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Phone addiction?

Are you "addicted" to your phone? There has been a lot of discussion lately about how much time we spend on our phones. Programmers write code in such a way as to provide "rewards" for looking at the devices, particularly on social media sites.

How do you feel about/relate to this?

Condor5 8 Mar 15

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Maybe I am. I'm typing on mine right now.

JimG Level 8 Mar 15, 2018

...still dragging myself into the twentyfirst century 🙂 My phone’s a flip, and dumb. My laptop’s my connection, and yes, we’re bonded.. But, in order to download podcasts and audio books, I’ve just bought an Ipod 6! My daughters are nearly impressed.. with their Iphone 8’s…

I work amid twenty-something’s … tethered to their phones are my twentysomethings.. I think they’re here to stay (the smart phones). Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to their damn phones they’re either taking notes, photos, looking something up or receiving incoming ..or responding to something … it’s like a third person! But I’ll admit, playing on the Ipod (W/ wifi) is amazing..

It seems both positive and negative, though.. Less time spent contemplating and more spent instantly receiving & responding. I’ve wondered how many ‘around here’ are communicating via their phones … and what the KGB’s social media influence is..? Never a dull moment and always something new 🙂

Varn Level 8 Mar 15, 2018

Much the same with me; I got a text capable phone only after I realized that was the most efficient way of communicating with my daughter. I am on my tablet a bit more than I'd like to be sometimes, but, it's how I stay in touch with friends and acquaintances (which includes this community). Other than that, my phone is pretty much just a convenient tool I use for appointments, some nifty apps, alarm, and the occasional voice comm.

@Condor5 There was a day when my only conversations with my daughters were by text - while inside the same house! I’m also looking forward to the photo capabilities of my new toy; film’s apparently no longer relevant 😕

@Varn, film? What's that?


I am not addicted to my phone, but I do rely on it a huge amount. All the pertinent information about my life is in it. I have no idea how to contact my kids without my phone, I can remember exactly two telephone numbers right now, mine - work and cell. Access to pictures, passwords, accounts, contact list, google, calcuator and calendar, all in my pocket.


I gave up my Blackberry 5 years ago for a flip phone. If I connect with someone on Messenger here I'll sometimes be on the phone talking for an hour or more. Need to go to Laptop for emails,FB, etc. I believe in person to person communication above all other.


I'm addicted to my phone when I'm bored, but when I'm with people, enjoying myself, I don't give it a second thought.

Same. I spend a lot of time in mind numbing situations. The phone helps enormously. When I get to socialize though, it gets put away and goes on silent.


I refuse to own a smart phone. I simply don't need it.

I use an old fashioned T9 flip phone and I'm not supposed to carry that at work but most others are glued to their phones.


I note that people on this site are getting frustrated that Level 8 takes so much work. They're used to seeing "progress" up the levels, and suddenly they're not getting any short term rewards for their interaction with the site. I can't blame them... I've felt a sense of gratification of watching my points climb, taking me to levels 2 and 3, even though I know it's basically meaningless.

I don't know the points system on this site was supposed to help people get addicted to interacting with others here, but it's definitely showing signs of that effect.

miffy Level 5 Mar 15, 2018

Interesting observation.

@Condor5 That's because I'm an interesting person ?

also a silly person ?


When I see people constantly on their cell phone at the grocery store, at the gym, and everywhere else, it really bothers me. They are not aware of their surroundings and of the people around them, and seem to prefer the sterile distance of a phone conversation or of texting to real human interaction.


While I admit to looking at my phone more than I'd like, I can also go for long stretches without even thinking about it.
I don't take it with me when I'm exercising the dogs, or working in the yard.
I grew up with the phone on the wall in the kitchen, before answering machines.
Whenever I missed a call, if it was important, they called back. I'm still operating with that
particular mindset.


My memory of childhood is setchy, but cannot remember ever using a phone, and still don't use one much compared to my son, who needs a phone transplant so he won't loose it or drop and break it.


I have an aversion to them, I have one, phone calls and texts only, it is a Windows phone, so almost no apps available.


I just limit what i do on my phone. I dont' do email, or social media on the phone. Of course i am legally blind an dit is hard to see the creeen of hte phone, and it woudl be too hard to do those things.

I just use the phone as a phone, for directions, and also as a audio book player.


No - not at all. My cell phone is a relaitvely recent aquisition, obtained mainly for emergencies, occasional GPS needs, and a photo ot two (have a camera for serious ones). I rarely call on it - and no one calls me. I have a home phone with answering machine for that ! And a laptop for this !

I find the general overuse of cells to be depressing - and often dangerous. Humans are losing the ability for face-to-face interaction - along with writing, spelling, and reading.


If I comment on this post, I get a little closer to leveling up. I need my fix, man!

I spend a fair amount of time on my phone, especially at home because it's a little more convenient than sitting at my computer. But I wouldn't say I'm addicted to it. I use it for communication, mostly, and I go long periods without using it. I kind of hate how many people can't spend even one meal without looking at their phone, afraid they might miss some urgent text from their bestest friend in the whole wide world or afraid they won't see a "like" on the Facebook post they made at the begining of the meal when they posted a photo of their entrée within 5 seconds of receiving this awesome affirmation. (Seriously, if you're having a meal with other people, presumably people you like, maybe you could go 45 minutes without being rude to your companions? Maybe the people you're actually with should take priority over the ones and zeros in your pocket? Just a thought.)

You got that right.


I refuse to own a smart phone. I simply don't need it.


I’m totally a phone junkie.


Im not addicted and would rather talk in person.

So would I, but my best friend lives 100 miles away.

so does one of mine but even further so the phone it is.


Absolutely not!

  • sent from my Samsung Galaxy 8 -

If you mean on the phone as in talking I find that almost nobody does that any longer. What they do is text to death, thumb through everything constantly, smile and walk around looking down at a hand held phone as if it was a part of their body. Businesses tell employees not to do this, then the very ones that warned you are there doing it also. Every spare moment is spent like this from what I can see. Since I drive for a living I'm watching others at stop lights and wonder how they are still alive. I've even seen people get into their cars and fix one hand on the steeering wheel with the phone in it, then set up the other hand to turn the wheel as they drive. Once they are set up they drive away. I'm not exaggerating. This is real and scary! Be aware on the roadway that the other guy may kill you.

That's the exact behavior I'm referring to. Very disturbing when seen on the road, isn't it?

@Condor5 Yes indeed.


No I am most defeinitely not I hate them I have never had one except for a landline that never rings. I would walk away from someone if I were with them and they took a call on their mobile.


I use it regularly to read news, weather and play a game of cards. Oh yes, WhatsApp. But no mail. I don't have to check my mail more that 2-3 times a day. Facebook? Intermitted. Sometimes often, mostly not anymore. This site, a lot in the beginning, last week hardly. So, my computer comes second, just as TV comes in the third place.

Gert Level 7 Mar 17, 2018

I'm addicted. What's wrong with that?

Well, if your life is going OK, and you're not falling into holes or walking into traffic or driving while engaged on the phone, I suppose there's nothing wrong with it; as long as you have healthy face to face human interactions.


Not really. When I'm bored or have nothing to do I'll mess around with different apps, but when I am busy, I don't really miss my phone.


Nope, I am not addicted to my phone.

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