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QUESTION A Bunch of Religious People Think Stephen Hawking Is Currently Burning in Hell – Friendly Atheist

This is exactly why we need more science and less fairy tales. In general, religious people are the most hateful and mean spirited people in the world. I am glad not to be counted among them and share their pettiness.

SkotlandSkye 8 Mar 14

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If there is a god who would send Stephen Hawking to hell and surround himself with evangelicals for all of eternity, he certainly would not have been intelligent enough to create the earth, to say nothing of the of the universe.

JimG Level 8 Mar 14, 2018

Near as I can tell, it's not god sending him to hell...
... it's bible-thumping, mamas-basement-dwelling, internet trolls.

And I KNOW there is a special hell for internet trolls. 😉

Damn, that's about the best thing I've heard about SH's death!!!


Well I would rather burn in hell with Hawking than be in "heaven" with that lot and their bigotted sadistic god.


It's those kind of people that are pushing me more and more to anti-theism.

@irascible For years, I have really tried to embrace the whole 'live and let live' philosophy. I know there are no gods, but I also know the religious faith really does sustain many people, and who am I to tell them they're wrong? I know quite a few REALLY good people who are very devout. I always thought it wrong of me to tell them what they believe is just so much bullshit. However, I'm growing increasingly disgusted with the overreach of the "faithful". I can't take it anymore.


That is a horrible way to think of a great man who just died. Stupid religious people.


I see this as a pitiful ploy to convince only themselves. Maybe someone should ask these fanatics how can a "loving" god have put someone in Stephen Hawkins position in the first place? It is especially sick when said brilliant person uses what little he has left (his reasoning power) to shed light on the workings of the world to then be condemned to eternal damnation. I guess that is what these illiterati think of science and knowledge!

I love the word "illiterati."

@ElizabethI I don't know where I learned that word but it instantly came to mind with this posting. []


How sad that they don't even realize how insensitive they are and that they are loyal to, and want to spend eternity with someone far worse than the worst of human dictators.

Saved the enemies meme.


This makes me want to slap people. sigh


What does it say about theists and their belief system that their deity punishes intelligence and reason? (Yes, that's a rhetorical question. Lol)

Seriously, and especially someone who did so much with so little. If there is any kind of after life and reward system that guy sure as hell deserves some serious reward for the job he did...


Well said. His light bubble races away at the speed of light, but it's center is now hollow as is a place in my heart. RIP, good Dr.


That just makes me so angry how anyone can be so cruel.

Not surprised in the slightest, mind you, but angry nonetheless.


The ability to move beyond this infantile need for the security of a "god" figure is part of the hurdle set we must negotiate to evolve. just pity those who cannot do so yet.


It is not surprising. It is not even disappointing. It is consistent with the character of the majority of fundamentalist evangelicals. Fortunately they do not represent the majority of believers. However, this is a public admission of who they actually are, and that may be a good thing in some respects. It might just be advantageous to us for them to proclaim loudly, "Look! I really am an asshole, in spite of all my not quite honest comments to the contrary."

If anything, I am saddened by all the vitriol, even though it was expected. I heard comments like this on Christian radio all day today. Yes, I listen to them sometimes and even watch a few of their TV shows on occasion. I am, after all, a student of Sun Tzu.



I don't care what they think. 🙂

marga Level 7 Mar 14, 2018

Well if that makes them happy, who are we to spoil their fun. Seriously, why would anyone take pleasure in this? The man didn't have his problems to seek. He was given a 'death sentence' by the age of 25 and he outlived that by more years than anyone could have imagined, but with the mind of a genius and a sadly failing body. I have nothing but admiration for the man and I'm a fully paid up ATHEIST. How can this be?


oooh, he didn't accept the "lily white bearded one" as his lord and savior - so of course he's doin' the slow burn. For too many there seems to be no other way of thinking ... none. eeesh !


I agree with you. I have never met as many down right mean spirited people who pretend to be so Godly as the religious. I can't wait to get away from them. IF I ever win the lottery I will wait; every so often an entire town goes up for sale and I have this fantasy of buying one and turning it into a religion free zone with science and arts based schools, non religious cemetary and old folks home, business where no one has to worry if they will be turned away for their sexual orientation, or their mixed marriages and children, or whom their life partners are. It is just a fantasy but it is a place I dream of, plus those of us who are non believer farmers would have customers who arent throwing God in our faces all day every day!


Their lives are so bitter and unfulfilled that they hope and literallly pray that they will get another crack at a new life, hilarioulsly though, filled with all the same people and pets they treated like shit first time around. they are nuts.


My condolences to Dr. Hawking and his family but seriously if their is a hell though and trust me I got the going to hell speech millions of times then Dr. Hawking is having a blast down there where he aint paralyzed there is booze, weed, girls, other atheists Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Christopher Hitchens, Albert Einstein, and Ronnie James Dio seriously Christians make me wanna wish such a place existed but oh well. And yes why do they gotta just shit on everything.

Don' forget Ronnie James Dio ROCK ON!


They can go to hell!

I am pretty sure hellishness is part of it


What happened to that "judge not lest ye be judged" thing in Christianity? Most Christians don't follow their own rules very well, and nowadays too many Christians are proud of that fact.


I had not even heard of Mr. Hawking's passing. With such a great mind I am sure that his only Hell was living with relative idiots.


For your information Professor Hawking just retired from Hell. I just don't understand how come people refuse to believe that Hell is here and now. Especially in the condition the Professor was physically. Hell is what he suffered all his life. Need I say more...


And a bunch of religious people are wrong about yet another topic.


...I don't need the link ..but would you call that "Thinking?" 😉

Varn Level 8 Mar 14, 2018

As do I.

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