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Did you ever find your calling? Or, are you still looking?

Have you been satisfied with a field of work? Or, are you still looking for the "right thing?"

Ever career change?

I've had two major career paths. A business major who was in Project Coordination & Social Work, then Finance... went to teaching. And, none was my "calling." Perhaps there is no such thing, but I haven't ever had a very fulfilling career that felt like a good fit. You?

silvereyes 8 Mar 21

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yes I did and that's my art

Great for you, you have to love your art, or get a real job. I perfer my unreal job of art too.

im disabled @Castlepaloma or I would get a "real job" thanks anyway and thank you @silvereyes

I agree but I'm self-taught and haven't got a name @silvereyes so snobbery wins but I won't stop. I won a competition in my town and 14 miles radius of all artists amateur and professional. the number of snobs looking at the name rather than the quality of the work said everything really. I made my mind up then to sign nosey rather than my signature and have ever since unless their friends and then I give them a choice. I did want to put nosey c%$t at the time but I thought that might be a bit strong lol. some of the pottery ive done I've written clumsy twat inside.thank you by the way x

Good stuff

thank you


I feel bad answering in the positive since everyone else seemed to answer negatively. My entire life I had wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force (just like my daddy). While I did have to join the Air Force without a pilot slot waiting for me, I was very fortunate because less than a year in I was selected for pilot training. I had a nice fun career; recently retired, but still working in aviation and still working on an Air Force base (Altus AFB, OK).

I know what a thrill flying is, I've taken some training. If I had known when I was 18 how much I loved flying I would have done what you did. Congratulations!!


Retired but went from special education-teaching when social work was frozen in the state. Then burnt out from working with severely disabled kids went to business/marketing/pr for solar energy firm which led to DOE-NE Solar Energy Center-when Reagan cut funding we were all let go and I got into sales/recruiting/outside sales//sales representative till I was forced to retire 6 years ago. I was very successful and won numerous sales awards including Sales Rep of the Year for Gund in 2008. True calling? You're so young @silvereyes. I didn't have my first career job till my 30s. You'll figure it out

Ya but I didn't find the right fit till 34. Found something I liked and was good at.


I want to be an actor but my calling might be writing or radiology or being an opinionated disabled bed bug who knows

i think i'd choose writing - or waiting, for another call πŸ˜‰

@walklightly I started life out as a master groomer. I truly felt it was my calling. I loved what I did, and all the animals I could love on. It was great. Then my accident took away my grooming so I found a new career as a dispatcher. It's great, I love it, but it is just a stepping stone. To what? No clue. If my body stops destructing I may find a new calling. If not? Well who knows.

I'm just letting the current pull me, who knows where it leads. Now it's telling me to sing pocahontas' "around the river bend" lol


I've found my calling. I just have to go through the training required to have a chance of getting hired.

What area is it in, if I may?

Google Team Rubicon. They are going to hire me, they just don't know it yet.


I've worked in skyscrapers, I've worked in barns, and a few things in between along the way. My resume reads like a kaleidoscope. An old hard-boiled abstract expressionist painting professor once told me to have a variety of experiences. I must have thought that sounded pretty good. It hasn't been too bad too often, or too fun too seldom. what's next?

your description of a life well lived so far sounds refreshingly like my own life's experience - including the painterly guidance - of a sort πŸ™‚

it's been interesting often enough if nothing else..... but I guess it has been something else from time to


I found my "calling" a long time ago but it doesn't pay the bills. Being a novelist has always been my goal and no other job or career path has ever paid all my medical bills let alone satisfy my passions. I self published my first novel a few years ago while I was unemployed but I didn't make much money and experts say it takes a lot of luck to make anything choose to a living as a novelist until you have at least 5 books published. A hooked reader needs another book to pick up when they finish reading the first or they move on. I'm trying to write a sci-fi series now but it's a slow process..

Good luck in finishing the first five!


I was paid for over 20 years by educational institutions, variously putting in up to 50 hours a week, teaching Friday evenings and Saturday classes, sitting on numerous committees (and chairing some), creating classroom and online classes in three divisions, discussing communication in written, oral, and interpersonal form every step of the way, and not one day was work. I am now embarking on my last "calling" as friend, helpmate, and lover to an amazing person with whom I expect to spend our days in each other's arms. Here's to us, Vin!

I'll drink to that. Clink

@DharmaBum50 ?


I'm kind of in the same boat. I'm interested in so many things and I've been employed in many things. I've had more than 10 different careers or businesses in my life and nothing has really taken hold and just consumed me. Don't get me wrong I've loved several careers and businesses but nothing seemed to provide the level of joy and income I was looking for. I've had one of my businesses for 28 years and loved it when it was good. but ever since 2000 it was never the same. I've just started two more businesses based around my passion for writing and my passion for motorcycle trips and I'm hoping one or both of them we'll really take off. Hang in there, you'll find something eventually. It's hard when you're good at several things and your interested in multiple things because it makes it hard to choose. In some ways I admire those who are only really interested in one or two things. It makes choosing a career much simpler, but then you lose some of the variety of life.


I'm still a couple investors away from achieving my "calling".... One of these days though...


I dunno. I've always been a book worm and writer, so majored in English in college, with no definite idea how that would earn me a living.

Sure enough, there's no money in it, but at least it's something I will actually do, and it gives me space to move around and have variety. I don't agree with public school methods and most universities only hire part-time, or adjuct, professors, to avoid paying benefits.

The best I found was teaching ESL overseas in Thailand, where I can actually make a living because of low cost of living, but I did teach ESL at a university for a year, before they closed the program due to recruitment scams.


I've been doing the web development thing since college β€” so about 20 years β€” but I feel pretty burned out. I have experience in graphic design, logo design and branding, promotional writing and editing, and so on, so I may try focusing on PR and marketing when I move on from my current job.


I think I'm one of those people that were never meant to do one thing. I've had a varied work life where initially each job was good and interesting but it didn't usually take long, only a couple years before I started to get restless. Many things interest me, but nothing has continued to hold my attention. I may be a Jill-of-all-trades.


Find my calling? Hell I can barely remember where I put my phone..

lol very good


The Greatest Secret of Life is to find out what you really want to do and make money at it. Unfortunately most aspiring positions require one to be a two faced fraudulent two tongued person of no moral character. Politicians are amongst the highest paid. Professional Sportsman which includes being a Steroid inhibitor. Priests or Clergyman includes being sexually deranged on multiple levels that carry prison terms. Movie, Music or Theatric Professional has multiple deranged personality setbacks that after years of drug abuse will add to a shortened life beyond repair if it were to go longer so may as well Party Hearty and Die High. I would consider being able to wake up and look in the Mirror and have a rather certain serenity about your position in life and those enclosed with in it. The Higher up the Ladder you climb, the more people you must knock off to get up their and the farther you have to fall at some point of your endurance.

Shows you why the heirachary system dose not work. It is much better to change yourself and love what you do. The rest are just mosquito bites in my world.


Yes!!! For most waking hours of my life as a sculptor. You can not master life without loving what you do.


Being a french prostitute in Paris didnt work out when i was bumming around Europe, so i decided to finish medical school.


My work history is long and somewhat boring. LOL! TBH, I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up. I have some fantasies about what I'd LIKE to do, but in my current situation they are rather unrealistic. On the plus side, I am earning more than I ever have before and there is some potential for me to earn more. I am also building a retirement, so maybe when I "retire," I can look into something more fulfilling. Some things I have fantasized about:

Being a Novelist
Owning and operating a Gym
Owning and operating a Pub

As more of a fun job, in retirement, I wouldn't mind working in HI or Disneyland/WDW around vacationers. I think it would be great fun to work (part-time) in a resort/vacation environment.

Ok, replying to myself here (and anyone who will listen). My post-retirement "dream job" I think would be as one of those white hat security/ambassador guys (typically older dudes) who walk around the Disney parks. They are technically security, but are constantly answering questions about the parks. I'd excel at this. I know DL and Disney Calif Adventure like the back of my hand. Pretty familiar with WDW too. So if any of you are in a position to hire me in this capacity, speak up! LOL!


I’m still looking for my calling if there is such a thing.

At my current age of 47 I’m beginning to think I don’t have one as such. But I am thinking that my current job as a train driver isn’t really it. So I’m going to retire on my 56th birthday and follow my own peculiar dream.

A coffee and bookshop in the Scottish highlands. On the North Coast 500 route, offering refreshments and knowledge.

It’s going to be rather tricky as the area is very Free Presbyterian. I’m happy to respect their beliefs as long as they respect my lack of beliefs. And my shop will never stock any religious tracts. Science fiction, science fact, fantasy, history, local interest and that is about it.


My calling is to be a lead singer in a rock n roll band and have lots of groupies. Instead, I am a teacher in a state that pays teachers the least. No groupies by the way.

Same thing. LOL.


Haven't found it yet. I rolled all over the job market, from sales to medical and nothing yet has fit.


Never did what I wanted to do, changed careers/industries many times, too old now so am retiring yet again, hopefully for the last time in 5 months.


Never had a "calling", or what could be classified as a "career".
I think few people actually experience what could be called a calling.
I think most of us just work to pay the bills keep a roof over our heads, and try
to make enough take a halfway decent vacation every few years.
Work is just work. Hopefully, whatever work you're doing actually helps people
in some fashion.


I think my calling went straight to voice mail.

I gave my original career choice at least 15 years. Luck was not on my side and so I moved on.

The last thing I've been doing I really like, but the landscape is changing faster than I can adapt. No clue what the next 10 years will look like for me, but ironically, I'm trying to get into Social Work now.


At this point I hope it's not having one.

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