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COVID-19 pandemic myths are spreading faster than the virus. But Why?

Myths like like Bill Gates plotting to vaccinate the entire population, blaming 5G towers, or blaming a Chinese bio-weapon lab are myths and hoaxes believed by some. Here are some facts about why some people prefer beliefs to science.

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josephr 7 May 22

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Two thoughts.

One thing that has irked the hell out of me more than I have words for. Is that a good amount of people will give the same weight to a paper, or lecture from a Nobel laureate, as to some tinfoil hat wearing in his moms basement conspiracy nut.

The other is that in this day and age of essentially free knowledge and any ones fingertips, a good amount of people would spent that tech to show pictures of their cat, and what they had for dinner, rather than take the time to learn something new.

I guess what I mean is that Critical thinking does not seem to be the "go to" if you will, any more.

One thing that has irked the hell out of me more than I have words for. Is that a good amount of people will give the same weight to a paper, or lecture from a Nobel laureate, as to some tinfoil hat wearing in his moms basement conspiracy nut

Quite! You've heard of QAnon then?


It's pretty bad when the World Health Organization has to let us know that it's unsafe to drink bleach...


People are fucking morons.
The ones who make this shit up know that.
They do it on purpose, knowing it'll spread through the idiots.


Research is hard ,thinking is hard, using logic is hard. A lot of people are lazy.


People believe in complete nonsense because of fear usually, or because they are uneducated morons.

Hence ... religion



Opinions are like assholes.....

Everybody's got one, every one is entitle to it but it doesn't mean they have to be one. 😀


There’s a lot of people who don’t care about facts or evidence, they believe what they want to believe. 20 years ago almost nobody believed in a flat Earth but know there’s dozens of YouTubers preaching flat Earth.

When I was young I feared that World War III would kill us all. I now have a concern that it is the stupidity of the masses that will lead to human extinction.

@anglophone I laugh, but it’s not as funny when you recognize how true that comment is.


The best way to defeat outrageous conspiracy theories is to provide people with clear, consistent and verifiable facts. Instead of this, we have media hype, political spin and a scientific community that has been underfunded for decades trying to play catch up and figure out a new virus in weeks, something that normally takes years to figure out.
Throw the religious crazies into the mix with their blood of jesus protection scams and the AR-15 toting rednecks who are ready to kill to get their mullet haircut trimmed and you have the shit storm we see around us today. Lock up most of the population in their homes and then provide an information vacuum, scared and ill informed people will leap at the chance to fill it.

Problem is..... there is a sizable segment of the population which is predisposed to believing conspiracies and reject facts. No matter how clear, consistent, or verifiable. It relates to an ever growing cynicism in traditional institutions and authorities.

As Winston Churchill once said, "You are welcome to your own opinion, but not to your own facts". This group believes their psuedo-facts are facts over any attempts to use logic or rational argument to demonstrate their flawed understanding.. The electronic media has contributed to social environment where this acceptance of conspiracies as truth is reinforced.

Not only has funding for science been cut and cut, the gop has for yaers discredited science and they have not allowed it to be taught in schools. The republican party hates science (except, of course, when it's used to make weapons).
And, of course, there are the evangelicals who deny science because it contradicts their little holy book.
And the gop for years has discredited government because they don't want the government protecting women's rights, worker's rights, the environment and so on...Just think of that sob reagan ("government is the problem" ).
tRump's followers don't want facts or truth.. They want their little holy book, their guns, and so on and want to live in their fantasy 50s world.

I actually agree with know where all that money for science went...corrupt pockets...and they run deep. A ton of those pockets are to be found on members of our medical industry, which is one of the worst medical systems in the world and the most expensive.


you know where all that money for science went...corrupt pockets

What - all of it? The world is not as simple as your conspiracy.


Why? We are consumers, most without critical thinking skills. Bullshit tastes like gourmet food to the unaware.

now if we just had a good measure for who was unaware. lol


Can't cure stupid.


People's cognitive dissonance always astounds me. My 79 year old mother thinks the virus is a Chinese plot...and her best friend is Chinese. I told her not to eat any of the food in the care packages her bestie drops off because it she might be in on the plot.


Never underestimate raw, undiluted gullibility and its close cousin, stupidity.

I've often thought that if we could harness these as a power source, we could do away with fossil fuels for all time.


The mentally infirm will believe any sort of nonsense that is told to them.

So do those who think they have all the answers, especially when they hand fed them!!!

LOL @ mentally infirm



I love how this stuff comes out of nowhere and two days later morons parrot this all over the internet. Flat earthers, truthers, holocaust deniers, moon landing deniers, antivaxers and Covid-19 hoaxers. They all need to immediately inject themselves with bleach and wash it down with some antifreeze for good measure. If Bill Gates wants to vaccinate everybody, he's right. They should.

A minor correction, it’s only been reported that injecting bleach will cure COVID. Antifreeze has no effect as far as I’ve heard.

@indirect76 It would kill them, if injecting the bleach doesn't do the trick, so let them drink ethylene glycol. Do the world a favor.

wow, wishing death on people...I guess this site is complete unmoderated...cuz more than half of you are spewing hate...and no one official has stepped in to alter any of it...

@Alchemy Not wishing death, just aware of the fact the world might be better off if some people weren't on it. I think the people I described are spewing the hate and it might be better if they didn't exist.


This site is moderated by FB and goggle type admins who have no concept of what is going down around them!!!

They preach open mindedness, yet let real mentally degenerates spew their twisted dogma and self absorbed uninformed propaganda with no recourse!!!

I block any one who attacks me personally!!!

That often happens when they do not have a leg to stand on or a knee to kneel on!!!


Oh my goodness...these comments and that article made my blood boil. That article was propaganda masquerading as...I don't know what, science maybe? Yeah, no...nary a scientific statement to be found...reminds me of an article "written" by Hitler...just a bunch of pseudo science put in a blender of opinion to be repeated til folks take it on faith that it is eugenics, and the idea that one "race" is genetically preferable and superior to another.

Do ya'll know anything about science fact and how it is achieved? About the idea of a theory and how it is SUPPOSED to be tested, evaluated, and critiqued before we can call it fact and turn into a sacred cow? How fundamental perpetual scrutinizing, rexamination and evaluation are? How about just the difference between a theory and a myth?

Do you know the definition of pejorative?

An example of a pejorative statement:

Wow, you make this whole site look stupid with your pseudo scientific propaganda... especially as it looks like everyone is going to let it slip on by as factual...doesn't this site use fact checkers...looks like they need to. BAD...

As I stated elsewhere, I would suggest you are all believers as you do not sound agnostic at all! ROTFL...

An agnostic, or scientific question would be open ended. An agnostic, or science based comment would not have started out as pejorative, with the conclusions already jumped on and to, it wouldn't have a predetermined agenda...laughing at outlying theories so that people succumb to "group think" or "hive mind" and reject a theory without examination because someone or some system knows there is truth to it and knows that careful examination will cause the fly in their ointment or snake oil to be discovered and the status quo to come toppling down.

Do so some actual, scientific, research why don't ya...OPEN YOU EYES AND EARS AND FREE YOUR MIND FROM RIDICULOUS GROUP THINK.

Oh, BTW, I have a degree in psychology. Was top of my class from a top university in this country. I wished I had not wasted my time. Psychology is, AT BEST, a pseudo science - a grouping of loosely related, sometimes contradictory, philosophies - so raw, so untested and inaccurate that believing any of its conclusions, makes one tantamount to a Roman Catholic believer...worse...that we use this garbage as the basis to justify giving human beings chemical treatments, often toxic and damaging - a kissing cousin to the practice of giving lobotomies - beyond insane. ROTFL...

Good luck, and be well...

At least one individual on this site has the where as all to actually see the truth!!!

Just like 1933 Germany they are censoring, banning, making all out jest, and criminalizing those who actually have done the research and have had their medical/academic Careers pushed aside and demeaned by those who are profiting Wholesale from all out lies, and faulty faked research paid handsomely by those who are more interested in selling False cures that only cause more diseases and death!!!
The media like the medical profession is owned out right by the pharmaceutical industries.

Vaccines do not cure anything they never have!!!

Corporations that manufacture vaccines can not be sued for any injury suffered from their vaccine!!!

The pharmaceutical industries have complete immunity from prosecution from any injury that is directly or indirectly caused by the vaccines they manufacture to inject into you and your children’s body!!

If you do not understand that those in charge are not doing any of this in your best interest, then you deserve to waller in your new misery of normal!,,

@of-the-mountain, thank you for continuing to try and educate those on this thread and posting some actual facts. I am beyond exhausted at dealing with prejudice, ignorance, and fear masquerading as compassion.
I actually came down with Covid-19 in January...and my survival is still touch and go, the virus is real, the deaths are real...though after looking at the numbers critically with my 30s something gifted mathematician son...the numbers absolutely do not add up correctly folks...
I am disgusted with the governments' - local, national, and international world wide - incapacity to report accurately the statistics and realities of this epidemic and, more so, deal with it in any kind of effective manner.
The group think and thought police need to be brought down. They arrogantly keep repeating nonsense saying "staying home saves lives" all righty then.. and whose lives would that be?
None of them seem to understand...
folks staying home means those of us in need of critical care are going completely without, that children are locked up with abusive parents who are not feeding them and do not have the wherewithal to get out to the food banks - which in my community have crumbled under the load already anyway - to get them food.
Or how about the convalescent and long term care establishments that suddenly closed their doors with the ability to decline entry...@#$ all of you not know that the only thing that keeps people alive in those places is contact with loved ones who also act as witnesses and a kind of control system to prevent the grossest most obvious forms of abuse?
Yesterday a friend called me, her mom went in to convalescent care the week before the lockdown. Despite efforts to stay in touch, calling at regular intervals for example, she hadn't had a good convo with her mom in weeks because she was insensible on drugs. After taking her complaint to the heads of all the state agencies...demanding to find out why her mom was drugged into incapacity when she went in for a broken ankle and rehabilitation therapy and was sensible and talking upon admission...the hospital let her come up to sober just long enough for her daughter to find out that they had drugged her mom into submission, put her in a diaper, and kept her tied to an effing bed more than 12 hours a day...
She was scheduled to get out this past week...the two talked at 8am...her mom was happy to be going home, packed and ready to go...she got a call at 10am...her mother died of...heart failure...probably as a result of the over use of narcotics while stuck in the hellhole.
Yeah, this is sooo about helping others and such sound medical fact, right?


Seems my answer to your post here about the medical authorities and the cause of Covin19 deaths has been removed!!!

I described the ventilation use problems with those who should have been on high levels of Oxygen, then on a cpap or bpap breathing aid, before being ventilated!!!

This is hypoxia driven killer, it is not a casual novel pneumonia virus!!!

It affects/effects the ability of the blood to clot readily!!!

The medical authorities rush to ventilation even when the patient is lucid and with Oxygen levels above 85%!

They are automatically declaring DNR’s without the relatives being informed!!!

I am more fearful of the medical and governmental authorities!!!

This virus is real, without any doubt!!!

The question not being asked just how many and what type of vaccines were administered to those who died of this Covin19 Pandemic???

I'm genuinely confused: do you think that COVID is caused by a Chinese conspiracy, or 5G masts or equivalent?

You didn't answer my question - but you've had a big old rant. I think you've got some important stuff wrong though - and while demanding that others do 'science' have indulged yourself fairly extensively in anecdote. That isn't really science.

Do so some actual, scientific, research why don't ya...OPEN YOU EYES AND EARS AND FREE YOUR MIND FROM RIDICULOUS GROUP THINK

Or alternatively we could accept that we are unlikely to be able to catch up, in a few weeks, with the epidemiologists, and their decades of study. And therefore when you shout 'GROUP THINK', we could say alternatively that following the guidance to stay home is a sensible humility about our own knowledge when compared with the experts. And the Government policy of stay at home is very much based on following the expert advice. Which is why we see science deniers like Trump and many republicans saying that we shouldn't stay home, etc.

It's a complex situation, but if the scientists say the best way to minimise mortality is to take certain measures then on what basis do you abuse us for following that?


"Believers" will always come up with a solution to their problems by murdering or scapegoating someone else.

The Myth of Child Rape as a Cure for HIV/AIDS in Transkei: A Case Report



Idiocracy. We're living through it.

EXACTLY!!! I am surprised that Trump hasn't suggested Brawndo yet...

It is like a combo of Idiocracy and Network.


Some people have vested interests in promoting conspiracy theories. A Facebook friend put the U Tube video of Dr Judy the discredited virologist being interviewed. A video which U Tube have now removed.
Dr Judy has written a book on how "Big Pharma" and Bill gates are controlling our lives and stuff like that so she wants the ideas spread so that she can sell her book.


Some of the myths came from doctors and politicians. Funny to watch people cherry-pick what they feel are conspiracy and what makes others "stupid".


Lots of trusted and believable info in that HuffPost article. Too bad that people just believe what they want to believe and many of them believe without any knowledge of the subject matter. They just want to connect the dots.


And some more:::: NYT article: democratic controlled counties have the WORST china-19 infections. They have created the CRISIS with their stay-at-home martial-law. Fascism at its best always creates misery.

Jacar Level 8 May 25, 2020

How about we just follow the epidemiologists' advice? Or do you and the Trump gang know better than them how to control a pandemic?

It's ironic that you, of all people, accuse others of fascism given your well documented fascist views on Muslims and Islam.


Mass media is following the line that everything that does not support the line of the medical community owned by the pharmaceutical industries is false!!!

We are so douched 24/7 By news media with fear mongering and death tolls!!!

Are we now reliving the Vietnam war in viral form as a pandemic!

Yes, ban, censor, delete, and destroy any one or anything that is not in lock step with this Pandemic mongers that are responsible for ruining of economic, our way of life, our livelihoods, and our food supply,

Of course anything or anyone who questions why the numbers do not add up are. anti American, conspiracy nuts, or just plain stupid!!!

If you follow all the numbers your math knowledge should tell you that something more is wrong than a Pandemic which is very selective in helping to kill the elderly, the infirm, the disabled, and the poor with over 90% of the deaths from this Pandemic.

Do your research not all the doctors, nurses, and medical workers are following that this Pandemic is a what we are being lead to believe!!!

It is like this Pandemic is a Judas goat leading all of us to slaughter!!!

Your government has lied to us too many times to count!!!

Follow the money!!!

Just who is profiting from this Covin19 Pandemic!!!

I am Not and you are not!!!

If you do not question what is actually what is going on, then you deserve what they are feeding you wholesale!!!





Of course you will just deny these web sites!!!

Believe what you want, you will pay the price anyway for your inaction and denial!!!

Evidence please.

@of-the-mountain Yes, they are mixing everything together like mixing a pot. Hard to see the truth isn't it? What I can tell you for sure is that polio and other diseases were whipped in my lifetime by vaccination and nobody got autism. As for your sources claiming people that Epstein met with and citing facts, big deal. Epstein was also very close with Donald Trump, so I recommend keeping American politics OUT of this pot that is being mixed so well. If that is not done you have to conclude that the entire world is in on the conspiracy that is being woven together. Most Americans think that and believe that American politics controls it all. They want to connect the dots. I rest my case.

There is nothing new about pandemics. And there is nothing surprising that those with vulnerable immunity being the most susceptible. I describe myself as a skeptic, not just about religion, but about all things. Show me the evidence that I can accept. As it stands, your view regarding conspiracy around the Covid19 is no different than believing in religion, flat earth or the loch ness monster.

@of-the-mountain I'm done here. Your remarks show a lack of seeing what I'm trying to say. Back and forth from now until the end of time will not fix that.

@DenoPenno, @MsDemeanour

Again another one Who does not follow the money and who is profiting from this Pandemic!!!

If only you had the resolve to be Not to be so closed minded!!!

Again you can not lead a horse to water and make him drink!!!

Do what you believe, you are the one who is now being taking to the cleaners wholesale!!!

Good luck with your non evidence which is is so flawed it puts you in the flat brain society!!!

The numbers do not add up!!!

Why are all the doctors, nurses and health workers who state facts differently than the So called health officials and the politicians being censored, banned, and removed from public records, not the flat earth era or the UFO freaks???

@of-the-mountain I read the links you provided. I would take the time to explain my view their contents if I thought the discussion would be respectful.

Here's the thing; when I read your bio and see a quote like this:

"Poor deluded moronic idiots so full of them selves that they are condemning those who are not meshed into their demented mental world, hence they are always right, never wrong, hence never admitting they are harming or have wronged!!!

Seems too many absolutely moronic idiots who rather harass and respond without any form of intelligence or comprehension!"

I see a lot of projection there. I've never once seen any thread where you don't condemn the ideas of all those who disagree with you; you're never wrong; you claim to be "in the know" more than anyone else here; you cite sources that are, to put it mildly, unreliable, but you treat them as gospel because they back up your world view.

Don't you suppose that by now, if there were some sort of worldwide conspiracy, Fox News would have been reporting it 24/7 with blaring banner headlines, since it would tend to absolve their favorite candidate of any responsibility and (theoretically) give him a better chance at reelection?

How exactly is it that lone internet journalists are so brilliant at uncovering cunning worldwide conspiracies, anyway? Obviously, the conspirators aren't that cunning, which makes me think that either A) they're incompetent to run the conspiracy, thus it wouldn't have worked in the first place, or B) there is no conspiracy. I lean toward the latter explanation.

I also take note that of all the great (real) scandals of American history in my lifetime, it's been mainstream journalists who broke the stories; organizations like the Washington Post or NPR. People who are actual journalists.

In short; your act is getting a little tired.

@DenoPenno, @indirect7

If after doing actual research into those that have the backgrounds and are not profiting wholesale off of this Covin19 Pandemic then you can speak from knowledge not Made up stuff to keep you blissfully happy and in line!!!

when you say 'follow the money', pardon my ignorance but could you spell it out for me because the only area I can see that is prospering is news media.

“do diligence” 😂

Thank you. I was struggling not to puke, and swallowing bile, stuck between laughing at the people who have responded and demonstrated that they are "believers", one and all, in the media and the propaganda being promoted by the medical industrial complex that dominates this poor failing, corrupt country, who are sttempting to discuss "critical thinking" and "science fact". These people either don't know the definition of these terms, or don't practice the principles they are preaching about...rotfl.
I am grossly disappointed in the folks on this site and the sites management...too bad they didn't think to higher fact checkers who actually know fact from propaganda - and how to utilize those critical thinking skills all these folks are blathering about...
Still stuck between laughing and is so sad.

Yes, the longer I am on this site the more I realize there is very little intelligent life here or on this planet!!!

One would think that they could comprehend that all of this is not in their best interest!!

Yes, they sure like the agent orange flavor kool aid!!! LOL!!!


I can’t see the article but it’s the right question: why do we insist on believing staff that is patently not true?

Short answer: such people are mentally allergic to uncertainty and they feel far more comfortable believing arrant nonsense.

I can see the article and what Anglophone says is the main theme.

@anglophone oh my goodness...whom do you reference by this statement? It must be the majority of people responding to the original post...cuz they all appear to have drunk the koolaid without a second thought...just to ease their uncertainty. lol.

@Alchemy I love your sense of humour. 🙂


I'd like to know how we can stop it.

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