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What's the stupidest reason for not wearing a mask that you've heard?

"I have lymphoma, so a mask doesn't help me." This from a man working at Jiffy Lube today.

Does he think lymphoma protects him from COVID-19?

I didn't reply. With him, I didn't know where to start. Kindergarten?

slaps forehead

LiterateHiker 9 June 19

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The stupidest excuse I've heard is that Covid-19 is just a hoax invented by the liberals. πŸ™„


Said by Trump, the orange turd.


I am not worried about getting Covid because I have been washed by god's blood.

Jolanta Level 9 June 19, 2020

As far as I'm concerned - this one takes the prize ! I heard ths woman interviewed as she left a church.


that they don't believe covid-19 is real. this was from someone is very serious about their christianity. I continue to be amazed by an individual's ability to believe in something completely unsubstantiated and on the other hand not believe in something so completely and utterly obvious. quite a remarkable feat.


In AZ a man (who supposedly has lost more than one family member to the virus) yesterday said 'β€œI think masks are good but they kind of act as a placebo to some extent,” he said. β€œI have family who’s been lost to coronavirus, so I should be wearing a mask.”. OMG. 😠

RichCC Level 8 June 19, 2020

All of them.


Exactly. Natural selection at work.


It's really a shame that abject stupidity isn't lethal on a consistent basis.



How about Brandon Straka's response to a flight attendant who asked it there were a reason why he wasn’t wearing a mask: β€œSanity.” His reply is missing two letters!


Me the president said it's just kind of flu.


The dumbest? I'd rather get it and get it over with. And just how do you know that you won't be one of the ones that dies??????

I heard this one several times!

Never mind the fact that they will likely spread it to others. Some people...


Well, I saw a post today on facebook from the US, a man wearing a pair of underpants on his face as a mask in a department store.


Someone said that you breathe in your own exhailed breath which is carbon monoxide. Therefore you will die, like being trapped in a refrigerator. If that was true, our hospitals, stores, etc. would have a lot of dead bodies laying around. If my hunch about these people is right, Trump might be losing a lot of supporters.

Ray13 Level 8 June 19, 2020


Surgeons wear masks all day long.

An article by a surgeon said we don't inhale just carbon dioxide inside a mask.

@LiterateHiker : Like you said in your post...stupid, stupid, stupid excuses. I wonder what people will be saying in 50 years about all of this. Probably something like "what made those people in 2020 so stupid?"

@Larry-new, @Ray13, @Lauren, @seenoevil9620

What Gases Do Humans Exhale?

"When inhaling, humans take in approximately 21 percent oxygen, 0.04 percent carbon dioxide and 79 percent nitrogen.

"On exhalation, humans give off approximately 16 percent oxygen, 4 percent carbon dioxide and 79 percent nitrogen, according to the BBC; only the amount of nitrogen remains constant in the exchange. Exhaled air also contains water vapor. Red blood cells travel by vein to the lung; they give off carbon dioxide and take in oxygen."


@LiterateHiker, @Larry-new, @Ray13, @seenoevil9620

Thank you for that information, Kathleen!

It seems to be a pretty common excuse and I can't imagine how they came up with it. I suspect it may have something to do with breathing into a paper bag for panic attacks, but without them having any idea of the science behind it. Or they just made it up.

@LiterateHiker Actually we do both exhale and inhale Carbo Dioxide no matter whether we wear a mask or not, it is the natural process of breathing.
BUT we also EXHALE more Oxygen than Carbon Dioxide as well since our lungs ONLY draw a certain amount of Oxygen from every breath we take.
That is why Space Capsules have filtering systems that absorb the Carbon Dioxide and recycle the Oxygen while also adding a small percentage of fresh oxygen to the recycled air as well.

@LiterateHiker Fuck me, that's one surgeon I would definitely not let near my dead dog let alone any patient.
I've worn masks in O.R's in many a hospital and we ALL exhale CO2 with each breath we exhale.
We all retain a little percentage of CO2 as well because it IS needed to keep the balances between oxygen, etc, in an equilibrium.
For example, an Imbalance of CO2 to oxygen, etc, IS one of the causes/reasons for Hiccoughs to occur.

@LiterateHiker As you probably well know, the difference between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is far more than quaint trivia. I'm not so sure about a great many others; if they can believe in sky friends and Trumpspeak, all bets are off about them knowing what to believe or doubt.


Leaving Off Mask At Mayo Clinic, PENCE Said He Wanted To Look Workers 'In The Eye'. (The Mayo Clinic wrote that it had "informed @VP of the masking policy prior to his arrival today." )

WTF! Their eyes aren't covered. What an idiot Pence is.

@Ray13 well he's a politician who tried at one point to use taxpayer dollars to fund concentration camps for lgbtq Americans in his state so yeah idiot doesn't even begin to cover Pence.


"I am not a sex slave!". []


I heard some people say ,The condensation steams up ones glasses

granny Level 6 June 19, 2020


Then put the mask a little lower on your nose. Problem solved.

That's true, but still not reason not to wear a mask.

@LiterateHiker I put my 'readers' a little lower on my nose, and leave my mask where it is ... problem solved! πŸ˜‰

That is true, but - I guess depending on your eyesight- I take mine off until I need to read something. It really isn't that bad.

A trick an ER RN that I work with showed me. Little peice of medical tape on the mask directly under the eyes stops that problem


If you don't have the common decency to wear a mask in defense of others then I don't talk to you, except to say get the fuck out of my way, ass wipe.


Trump should get a Darwin Award, except those are usually reserved for someone who does as a result of their own stupidity.

There is a lot of time for this to happen. Don't give up hope.


Did you mean dies as a result of his stupidity?

@LiterateHiker right. Sorry for poor proofreading


A published columnist, I am bad at proofreading my own writing.

That's because I know what it is supposed to say.

Shit, wouldn't giving Humpty Dumpty tRumpty be an insult to the Darwin Awards?

He could be given an honoury Darwin Award, for those who cause the deaths of others.


β€œI don’t need too”. NYS Prison Guard.


Sad. He is willing to infect other people with COVID-19.

Up to 80% of COVID-19 infections are asymptomatic. Not wearing a mask spreads the virus with respiratory droplets.


@LiterateHiker I wish I had gotten his name. I know a high ranking NY prison employee in central NY


One guy told me it messed up his beard. So I reached into my pocket and gave him MY beard comb and told him to quit being a sissy

redhog Level 7 June 19, 2020

"I don't know. Somehow, I don't see it for myself," Trump said during an April 3 coronavirus task force briefing.


SMH unbelievable

bobwjr Level 10 June 19, 2020

I have really not heard of any in my area ,lucky i guess ,lot of people wear them and those who do not all the just say i guess i should be


Smack my head!


A former relative of mine says she doesn't want to wear a mask because the inside would be full of her own germs which she doesn't want to re-breathe. Um... yeah, that's the point, keeping your germs to yourself, not spreading them to others. I suggested she wash it after every use, as recommended.


I had a tourist ( one of the thousands who have invaded my quiet little mountain town since this mess started ) and his obnoxious family lecturing me in the grocery the other day with trumpesque ruminant over the masks my offspring and I were wearing. It was all I could do to not break out laughing. These morons truly believe this whole thing is a democratic hoax.... and no amount of piled up dead bodies will deter them.


I did run across one chap who thought that a mask could reduce your oxygen intake. I not-so-gently pointed out that the pores in an N95 mask are about a million times larger than an oxygen molecule, and suggested that he learn some science. Not another peep.

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