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Voters receive absentee ballot forms with Trump's face on them

Deplorable. This should be illegal.

Given the crisis facing the United States Postal Service before a presidential election, the last thing John Herter expected to receive in the Saturday was an absentee ballot request form with President Donald Trump's face on it.

"Is this a joke?" Herter said his wife told him as she opened up the mailer to reveal a photo of Trump grinning underneath the words, "Are you going to let the Democrats silence you? Act now to stand with President Trump."

Herter is among a group of voters to receive the mailer from the North Carolina Republican Party over the past few days, after Trump said that he opposed crucial USPS funding because he doesn't want to see it used for mail-in voting this November.


LiterateHiker 9 Aug 17

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The link to th CNN page seems to be broken. Can you please verify the source?

@LiterateHiker Found it. thanks.


This can only be a GOP/Trump propaganda mailing to people who think they are receiving a legitimate mail-in ballot. This appears to be an outright example of voter fraud!




The Republican party has no shame and is currently attempting to move our Republic closer to Fascism


That mans ego has no end. His ugly mug doesn't have to be on everything out of Washington D.C.


How long before we see Stalinesque banners with Trump's face on them hanging from buildings and freeway overpasses?


Nope not allowed

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 17, 2020

. . . I am confused, did John Herter receive an absentee ballot request form or did John Herter recieve a absentee ballot?

Absentee ballot request form.


If it came from the republican party I do not see how it could be an official ballot.

Though it certainly is meant to cause confusion, and could indeed be illegal.

The right wing has no bottom to dirty tricks they ill pul in cheating.

It's an absentee ballot request form. You have to fill it out and send it in to get the actual ballot.

@OldMetalHead Then if they don't send a ballot back for Democratic requests, that is fraud, election interference and a serious crime.


Democracy is DEAD


He's going to win.

Well, cheat and "win".


Lol. I smell desperation! If anything I think it might hurt him more than help.

We are in a pandemic in it's 6th month.
We have the highest unemployment.
We have rioting in the streets.
We have police attacking protestors.
He is on the warpath with China.
He created concentration camps and separated children from families.
He has lied to the point of absurdity.

Yeah I don't think he would win even if he directly shook hands with every voter.

But I hope he AND the people who aided and abetted get sued.


This is voter coercion plain and simple and should and would be illegal in any democratically run country. The USA is turning into a tinpot dictatorship! Why are the Democrats not filing in the courts to prevent this abuse of power by Trump?


The Washington Post first reported that attorneys general from Virginia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Washington State and North Carolina, among others, are discussing potentially joining forces to sue the Trump administration.

"We're considering all options, including legal options against the President and the postmaster general," Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold told CNN on Friday.



We need to get that idiot out of the White House!

I agree we need to get him out of office but he's not really an idiot. His supporters though are largely lacking ethics, morality, and intelligence. trump realized that there is a large number of gullible, uninformed Americans that he could appeal to. I guess that might be a definition of "Populism".


Since it is illegal to do any form of political activities within a certain distance of the voting places, and this mail in ballot is essentially an at home voting place, this is certainly just as illegal in my opinion.


He will stoop to lower levels daily as he has throughout his administration.
I wish he'd go bird hunting with Dick Cheney.

I wish Dick would go Trump hunting with a bird.

That's awesome.


He sucks.. i can't imagine that would have a positive effect on anyone in their right mind

While I agree with you 100% , I know those who still believe in him . Guess they aren't reading the same material we do , if they read at all .

But then, who in their right mind would have elected him to office in the first place?

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