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What are the best TV series/shows you ever watched or are currently watching?

Feel free to list multiple if you can't decide. Netflix/Amazon/Hulu shows included.

AustinSkepticus 7 Mar 22

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I loved Battlestar Galactica. It had depth. Suits is my current favorite, closely followed by The Expanse and Blacklist.

@AMGT @tioteo I also quite enjoyed Caprica, but it seems the Battlestar Galactica fans didn't enjoy the different style and pacing. Its cancelation was unfortunate, because it dealt with social issues that hadn't ever been discussed in these ways before (including issues of religion and sexuality). It could have done better had Syfy not had a long mid-season break.

I know what you mean. I thought that cancellation was a shame.


Loved Battlestar Galactica, was not thrilled with how it ended, at all. Same for Lost.


At this time, I'd still have to say Breaking Bad.

Another fave, Justified; Timothy Olyphant's portrayal of "unconventional" U.S. Marshal Raylon Givens was masterful. Plus, the show had numerous guest appearances by pretty well known actors.


Nothing can top Breaking Bad.


Better Call Saul


Cant believe no -one has said The Sopranos yet tour de force of acting directing and writing (yes even the last episode which is completley missunderstood by most critics)

My Top 5 list all time:

Breaking Bad
The Sopranos
The Wire
Battelstar Galactica (new)
The Americans

Honorable mentions:

The Expanse
Mr Robot

Love Travelers and Westworld, I'll have to check out some of those others.

I left sopranos off, an all time fave. There are more I just didn’t list them all


At the risk of exposing myself as the couch potato I truly am...

Also, I'd point out here that there are SO MANY great TV shows out there now. Netflix and Amazon are producing excellent stuff. These are all shows I love, in no particular order:

Star Trek TNG (Discovery looks good but I ain't paying for it, sorry)
The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Westworld (this show is so much different, and better, than the film it's based on)
Breaking Bad
American Horror Story (most seasons)
Battlestar Galactica (the original was groundbreaking, but too campy. Remake is excellent)
Black Mirror (if you haven't watched this show, it's very good. Sort of Twilight Zone-y, but with technology)
Jessica Jones (Marvel)
Iron Fist (Marvel)
Luke Cage (Marvel)
Daredevil (Marvel)
Agents of Shield (Marvel. I like this show because it ties in with the film matrix)

I could go on. LOL!

Gonna look at Westworld. You seem to like many I do

Dude do not waste you time with ST Discovery trust me. Its a scandal that you have to pay CBS to watch it in the states too, its on Netflix in the UK

Anyway you have the right idea save your money 😉


The Magicians. It sounds lame as hell but I'm completely obsessed and it helps my depression.

I loved Faking It because it was so lighthearted and read like a comedy but it broke down barriers while noticing stereotypes and I'm forever sad it was canceled, as it got me through a bad break up and nothing else would stop the tears and self destruction.

Doctor Who. For all the reasons above and also because well, if you're a Whovian you already know

Law and Order: SVU because it's nice to see justice prevail and I like the characters. I relate to Olivia because she always tries to do the right thing but it's not always easy.

Bob's burgers because I can watch it around small children and no one freaks out, it's colorful and funny and makes me feel good.

South of Nowhere and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, both mostly for their early lesbian representation in the 90's and early 2000's when it was barely even heard of otherwise. Changed my life and I might not be here today without these pivotal moments in television.

Friends because though not perfect, it's universal. I dated a girl in India for 2 years, for instance, and all her friends watched it. I love shows that connect people

Lost Girl because of its LGBT representation, but also because of the supernatural storyline. Miss it!

Orphan Blank has everything I'm interested in : genes, cloning, off-the-grid type action, a lesbian character who kicks so much ass... And a main character with an Irish accent I think it is. Welsh. I dunno. Just watch it if you can.

Grey's anatomy and honestly I don't know why but I started watching it as a teen from time to time and it fascinates me. I am squeamish so I could never be a doctor

Midnight, Texas because... Just watch it.

True blood because it was uncensored and supernatural and honestly the world needs more shows with fairies AND boobs. And swearing because that's REAL.

Glee because it got me through depression too and reminded me of my youth. I was in choir for a few years and the experiences are ones I don't regret. My parents were very overbearing and it was a wonder they let me participate and travel so when I watch glee I'm reminded of tiny tastes of freedom growing up.

Atypical because my son is high functioning ASD (Autistic) and he's getting older. I laughed, I cried. It tackled all the issues perfectly and gave me hope even though his doctor says he will never date or work with the public.

Because, Doctor Who. <3

I have to confess this show is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I know it was never aimed at my demographic so thats suprising lol (try to watch the web cuts tho, the broadcast edits are cut to bits and bleeped, so patronising when they do that).

Oh btw I am high functioning ASD and a qualified teacher so don't listen to everything Doctors say


Deadwood, Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan, Outlander

Deadwood had some classic moments and Ian McShane was perfect as the saloon owner


-Happy Valley (English BBC murder - sooo sooo good)
-Dark Matter - sci-fi (so much better than Battlestar Galactica)
-The Fall (creepy yet good)
-Godless (western current)
-Broadchurch (English murder, excellent)
-Jessica Jones - badass!
-Luge Cage (current fav)
-The Defenders (though Iron Fist is so wimpy ugh)
-Dicte (Denmark investigative)
-North & South (BBC period piece, somewhat similar to P&P)
-Call the Widwife (BBC drama - very good)
-The IT Crowd (BBC comedy - soooo freakin good!!)
-The Five (intense murder mystery BBC)
-The Detectorists (BBC comedy light - kinda like Parks & Rec somewhat, quirky, so good)
-Chewing Gum (soooo awesome quirky comedyish BBC)
-Stranger Things (duh so good)
-Longmire (he's hot lol)

I'll update later with Hulu picks! 🙂

.. Oh, yes I also watch shows, aired by PBS "Midsomer Murders' "Doc Martin" "Downtown Abbey' and now episodes of "Victoria" ...

Yes to Dark Matter, what a shame they cancelled it.....yet Killjoys still lives what a bunch of idiots in charge at the SciFi channel


Breaking Bad was amazing and currently waiting for the final season of The Americans.

The Americans is completely underrated, so well written and as it turns out totally relevant today I live in the UK and there are still sleeper cells at work right now it seems.


I rather like the older English comedies: Jeeves and Wooster, Mr Bean, Yes Minister, Blackadder, To the Manor Born.

AnnaT Level 4 Mar 23, 2018

Yes Minister was pure genius!


Eureka series.


Hitch Hikers Guide on BBC


Altered Carbon (Netflix) and The Expanse (Amazon)

Marz Level 7 Mar 23, 2018

Books are better 🙂

I bet. I’ll probably read Altered Carbon this summer.

Have you finished the first season and how did you feel about the ending? No spoilers


Seinfeld will remain the touch stone for me. Larry David is brilliant tho I can not stand to watch him shuffle around. The show always addressed edgy topics in a most obtuse manner. Also insignificant situations that effect us all. Elaine finds out Putty is a Jesus Freak. Laughing right this moment.
Most shows that entertained me are so often cancelled. This is because I am the antithisis of mainstream interests. I do prefer knowlege to entertainment but I tend towards Canada & the BBC & of course PBS.


Sports Center is about all I can come up with and I don't watch it that much anymore. Im an anti cable tv kind of person and watch youtube 90% of the time if im watching anything. If I have to watch 30 mins of ads for 30 mins of entertainment ill pass.

jorj Level 8 Mar 23, 2018

Office, Friends, Dexter, 13 Reasons Why, Santa Clarita Diet, Stranger Things, SVU, The Good Doctor, Breaking Bad, Ghosted.


Shameless is my favorite

Hope we get another season-watched all 7.


I just adore Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) and just watched my favorite one in the series, "Carnival Magic." Of course, all the movies they lampoon are bad, but this one is so bad it's epic. Screenshot attached for your enjoyment. (Netflix, season 1 ep. 12)

Other shows I have enjoyed: Human, The Good Place, Cosmos, Star Trek TNG, and Sherlock (with Benedict Cumberbatch). Wish there were more Black Mirror episodes that didn't give me nightmares. (enjoyed U.S.S. Callister and San Junipero, can't watch most of the others)

I miss the original Tom Servo, his voice was the best to me.

@buzz13 I liked the original series too! am just so happy they resurrected it!


Oh! I forgot!! THE ORVILLE. (takes a bit to get used to it, but when you do it ticks all the boxes)

I agree it really hits is stride around ep 4-5 which is actually pretty fast for a new show. I recently tried to watch STNG first season again ...its pretty ropey in places and a little dated now.


The Soparnos
The West Wing
Dr Who
Morcome and Wise
Norsemen ( A quirky little comedy on Netflix )

Loved Sopranos-dynamite show


I like many shows.
The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Person of Interest, Lost, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Anything ID Discovery or forensic, Westworld, and more.
Into older TV shows I love Have Gun, Will Travel and Wanted Dead or Alive. I've always been a western TV buff and sci fi fan of many types.


For thrills, chills, and thought... BLACK MIRROR! For laughs, I.T. CROWD!I


Wow! That's a loaded question. They recently cancelled my favorite show, Major Crimes. At least American Horror Story is still on for another season (though it's hit and miss). I'm really enjoying Disjointed on Netflix. As far as other series, there have been so many over the years. The Avengers, Buffy, Angel, Golden Girls, Will & Grace, Moonlighting, Upstairs, Downstairs, That Mitchell and Webb Look, QI, Dynasty (I admit it), Strangers With Candy, Queer as Folk, just to name a very few. Then there have been tv "events" that have approached art. The best being Angels In America. But there were some others: Roots, The Prisoner, Elizabeth R (I miss the days of the classic miniseries, but it may be coming back). I just have to add that I also like tons of shows on Investigation Discovery and Food Network, but I guess those are more genre obsessions. Good question.


I am not much of a television watcher. There are, however, a few shows that I watch and enjoy.

Currently, "iZombie" is on my watch list. I am fully current on "Doctor Who" , and have most of the episodes going all the way back to 1963. I love the context that the classic episodes give the new ones.

Shows that are no longer current, that I HAVE to re-watch from time to time, include "Coupling" (the British version, of course!) and "Firefly".

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