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Have you ever been asked, "What Church do you go too?' by your boss?

Living in the Bible belt has prepared me for this, and I have some useful tricks for getting around this question, that seems to work well.

I started a new job today, and I'm summoned to sit down with my new boss, and his third or fourth question to me was "What Church do you go to?" It's unlike me to dodge that question but being that it's my first day and it's my boss asking I don't want to start off my Job on the wrong foot. So, I used a rehearsed and honest response as a way to avoid answering the question. I said, "oh churches can be a lot of fun, but just like Jesus said, "Many shall come in my name and deceive many." So I don't go to Church to be taught what to believe. I investigate and research and ask questions on my own, and I think I know the Bible better than most people who do go to church. My boss just nodded his head and went on to business. However, be prepared for a common follow up question, What's your favorite quote from the Bible? (This is commonly asked as a test question to see if you are a good Christian), The best response to this is, “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven." That usually shuts them down, because what the Bible is saying is don't show off your righteousness.

I didn't come up with that right then and there of course. I have that in my mental arsenal for anytime I need to dodge the question using honesty. If you noticed I never lied, I just manipulated a little.

paul1967 8 Mar 22

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Where I live, that's a common question that even strangers feel entitled to ask. Nobody ever asks "Do you go to church?" It is just assumed that you do, because "surely there are no atheists around here, and if there were, we would recognize them because of the horns protruding from their foreheads!"

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 22, 2018

LMAO That is precisely right. Everything you said, is so true.

A previous place I worked at l said to anyone that asked that I was an atheist... The utter horror that came across their faces was priceless!

The general response to my answer was, "But you seem like such a nice person!" LOL, yes I hide my horns and tail rather well must be their thinking!


He can't. Friggen union would eat him alive.


I wouldn't say this to a boss--I'd be evasive--but I have been asked. My answer was "The church of the holy mackerel. It's a fishy kind of church, but at least it's never smelt."


Hey, congrats on the new job, @Paul1967! I hope it was all uphill after that wonderful Christian start. 😉

Hard to believe with where I live but I have been lucky enough to dodge that question. Never got it. Just lucky, I think, since I've been standing next to a friend in her capacity as an art teacher while she was asked on two different occasions. I may have just jinxed myself but, if it happens, I'm uncomfortable lying as well so I'll handle it the way you did.


Makes me glad I don't live in the bible belt.

My manager would never ask such questions, but if for some reason he did I would answer with "None, I'm not a believer." There are several atheists on my team as well as a couple Christians and we work together just fine.

Lucky you


Excellent suggestions!

As to your question, no, I've NEVER been asked that question. It would be SO unprofessional.

If it were an interview question, it would also be illegal. I wonder how the law applies to it being a post-hiring question. Probably not illegal, but definitely unprofessional. I suppose the illegality would be if you were treated differently, passed over for opportunities, or improperly terminated in ways that can be connected to their knowledge of your religious beliefs.


None of my bosses ever showed the slightest interest in such matters.


My reply is the church of logic and adventure.


I showed up for my first day on a job and as soon as I got out of my truck my supervisor (not the owner) introduced himself and asked me if I believed in god.

I was a little stunned for a second as I've never had that happen to me before.
Once it sunk (sank?) in I responded that he wasn't allowed to ask me that, in fact, it's illegal.

He ignored that and said well, do you?
I told him no, I thought it was bullshit and if he had any proof show it to me.

I wasn't worried about losing the job because I had worked with the owner on another job before this holy roller was around.
Anyway, we kept working together on this building and he didn't bring it up much. When he did I'd shoot his theories down. He was actually a pretty cool guy.

When the job was over he would occasionally email me some really weird pseudo-scientific, conspiracy theory bullshit videos that were funny as hell and I would send him a reply saying as much.

That's my one and only run in with a religious whacko at work. 😉


Yes I have. I tell them I don't do cult meetings. Lol

LOL, great answer! I'm surprised you didn't get a lot of pushback on that... When I've told others that all religions are cults the proverbial clutching of the pearls and near fainting would happen!

@Dmej114 I never said they did mot throw a hissy fit. They start the whole judgemental christian and Ill pray for you and you're going to hell routein. I just keep pissing them off and if they keep it up I make them think I eat babies for breakfast and invoke satan for a midday snack! Lmao it really gets them worked up. I abandonded trying to ranionalize with most of them. However if they really are respectful and desire a real fact based conversation then I am all for it. Lol


As a retired, independent person, when someone asks me what church I go to, I simply answer, "I don't go to church." If they ask for further explanation, I repeat the statement.


I told my boss straight up I don't believe in god. Now we never talk about god. Unless she's trying to annoy me. The 2nd day my assistant manager heard me telling the crew whom brought god up, that god isn't real, etc... She shouted, "No more religion talk!" Lol.


Years ago, when I was applying for a job as a Deputy in the Sherriff's dept., the Sheriff asked me: "What church are you affiliated with?" I was dumbstruck because even back then, it was an illeagal question to ask in a job interview. I "colored" the truth a bit by claiming to be "affiliated" to a particualr church by way of my son's infant baptisum (my ex wifes insistance then).


Yes. I say Saint Mattress.

Good reply!


no and totally irevelant, isnt there a law against this ?

Yes, it is illegal you ask about it during job interviews and it can be illegal if it has an effect on your employment.

However my experience has been that most religious people who are bold enough to ask these questions don't give a daym about the legal ramifications of it - they believe that, drunk on their beliefs, get have a moral right to ask.


Wow! You did what I wish I could do, when confronted by the Christian sect!! You gave us a fine example of how to handle people who judge others by what religion they come from? I thank you! Hold that strength, it will keep you out of the weeds...


Yes. An HR/Ops Manager at the state university I worked at asked me about the church I attended. And also, while working for another state organization, my supervisor asked me if I was Catholic. She asked me at a later time what church I went to. She sent religious material to the team on state-owned computers during work hours to the team. She was a complete maroon.


No....but then, my boss is a Rabbi.


In a job interview once, I was asked about seminary because the interviewer "accidentally" got my resume confused with another. I think he was trying to ask about religion while staying legal.
Had I been a bit more daring at the time, I might have called him on it.


Well played, Sir. Very well played.


Guys you are so lucky, in oklahoma like this question typical


I have never in my 45 years of employment ever been asked about my church or religion. What gives?


What is really bad is if after your Doctor examines you he asks..."Are you religious?"

What did you say and why did he ask?

@paul1967 That was a hypothetical comment meant to be humorous.


When someone would ask my father what church he went to church he answered, "St. Eddy's". It was 'Ed's Bar and Tap' a few blocks from my house in Chicago.

Had me laughing out loud, buzz! Good on your Dad!


I also grew up in the Bible belt, Texas to be a little more specific. I've lived here my whole life. When I was younger, I used to dodge the question. After years of becoming more and more offended by the presumptions of evangelicals, I think differently about it now. When a boss or co-worker asks me that, I look them straight in the eye and say, "I don't go to church."

I pause, looking them in the eye, and wait silently for their response. It's funny the range of reactions. To be blunt, my response is motivated by anger, no, by rage. I'm an American. My religious beliefs should not be relevant at work. Wait. Let me rephrase. My beliefs about religion should not be relevant. If you don't like that, bite me. I ain't sitting at the back of the bus in silence anymore to make you comfortable. I'm excellent at my job. If you want to fire me for not being Christian, your loss and my gain.

Welcome to the 21st century.

I say this with all sincerity. You are my HERO!

@paul1967 lol. That's a new one for me.

I would also like to say that I occasionally torment people that do that kind of thing. I picked up on this from a co-worker with whom I was very close. I subtly make them wonder if I'm Jewish. It's hysterical to me how uncomfortable they get. They don't want to be rude and ask me directly because they're terrified of being labeled antisemitic. But if they knew that I'm an atheist, they'd feel perfectly comfortable judging me or discriminating against me for that.

I enjoy watching their internal debate about whether or not to push the issue. Bigots should be tormented.

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