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Do you get a lot of spam calls?

I do. I never answer my phone now unless I know the number. I get the same call once a week from the Colorado Benefits Center asking in an automated voice if I need help paying for my groceries. I delete the message every time. My aunt is my payee and she says they keep mailing me to her mailbox the same thing. It's getting annoying. Sometimes I answer numbers that I don't know. I had to because 2 different specialist were calling me this week. People call me asking for other people too. I've had this number for 2 years now. No one ever calls me to talk. None of my friends do. Only my uncle once a week. I hate talking on the phone. I prefer messaging and texting. When I want to be left alone, my phone blows up. When I want to talk, no one is around. It sucks.

Sarahroo29 8 Apr 5

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Oh yeah! If the number is 'blocked' or I don't recognize the number, I just let it go to voice mail. People I deal with on a regular basis know to text me.



I get some here and there. I usually don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the number. The spam calls have taken a new strategy by having the local area code where I live. I've answered a few thinking they might be the library or doctor or something like that. With area codes I'm not familiar with I will not answer, but I will check google to find out where the number originates from.

Oh, okay.


I feel for you but talking on the phone is the only way I know you are real. Once I know you we can message and text. I get my share of junk phone calls. Most are plain out spam. Since I have the phone that my stepdad once had I'm getting scam artist calls for him and one outfit wanting to "give Paula that small loan." I looked her up by the number and she is real. It can only mean that she had the phone number before my stepdad did. After more than a year of this I'm getting it mostly worked out now.

I'm sick of the calls too.


I get so many

Me too.


Sounds like you need a call blocker app to get some peace and quiet from spam callers. I get them often, but my blocker cuts them off right away without my phone ever even ringing or the screen coming on. My old Android phone was rooted, and I had used the Root Call Blocker app, and that one rocked!

I signed up for the do not call registry. I still get spam calls.


I get spam calls, and when i do, i hang up and then block the number.



Hi! My my name is Alfredo I am from Philadelphia Pennsylbania, if you need to talk to some body I am here. Any time.? Feel free to let me konw.



No none at all could that be bcause i have never had a mobile phone?

Not even on your home phone?

@Sarahroo29 No - I rarely get a call - if i do its my children 49 and 50 y.o we keep in touch though separated by the Irish sea but mostly we talk on facebook.

@jacpod Dang. I'm only 30.

@Sarahroo29 when you get to seventy like me, you find all sort s of bits dropping off answering a phone is one of them my son calls me wishes me happy birthday I miss the call and I totally forget to ring back

@jacpod Awe. I forget things too.


I do get calls that are full of bologna. Does that count? Isn't lunch meat, lunch meat?



Yea and canned tuna fish too LOL.

Haha. Nevermind.


Yes I fucking hate it

Me too.


I get a few calls, but I don't answer numbers I don't know or have no caller ID information.

Gohan Level 7 Apr 5, 2018

I have to sometimes. It normally is a dr or my boss calling from her cell phone.


Some spam calls are routed thru to your area code , that way DNCL is bypassed. I just let my phone ring and let it go to voicemail, most of the spammers never leave a message.

Only the Colorado Benefits Center leaves a message.


Yup - every couple of days, from a local exchange. Had one that repeated several times, about winning an all expense paid trip to Florida ! Uh ... I LIVE in Florida.

Don't answer any of 'em any more .



@silverotter11 I just registered. It was accepted. Thanks.


google the 'do not call registry', it's an 800 number and you register your number and you get way less calls. Been doing it for years, it's blissfull.

here is the official site link: []

The do not call registry has not seemed to lessen the number of SPAM calls for us. Many are from foreign countries who do not have to follow our laws.

That's interesting because they had my registration from 2003. I'm glad I checked though. Thanks.

@dahermit That's a bummer. sorry to hear that. I know how annoying it can be.

I just did that. Thanks.


Despite being on the Do Not Call list I get about 3-5 automated spam calls each day.



I have received sales calls from venders. My numbers are all identifiable. I have one friend with an unlisted number - she doesn't call that often.

My aunt's number is private. She uses her cell phone more now.


I downloaded an app called MrNumber. I get very, very few spam calls now.

I did the spam number thing above.


A very close friend of mine acts as carer for her disabled mother, who uses a wheelchair. They get literally hundreds of unsolicited calls each week from private companies claiming they're entitled to compensation or selling various devices intended for disabled people, despite registering with the UK Telephone Preference Service which is meant to prevent this happening, and now wait for the caller to start leaving a message before deciding to either answer or ignore it.

Jnei Level 8 Apr 5, 2018

It is illegal to 'cold call' a number registered with the TPS, so, report them. Once in a blue moon I get an unsolicited call, I just tell them straight away that what they are doing is illegal and I will report them. They hang up straight away and I never hear from them again.

@GothRik Unfortunately, there are various ways companies can get around the TPS, such as using fake numbers and outsourcing the calls to independent call centres overseas - and disabled people seem to be considered especially worthwhile targets for the sorts of companies that are willing to do that.

@Jnei I must admit, overseas can be troublesome, I must be fortunate in not having that problem.

@GothRik Wow.


I don't know what exists in the US, but I registered my phone with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) in the UK - no more nuisance calls 🙂

I did the one for the US.

I'm registered but I still get companies calling me illegally about the accident I had that wasn't my fault.

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