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Well the god thing definitely doesn’t work.


RobinGray 6 July 22

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So true. The Pope says evolution and creationism are NOT mutually exclusive, but and as a believer in science, I just don't know know how that can be true.


However, due top confirmation bias, if just one nun survives, they will call it a miracle.


I wish they were pedophile priests instead...

Give Covid time and we may well see many a deserving Paedo-Priest get their just desserts as well.


Since WHEN has it ever actually worked?


Too many believers I've encountered are of the impression that God micromanages world affairs. One actually cited possible Satanic influences when the wind blew down and broke my new flat screen TV that I had set up in front of the window because I had recently sent her this clip. I had mentioned to her that my mind often glazed over as she tries to quote scripture to me. She took the coincidence of TV being mentioned in the song and the demise of my TV as an indicator that the band (The Lillingtons) might be Satanic.

Glob help us.

The Lillintons - All I Hear Is Static


Maybe they did not pray hard enough.

Maybe they did BUT got the " Sorry you've reached a disconnected number" response...LOL.
Or, their Phone Cards didn't quite have enough of the 10 Grand required to complete the call...LOL.


None would appear to be worthy of a Darwin award, as all those that died were beyond child bearing age. Yet I feel sorry for those that brought their own early demises by their own willful ignorance.


Of course the god thing works. The book of Mark says you can drink poison without being harmed. The we have all those people wanting to be bit by rattlesnakes. My Christian friend would explain it that they are not "true believers." I'm not sorry for the gullible and they just keep on making it up.

If you have never seen this, you might enjoy it.


Sure he does, but he does it in mysterious ways you know. Also, he likes to test your faith, he's sneaky like that.

I do feel sorry for the good sisters, though. They lived their beliefs, regardless of how silly or false they were..

zeuser Level 9 July 22, 2020

I wonder if the other nuns that did not die are now questioning if their god is really omnipotent and all powerful when a tiny virus of his own creation (as per their beliefs) basically shat on his face more than a dozen times!

They probably believe that they had greater faith than their cohorts who died.


The sad thing was that most of them would have had good careers and/or been good wives and mothers, but they gave their lives for their imaginary friend in the sky.

BD66 Level 8 July 22, 2020

Shaken their faith I believe that was said, but did it stir some thought? 🤔 Meh, doubt it. 🙄 Maybe I'll rerun an old Sean Connery 0O7. 😁


While these nuns were remembered as having provided various types of service, they were also ambassadors of hate, walking billboards for a religion that claims peace, but sanctions genocide. I see little difference between the nuns and Hitler's stormtroopers. The nuns may seem kindly, but they are only the good cop in a corrupt thugocracy. Humanity is better off without them, and their kind.


They were trying to prove that their faith works even when their common sense doesn't work.

They failed. Their god failed. Their beliefs failed.

Just another day in the life and death of believers.


I mean it's a shame. I know that God doesn't exist but I find no glee in people of faith dying. The virus doesn't know nuns from any other little old ladies.

barjoe Level 9 July 22, 2020

It’s sad

These ladies, no. I do have a little, not glee per say, but these evangelical preachers that put their congregations and communities at risk by continuing to hold services and not wear masks or socially distance. I don't feel sorry for them when they die of Covid. I think they're getting their.comeuppance.


I've always heard he was omnimpotent.

@Bobby9 I guess you'd have to ask Mary about that. the op said his thing didn't work?

@Bobby9 sorry. I'm easily confused. last I heard of Mary she was hanging around Vatican City trying to get an audience with the Pope. hooked up with some Swiss army guy and was asking him about all his functions... I really don't know what unfolded after that. sorry I couldn't be more help.


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