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Probably none of you noticed, but I unfriended all here who were “friends” on my personal fb page. My online acquaintance, @Lincoln55, pointed out to me a few weeks ago that people on fb whom I thought were actual friends, were not. After considering it, I unfriended some people immediately, because I was certain they were not real friends, and after further thought, I realized that none of you are. This does not mean that I no longer wish to interact with you here on, it just means that I only wish to have actual family and friends as facebook friends. Peace.

MissKathleen 9 Aug 1

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LOL. Back when I was on Facebook, a religous woman unfriended me because I posted "Abortion sends children to Heaven faster."

I would probably do the is an insensitive remark.

@MissKathleen you're no fun... LOL...


I’m hurt.


I rarely go on Facebook and when I do, it's a total clusterfuck of stupidity. "Don't read the comment section" all my Facebook friends are family, friend and acquaintances. Some people who post this stuff are friends of mine, I like them. I unfollow them so I don't have to see their bullshit. I won't get political on my page. The one or two times somebody trolled me, I unfriended them. Strangers that troll me will get blocked. Some people who disagree with me are my friends. Some people who I really dislike otherwise, agree with my politics. After the election I might go back on Facebook. I can't stand it, it's the lowest common denominator. It's good for birthdays and sadly to find out who passed away.


I'm always a little confused by people that take online interactions serious to the point of thinking/calling them "real" anything. Unless you're venturing into an offline relationship or are in an offline relationship, with someone you happened to have met online, this stuff isn't real. We're mostly all real people, that doesn't mean anything passed that reality. We're all just strangers that happen to meet at the same spot online daily or somewhat routinely. (Not that I don't very much like many of you. If I were to die tonight, however, no one here would notice nor likely ever know. That's how "real" this really is.) 😉

You are absolutely right.


who cares do what you want


Its never occured to me to send a friend request on FB to anyone here. That's probably because I don't know anyone's real name, just their screennames.

Two years here and I don't know anyone's name. That's gotta be my fault.

Yes, that would be your fault. It indicates that you have not wanted to connect with anyone. Which is completely your right, so do not assume I am criticizing it.

@MissKathleen I'll try and do better.

Nah. I'm not on fb.

@Sgt_Spanky There is no “better”; there is what is right for you.


I did notice, but didn’t know why.
It’s up to you, Kathleen.

It isn’t personal. I have always tried to keep my fb friends list small. If you want to personally interact, you can always PM me both here OR on fb. Facebook does not require you to be a friend to send a message.


Good for you, keeping it real!


What's "facebook"?


Sometimes one just should stop listening to others and do what is best for one.


Yes, I noticed. I did enjoy reading about your adventures, early morning walks, photos.....

jasen Level 7 Aug 1, 2020

I'm not on fb. If I was I would need a few accounts, like my emails, to keep interests separate.

I only have one fb account. However your remark prompted me to count my email accounts: 15. Each with its purpose to keep things separate.


Wow! and I thought I was large with 5 Lol!

The only reason that I mentioned it is because Stacey, who used to be here, actually, is "friends" with members that have left here, or participate little, because they got tired of this site.

@Bierbasstard mostly what they got tired of was people not agreeing with them.


At the end of the day you have to do what you gotta do for your peace of mind. I don't know if I noticed you dropped me on FB. I don't consider FB or or any other social media to be "real life". I enjoy them all, and use them as I wish to, and expect the same of everyone else.


I'm your friend and I don't use facebook..

I would like to think that, but I honestly feel we are acquaintances...however, I think our connection is stronger than that with most here.

@MissKathleen acquaintances.. OK that's fine since we've haven't actually met face to face.. So that's an appropriate word here.. But I'll say this..
I'll never betray your trust or your friendship to me.. You are one of my besties.. 💘💘

Cutiebeauty is such a sweetheart, ha, ha, says the devil himself.
That is nothing more than a passing comment, not to be taken any other way.

@Cutiebeauty I appreciate you, and I think you know that.

@MissKathleen yes, I appreciate you also ☺


Yes, I agree. The criteria to be my FB friend is either blood relative or we've been mates for 30 years. 🙂


I understand


I too get the urge to "deep clean" but it usually involves a trip to Goodwill......


It's hard to have real fiends with this virus in our midst.

It is difficult to find real friends, period.

@MissKathleen Very true.....


Oh...for a minute there, I thought you were saying that @Lincoln55 warned you that some of your 'friends' on FB whom you thought were your actual friends, turned out to be devious, conniving snakes in the grass, talking trash about you behind your back or something. Only to find out that you unfriended them because you only want actual family and friends as FB friends. So, there's no drama? Good.



I always thought you were smart and interesting but with a tendency to moodiness. Hey, I could say that about myself and I might even be half right. lol


Why do you even have a Facebook anymore??

Why do you care? I have family and friends all over the world. It is an easy way to keep each other informed.

@MissKathleen You're the one posting about it to everyone like it matters. Why would you ask why I care after your post assumes people care?

@JeffMurray my post only assumed that those who had connected on fb cared.

@MissKathleen Except that you posted it publicly...

@JeffMurray so, you respond to every publicly posted message? You should be a 10 by now!

@MissKathleen No, just things that interest or irk me.

@JeffMurray lol

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