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LINK AG William Barr: “Men Are Far Likelier to Obey Rules That Come from God” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

If that were true, then why are atheists so grossly underrepresented in prisons? That bast majority of imprisoned persons are religious and are over represented on a per capita basis compared to the general population.

snytiger6 9 Feb 27

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The statistics that come from prisons are not understood properly. They do not represent what those in prison believe. Prisoners usually choose their religion in proson according to gang affiliation or special privileges it has nothing to do with religion. I was in corrections for 15 years.

I thank you for sharing yourself like that.

That's another good variable to consider that most people may not know. Thanks for sharing!



bobwjr Level 10 Feb 27, 2020

Barr should be executed by crucifixion.


And he would know becuz drumpy sets such a good example of this!??!


This statement should disqualify him from any public office. Our founders are turning over in their graves at this blatant disregard for the Constitution.


Barr is a piece of shit and ought to be disbarred, as well as imprisoned for
all his violations of the Constitution.


Which god?

Zeus, of course!

@anglophone That’s in Athens. The real god is Ra, in Egypt.


Women are more religious but they're pragmatic enough to only do it when it doesn't matter.


well that's men for ya!


For Barr to cite his non-existent God when it comes to men obeying rules shows that he is delusional.


AG William Barr is a pig faced sack of shit not unlike his boss and not unlike his boss nothing he says is worth listening to because it will be a lie.

No wonder Trump chose him, he's a subservient version of himself.


Riiiiiight, that's why God had to destroy the world and DROWN EVERYONE!!!! WHat a bloody jackass.


are atheists under-repped in prisons? got a ref for that? ty

A part of my studies to get my BA in Sociology, required me to take course in criminology, and it was covered in those classes.

However, here is an article from FFRF that covers the topic. []

Whenever you compare the per capita of atheists in the general population vs the per capita of atheists in prison, it always looks like religious people are much more likely to commit crimes.


...therefore, Man is God. That is the illogical inference made in the statement, "Men are Far Likelier to Obey Rules that Come from God. Actually, "Men Are God" is the logical conclusion to the statement. The whole thing is just wrong. Allow me to state it this way: Men are likelier to obey rules that come from God; therefore, Men are God. I can't make sense out of nonsense. Can you?

Yeah. In the beginning man created god.

i think this is called standing where it should not be in the Bible fwiw


Apparently Donald Trump is his God's chosen, so I can see how this toxic ideologically stunted little fat man would feel this way.. IMHO


Yeah, but, those that do were subject to childhood abuse. As Barr no doubt was.

And, women are more likely to be religious.

Now There's a sweeping statement with no Facts within a100 miles.......

@AnneWimsey People who are deep believers learned to be such during their very early years. That depth of indoctrination is child abuse.
And: I have previously posted links to at least a dozen articles appearing in many journals about how women are more religious. Start here:



Ah but you forget... imprisonment is a consequence that atheists would rather avoid. Christians, on the other hand, don't really have to obey God's rules. They just have to ask forgiveness.


The hard part is figuring out which God's rules we choose to obey.


Speak for yourself 😉


Well! Isn't it the case that the rules that men tell us come from god seem to be much to the disadvantage of women.


Really? Who would be more likely to obey rules that came from the Holy Goat? We forget that Barr claims he is religious. Maybe he thinks Donald is the Chosen One. That idea didn't work out too well for Jesus. As for Donald, it could not happen to a nicer man.


These studies tend to look at general populations as they can get ethics approval easier for gen pop. They would not sample from prisons, unless it was a criminal based study. So these results can be true with the exception of prisoners.

Oh, that’s interesting, thanks.

I would guess these studies are easily skewed for the results desired. They would only need to define behaviors understood to be more common amoung religious people than the non-religious as ethical or moral.


It hasn't been true of Mr. Barr's boss. Barr is so steeped in his own religious confirmation bias that he can't even detect corruption when it smacks him the face every day of his life. Of course, it smacked him in the face and he jumped right on board and participated in the corruption himself. So, I guess Barr's behavior itself refutes his statement and belief.

If you look closely at those so called rules from a higher authority, you will find they are, unsurprisingly, very closely matched to the needs desires fears and bias' of the individual promoting them.


I think it was Mark Twain that said " Religion is what keeps the poor people from killing the rich people". In feudal times the pope worked with the monarchy to keep the masses in line. The religious are sheep that need a Shepard.


So basically, Barr thinks men can not be decent human beings with out a magic sky daddy supervising them ... men are "psychopaths on a leash" at best .... is that what he's saying??


Barr, I've read, comes from a deeply theistic perspective, belongs to some scary religious groups.

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