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What makes you are great partner?

We see lots of posts about what we do and don't want in a relationship but what is it we bring to it?

What is it about you that makes someone want to be with you?

Humor appreciated but leave the sex stuff out.

Akfishlady 8 Mar 14

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I am fabulous. Nuf said.

@Akfishlady As are you!


I'm very happy most of the time. I laugh more than anyone I've ever known. I like laughing, and it's a good thing, too, because I'm funny as shit.

I'd hang out with me.


I'm funny and too lazy to cheat lol. I don't bring much drama and I'll play video games and cook with you


Im single again so I will shut the fuck up.


I never assume and I live and let live. My opinions are my own and others are none of my business. I LOVE HARD and let go easily. I am educated (sort of) speak seven langauges and provide myself a good living. I am quick to laugh, music moves me (right now SEAN ROWE), eager to learn. I am ex military, have inner discipline and can fit into any social group. So, I feel that I am suitable. Oh, I wear size ten and a half gloves, with size fifteen feet (know what I mean?)


I have a great sense of humor and I'm loyal to a fault, I will always have my partner's back.

I am a great cook when motivated. Cooking for one is not motivating.

I am sometimes too smart for my own good, but I always have great conversations with good input.

I like to be comfy I like to keep my partner comfy too.

I am very (too) laid back, it take a lot to get me upset.

I always will identify the elephant in the room, and I won't avoid hard conversations.

I share very well.

I have very few inhibitions


I’m funny, sarcastic, laid back, and charismatic. I get more attention than someone that looks like me should! It’s not always good!


I’ll pick a good place to eat and I don’t mind sharing my food ?

Marz Level 7 Mar 14, 2018

I am scarastic, messy, always to be thought full, try to use manners, try not to curse but it happens some times, am kind of hand.




Apparently nothing. Hence I have been single a long time.
Sadly, to be honest. it is safety.
I solve problems, I provide a very safe comfortable environment/situation and it is obvious that is what past partners have been attracted to. Not to me.


Evidently nothing or I wouldn't be single.


That's a great question! With the right partner, I feel I bring unwavering loyalty and honor to a relationship, respect and affection, a listening and supportive ear, a willingness to try open minded solutions to problems. I try to offer a calm ability to look at the big picture and offer thoughtful positive conversation. I appreciate wit and humor and can offer the same back with the right chemistry.

I'm not known for my cooking or housekeeping skills, but will show my appreciation in other ways for overlooking my failings or helping me with those tasks.


A lefty. I'm a righty.

SamL Level 7 Mar 14, 2018

I'm really low maintenance...I just want to be left alone.

Only kinda kinding about the above. I'm non-judgmental, loyal, honest and generous with money if not my time.


I listen to what you are saying, rather than thinking about what I am going to say.


I don't need a man, but so far, I've picked men who need me. I'm not doing that again. I want to be the icing on the cake, and I want icing for mine. (Swiss butter cream is my favorite, by the way.)

I'm financially responsible, easy to talk to, quick to laugh, capable of running a household, constantly growing, learning, evolving... and I'm easy on the eyes and have been told I'm very sensual. Oh, and I'm a truth teller, and I can see things for what they are. Well, most of the time, anyway. And I'm also quick-witted and can be hilarious. And I'm a great mom. My kid is the proof in the pudding.

And thanks for this post. I don't usually spend enough time thinking about my good qualities. Really, thank you.


My partner lives in the flat above me in sheltered accommodation he is funny and kind and more intelligent than me in terms of seeing thinks from all sides I am more artistic and I make all our food - We Complement each other what I cant, do/see, he can and vice versa, We are both pretty tolerant although when I get angry or scared he deals with it. We do both laugh a lot and enjoy watching dramas together in the evenings.We have a lot in common which is nice but a lot of time to do our own things. (getting older is the rub)


I bring excitement. I bring learning. I bring new experiences.

As long as you still like it when you're jumping out an aircraft door or racing a motorcycle...


I love him


My love faithfulness &open mind.


I'm genuine.


My record for a relationship is 3 years. I've lived with 8 different women , married 2. Women call me and just say "NO" and hang up. I don't even know who they are. I guess its just in case I take interest or something. All joking aside, I am funny and they like that.


I like to snuggle and exchange foot rubs with the right person.


I am an inventive lover.

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