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LINK Trump intervenes in military justice cases, granting three pardons

This sick twisted demented POS is pardoning war criminals. I'm at a loss. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

SeaGreenEyez 9 Nov 15

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Trump is the best - love what he continues to do for America and the World!

5 more years!

gater Level 7 Nov 16, 2019


PS: I'm always glad when you show up. I don't get to dust off my little Trump Troll very often.


@SeaGreenEyez I don't get why you dislike Trump - Record low unemployment for every demographic, record high stock market - this is the greatest economy the world has ever seen.
So what's your beef?

@gater Humpty tRumpty = the Sperm that SHOULD have been swallowed.

@gater That's not true. Record underemployment, and record number of working people needing public assistance because wages are abysmal.

The stock market? Only 12% of people under 40 have money in the stock market, only 39/44% of people over 40 do.

Slave stagnant wages don't allow for investing in anything outside trying to eat once in a while.

@SeaGreenEyez You need to check the facts.

@SeaGreenEyez The record stock market is an indicator of overall health of our economy.


The future with that pos remains unclear but I have hope that a new administration with a New Democratic majority in both houses will undo his evil most of his deeds.


Presidential pardons are something that should be limited or perhaps even removed. Tricky Dick as an example from Pres Ford.


What could anyone expect with the Election looming, the Draft Dodging, Two-bit, Bone Spurs claiming, Sewer-mouthed, woman groping, egomaniac sees a big opportunity to rake in extra votes from the Military, pardons War Criminals perverting Justice to his OWN ends.


Just got another million American Legion votes for re-election and war hawk Senators


Trump finding justice for some of our military - great job!

gater Level 7 Nov 16, 2019


He would have pardoned all those convicted at Nuremberg too. War crimes are way OK for Nazis.


That is number 4.... he put pressure in the defrocked chief petty officer of the SEALS case that just got his anchor back a couple weeks ago.... I hope the World Remember and not Forget even if the ameriKKKans disregard.


Maybe he was exercising the pardon pen in anticipation of the Stone verdict.

MizJ Level 7 Nov 16, 2019

I'm really hoping that if he pardons Stone, the majority of Senate republicans will finally turn on him.
I'm also hoping that if he does pardon Stone, he does it before the Senate
trial. If that happens, and the Senate vote to acquit, every republican who
votes that way loses their re-election bids at home.

@Seeker3CO I wouldn't cry watching him bury himself


He’s seeking last minute support from....anyone he can influence in any way?


For the life of me, I cannot imagine how my great grandchildren’s history books will cover these times. (Assuming civilization will continue- something I’m not terribly confident of at the moment).


Draft Dodger Donny to the rescue!
I’m really not happy that he pulled this stupid stunt, but not surprised that he did, either.

CS60 Level 7 Nov 16, 2019

He's hoping people he perceives as "tough guys", such as cops, war criminals, and bikers, will defend the White House, in case the FBI shows up to arrest him!

You are exactly correct in that assessment.

While he might have most of the cops on his side, I don't believe he has
the military.
I really think most of the military knows he's a corrupt traitor, and
is "Commander in chief" in name only.

@KKGator spot on

@KKGator It's interesting about the military as they tend to lean right but 45's lack of honor and trustworthiness is a major issue.

@MizJ Precisely. 45 has no honor. Most of the military pride themselves
on theirs.

@KKGator I belong to a couple of FB pages that have military members against the current administration. My son, who is active duty AF, did not vote in the last election. He did not want Trump in office, but was not a fan of Hillary either. Some friends of his who are enlisted are actual avid trump supporters. I was a bit surprised. Of course military members give up some of their rights when they join. The right to Free Speech being the biggest. No one is allowed to speak out against the Commander in Chief. He and I can discuss it in the privacy of home, but not if there is even one other military person present, and certainly not in any public setting.


Disgraceful use of the pardon power. This is what happens when you give a criminal power! These war criminals will get their temporary reprieve while the pos is still president. But their careers are effectively over! I would never let my son or daughter join the military with such a corrupt commander in chief. Shame!

Two of the 3 he pardoned are all already out of the military. Not only pardoned, he ordered Gallagher promoted:

Mr. Trump also ordered a promotion for a decorated Navy SEAL convicted of posing with a dead Islamic State captive in Iraq.

You have awesome supernatural powers if you can compel your adult children to do as you desire. My eldest joined against my wishes. He followed his dad into the Air Force. I am told that he chose the AF because he thought I would quit talking to him and disown him if he joined another branch. His father had encouraged him to join. When he joined, I told him to remember that at some future point his government might ask him to take up arms against people who were very much like his mother. When he reenlisted after trump got into office, I reminded him of that warning and told him it was now even more likely. He is currently deployed, and I do spend a lot of time worrying, even though I know that by the time an AF member picks up a gun, we've already lost. They are not part of combat as a rule.


Are you really surprised? Trump will always do whatever is morally wrong and ethically backwards in any situation and under all circumstances. Always. Without exception.


He might as well have hired skywriters to fly over every military base spelling out "Open season on brown folks lads"

You're exactly right. This move says more to me about him, his base, his loyalists, than any of his other horrible deeds. This IS who those people are. Pardoning cold-blooded murderers...of brown people.


The Presidential pardon has never made sense to me. It needs to go away along with the Electoral College.


Well, on the plus side, it's not like anyone outside the US thought we gave a crap about war crimes. This won't lower our reputation.

USA war crimes in 150 countries is "our" reputation since 1946 just did get lowered by TrumpOLINI murdering more Yemeni in 2017 than 43&44
Murdered in 16 years


He did this against the advice of everyone in the Pentagon.


😲😱 he's probably going to hire them!

Not unlikely that he would try. The bizarre just keeps unfolding.


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