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Atheism and psychedelics

Many people who use psychedelics say that it caused them to believe in god, or strengthened their belief. If you are someone who uses psychedelics, do you think it strengthened your lack of belief? Did/does it help you in any way? Spiritual experiences? Spiritual, in a non-religious way... More like a feeling of connectedness, centeredness, and renewed appreciate for the cosmos and all within it?

Just a random thought. Only answer if you don't disagree with psychedelic use, please.

RaeBxtchens 5 Mar 16

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When I got out of the marines, I was a complete ass. And couldn't see it. I thought it was everybody else (without really knowing it). A friend of mine gave me a bunch of little pieces of paper and said, "take this." Not to be daunted by little pieces of square paper, I did. Had one of the happiest few days of my life up til then. Realized that I had changed and needed to evolve back into the real world. I continued to take these little pieces of paper off and on for about a year or two, until it wasn't that fun anymore...I had gotten out of it what I needed and quit (for the most part...think I took 'the little pieces of paper or vitamin c tablets a few times over the next 10 years, but it was just not the same). It was more of an internal trip than an external trip for me.

@HoaryMarmot ooo raw!

I used LSD when I was in the Marines. god, or the lack thereof never entered the picture. I was stationed at MCAS Beaufort, SC. Just across town from Parris Island. I was Air Wing. Semper Fi!

@AncientNight Land of the sand flea!

@JohnnyThorazine BIG TIME!


First of all shrooms are the safest of all drugs of nature. Safer than marijuana even. And I have most certainly heard that their use is beneficial for many reasons mentally. My experience with them was brief and nondescript - but also in the 80's. So I plan on retracing that route soon.

I had my worst experiences on psilocybin. For me it cuts in and out, which is the worst. So you think you can do something, then all of a sudden you forget what you are the crap kicked out of me at a Napalm Death show because I went out in the pit and forgot why I was there....haha

I agree

I did shrooms twice. Once I laughed until I couldn't laugh anymore. The other time was horrible. Lot's of crying, then laughing, crying, then laughing. Huge spiders on the ceiling. Ugh....

I disagree about safest. Shrooms often give rougher side effects than acid (pure, true acid). LSD is safe, non-toxic (can't OD), and you build up a tolerance too quickly to form a physical addiction. LSD is safe, and you retain enough ego to still function (depending on dosage).

@RaeBxtchens Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, - that I routinely repeat to different crowds - "There are old mushroom hunters, there are bold mushroom hungers, but there are no old bold mushroom hungers."


I saw a frog on a motorcycle once while on acid. Maybe that was god. It was a dirt bike.

After over 300 trips from 1966 to 1969, I never saw god or any other mystic being! I did see the wonder of the sun, the moon, the ocean, and others to which all that that entails Have not drop since 1969! As an Army Brat living in many different places, religion or god(s) never entered my mind because of those experiences!


Psychedelics could have a purpose in study of the vast universe, and possibly in relaxation also. "Spiritual" is a term I no longer like because it can mean almost anything that you want it to mean.

Good point. I understand, but lack the vocabulary to describe it. For me, spiritual means overwhelming feelings of love, oneness, and empathy.


Did a LOT in 70's and 80's and a little in the 90's. It was like mind enema for me, cleaned everything out for a few hours. It wasn't spiritual for me, more of a cleansing. Hours of laughing.

Mind enema; funny!

That is a great way to describe it. Like a purging of negativity and such. Thank you.

@RaeBxtchens That's it. 🙂


I think psychedelics highlight things that are already in the user's subconscious rather than generating new experiences and beliefs. I've never believed in gods and/or the supernatural and for that reason I never once hallucinated or felt anything along those lines in the 20 years I used hallucinogens.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 16, 2018

Makes sense. I grew up in a very religious family, but it never quite "stuck" with me. I've never had a religious experience, but I do experience something that is best described as spiritual, but not in a religious sense (as stated in the post). It's more a sense of oneness, of "connectedness," and immense feelings of love and empathy.


When I used psyychadelics back in college there was absolutely no connection to god-I was an atheist already.


Having never had any religious indoctrination in my upbringing, I don’t tend to find it in drugs. There is something spiritually connective about one-on-one lsd, mushroom, or mdma experiences, as well as small groups. At a minimum, the opportunity for deepening connection with each other is recognizable.

Thanks for sharing. Though I grew up in a religious family, I have never really been religious. I do not experience anything religious... but that connection to everyone and everything is there.


I had my LSD years, spiked with mushrooms and animal tranquilzers. Nothing changed my mind about the evils of religion and the non-existence of any god. I did, however, have several episodes with hamsters ( little brown fuzzy rodents) everywhere, especially in my bags and pockets.. And once i woke up in the middle of the night, totally convinced that I had the answer to the mysteries of life. I wrote it down, went back to sleep and found complete gibberish on my writing pad. Oh well, so much for god-like experiences.

LOL! Thanks for sharing.


It was always the interconnectedness of things which struck me under that type of influence. I can't say I was ever drawn to religion by an experience, more frustrated at the lack of awareness in those connections.

My experience is somewhat similar, and I appreciate you sharing.


I attended an Ayahuasca ceremony once. Knowing the power of DMT and the fact that it was in effect an intense, extended DMT experience, I was curious. As a frame of reference, I have only ever experienced Marijuana a few times, and that wasn't for me.

It was intense and spiritual, but not in the way of religion. It was as if something somewhere else in the universe was communicating with me, and is difficult to explain beyond that.

Interestingly, it is considered to be a healing ceremony. I went in with a sinus infection and hours after it was over, I was breathing clearly, and the infection was gone, not to return. As a student of medicine (on my own terms, not formally, though a Biochemistry professor offered to subsidize Med school and I wish I could have accepted) I want to know how THAT worked.

Thank you for sharing your experience with me, with us.

@RaeBxtchens But, of course! That's why we're all here, right?

@Meep70 Agreed, <3.


I never find god(s) on mushrooms


Psychedelics affect the mind. The concept of a diety only exists in the mind. That's the connection.

I think we're all aware of that, but thanks for sharing, Evan.

Also, that's a very attractive picture of you.


I had a few profoud moments of self awareness and betterment when I was younger with a few different exposures to peyote etc. One particular incident while on my motorcycle trip through central / south america in my 20's in particular. Shared a medicine bag with a local and watched the Milky Way loom all night. It gave me a unique observation of the depth and beauty of the universe.

That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. <3


I had a similar post. I will say i have not used them, but if you listen to sam harris, you know that it does alter consciousness in some useful ways at least.

I'm skeptical about the claims, but a lot of people say you'd have to try it to really get why they think it's a way of communication with the supernatural. It does change people. I'm convinced it changes your personality. The most interesting thing is some of the most powerful psychedelics closely mimic human neurochemistry. The real question is, why is our neurochemistry so hallucinogenic?

my point is, there must be a benefit to this. What exactly is going on there is a mystery, but the important thing to keep in mind is it's up for exploring and nobody has to sway you one way or another about it. It's entirely possible we'll explain everything about it one day. There are plenty of people that take these things and don't have any profound experiences.

Sam harris, instead of a religious experience, just felt a sense of love and a lack of ego.

It does change you. It makes, or rather, let's you see the world in a whole different way. It's unique to the person.
For my part, I'm glad I did it. I haven't taken any in years but I think it opened my eyes to profound beauty and enhanced my natural desire to examine and explore....well...everything. I prefer mushrooms over acid. I felt the experience was more satisfying somehow. I'd be interested on who here prefers what over what and why....

Thank you for your response! I agree that it can change you, or it can bring you back/re-center you. I've found it has renewed my passion and empathy... and, as you said, removed ego. I'm filled with overwhelming feelings of love, "connectedness," and happiness. It's therapeutic.

You pose some interesting ideas, as well. Thanks again for sharing 🙂


I have never done any psychedlics, so I cannot give a personal comment.

However, inteliigent and rational men like Aldous Huxley did experiment with many substances and they did not delude themselves -- they remained skeptic, agnostic, atheistic.

My observation is this: People who already have a desire to believe in something, will do so -- with or without drug use. They will find ways to convince themselves that something supernatural exists, no matter what.

Great points, and thanks for your input. I, myself, don't experience god or anything like that. And agree it's likely a preexisting bias causing such experiences. Thanks for sharing.


After over 300 trips from 1966 to 1969, I never saw god or any other mystic being! I did see the wonder of the sun, the moon, the ocean, and others to which all that that entails Have not drop since 1969! As an Army Brat living in many different places, religion or god(s) never entered my mind because of those experiences!

Thank you so much for sharing. I'm nowhere near your experience level, but have done quite a bit. Never had a religious experience (in my life, lol). But I do feel love, connected, happy, and compassionate. Renewed passion, as well.


Once, before I realized that I'm agnostic, while tripping on acid I sat between 2 friends at a table where the discussion was exorcisms and seances. I soon began to imagine that the friend on my left was a manifestation of Satan and my friend on the right was God. The feeling was intense and I could see how someonewho lacks critical thinking would run with it. I knew, however, that It was just me tripping. This happened many years ago and my tripping days are long behind me.


I'm pro experimentation in general, but alas it will have to wait until retirement. MDMA is on my bucket list.


MDMA is on mine, as well. Thanks for sharing.


Sam Harris has a video that talks about it. His experience with extasy


It can fuck your head right up like it partly did mine and religion is a crutch that does help them but it is a placebo. I didnt do that myself.

Religion or psychedelics?

not a religion at all but speed and cannabis and definitely psychedelics. I'm an over-thinker anyway. I ended up being sectioned nearly 5 years ago.


I already was reluctant to discount the possibility of a higher being existing. Psychedelics just made me feel more connected to the universe and made me not just more accepting of my opinions but others’ beliefs as well


Nope I think I might of made some connection then I'm pretty sure I just shorted out my brain a little.


For me it became many different experiences but it did ignite a curiosity about our interconnectedness as humans...It was colors that sparked an interest such as you experienced. It was of great influence and opportunity to examine more than challenge a god. . Just curious what was out there and if it was a Who


None of my 3 'acid trips' involved a god of any kind just bright colours and things not behaving predicatably - I just remember laughing a lot. I don't think any of it meant anyhtign just rearranging stuff in my brain.

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