.


Chocolate Day. Yumm! smile001.gif


Jewish relatives, no god, no easter! My son & I have always taken a hike together on the day. We get muddy, we laugh, and we welcome Spring smile001.gif

No Ham either.

@RavenCT Ohhh...this year we'll pack ham sandwiches as a symbol of gratitude for the gentile enforced day off work! Sinful and pious at the same time LOL


Yep. Pretty much every year do easter with my aunt. She's a believer but not pushy about it and we don't say grace or anything like that. To me it's like xmas: just another day to hang out with relatives and eat well.


I don't originate from a faith tradition that ever did all that much about Easter other than maybe a sunrise service and an extra big sunday dinner. We certainly didn't have the buildup to it like the Catholics with Ash Wednesday and so forth either. So these days, after a quarter century of godlessness, I barely register that it comes or goes.


No. Work is closed on Good Friday as it's a sort of bank holiday in the UK, and Easter Sunday is just another Sunday but there'll be some chocolate, which as far as I'm aware while tasting divine isn't actually divine in origin, but that's about it smile001.gif


It's a candy holiday. I'm planning on hitting Wal-Mart on Monday for half off candy!!!



That's the day Jesus comes out of his tomb. If he sees his shadow, six more weeks of persecution.


Nah, Easter was never a big thing in my family.


Lololololololololol...only to exchange chocolate bunnies with my son and Peeps for my brother.




Probably plan an egg hunt or scavenger hunt for the kiddos at work.


That means...PEEPS! I like to leave out them a few hours to harden, though putting them in the fridge also works (but then they're cold), then dunking them in my cafe au lait. Choc peeps (not choc-covered peeps) are my fav, but those are not easy to find.


Nope. Easter with friends.

It's the first weekend of the UK drag racing season. smile001.gif smile001.gif


We don't do Easter.
We usually do secular sunday brunch but this year everyone is going in different directions.

This coming Sunday, the plan is to do something for an early 1st day of spring celebration. My kids are too big for spring baskets and bunnies now.


Not sure, usually my kids, but depends on if they are working or have other plans. Traffic here is so bad over Easter, it is best not to travel, too many tourists out and about.


Kids are all adults now and often busy. I usually send the some chocolate.


@PatrickHermitage You can keep your peeps.

@PatrickHermitage I dislike chocolate.


Only did Easter with my ex's family for my daughter.


I don't know how to caclulate it, and don't find enough secular elements to warrant celibration. If anything, it's the time of year I am most inclined to mock the credulous for not understanding what the nature of death.

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