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What were your best and worst birthday gifts?

Yesterday was my birthday. I happily spent it taking care of an elderly friend Billie who just had cataract eye surgery. It's wonderful to help a friend. Thank you for the good wishes, everyone!

Best birthday gift came with Claire's phone call.

"On Sunday, Dad, Shane and I had breakfast at the Bistro," Claire said. "Our waitress was a Latina young woman you mentored. She sang your praises. She said you transformed her life. She could not say enough good things about you." That warmed my heart.

"How did she know you're my girl?" I asked. "She knew Dad," Claire replied. Terry teaches art for Latino children. That's likely how they met.

Terry confirmed the waitress was Teresa whom I mentored five years ago. With boundless enthusiasm, Teresa is a great public speaker and Latino community leader.

Worst birthday gift

Yesterday after hiking, Karen stopped by Billie's house bringing birthday gifts. We had a good visit. Earlier while hiking with Karen, I had mentioned that I love individual squares of German chocolate cake at the bakery of a local grocery store.

"They didn't have the squares, so I got you the whole cake," Karen said.

This cake is so rich, I'm stricken with nausea after eating half a piece. Billie had already bought two squares for us.

"I can't possibly eat all that cake," I told Billie after Karen left. "I want to throw it away."

"Karen doesn't need to know," Billie replied. Arriving home, I gleefully slung the cake into the dumpster, feeling relieved.

LiterateHiker 9 Sep 4

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Worst birthday gift. I don't know if it was a gift or not, but my 19th birthday was a trip to the gas chamber. Gas Mask training in Army Basic Training at Ft. Jackson, SC. My mom died when she was 45, so I have considered every birthday over 45 to be the best ever. Now that I have grands they are even more special.

uuuuuugh chamber training. Eff THAT.

Now you've got me having flashbacks.

@redhog I'm sorry about your flashbacks. It was a great story to pull out when my kids complained about something happening on their birthdays.

@HippieChick58 oh it is. Ive just tried to forget that damn building lol

I also went to basic at Fort Jackson. I turned 18 during bivouac. I will never forget the gas chamber either though.

@OldMetalHead What year were you there? I arrived 1 Dec 76, my birthday is in January.

@HippieChick58 9 years later in July of 1985.


Happy Birthday!!
BTW, you could have frozen that cake in individual servings in oiled plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

My birthday usually isn't very good but I've had a few. I threw my own damn party one year, that was good. But my family all never gave a crap about it when I was a child. And I shared my birthday with my godmother along with it was frequently mother's day. Many years, I got no notice and no wishes let alone a gift.


"This is not a good food choice," I thought, looking at that big cake.

My freezer is full of chicken-vegetable soup I made with homemade broth, lean meats, homemade bread, frozen berries, etc.

@LiterateHiker I'd be taking it as treats anytime I'd have gone to visit folks. But, hey, YOUR cake, YOUR decision!!! I support you either way!


I just read your post and what ever you do do not make German Chocolate Cake and post pictures of it. My car has no idea how to get to where you are, it can smell GCC and it will find you and hold you hostage. You have been warned. It is my favorite cake and I am losing weight, so far 15 pounds, 65 more to go. GCC is not on the menu. Happy Birthday and I am glad you got to have some cake you enjoy.

WTG on the weight loss!!

Great job!!

Congratulations on the weight loss. Here's to your many more healthy birthdays.


The very worst birthday gift

For my birthday, my boyfriend took me to the Pendleton, Oregon woolen mill. He bought a shirt pattern and plaid wool fabric for me to sew him a shirt. I was appalled. As an afterthought, he got me a wool scarf to which I am allergic.

When I left him, that unused fabric and pattern were still in his chest.

Wow.....that's clueless on his part.


My best was probably my Vacuum sealer I got this year.

Worst without a doubt was a model sailing ship made out of Miller Lite cans. Not a sailing guy, definitely not a Miller drinker, and it just looks tacky.


I guess the best gift was life, when I was born, though I didn't open to fully enjoy until I was 51 years old, haha!

Second best gift is the peace and quiet for my birthday, since I don't want gifts and hoopla, though I've had a few dinners out that were nice.

Since I don't ask for or expect gifts, I've never been disappointed! So, never had a worst gift. 🙂 Though I did question why I received a lawn mower for my 10th birthday. Perhaps that was the beginning of me not having high expectations, haha!


I hope you enjoyed your birthday!
Now, my best gift was a German antic, a long archebus with mother of pearl and bronze decorations, branded "Brander" made in 1795, something like the photo. My worst I don't remember, when I was a kid I had an aunt who was poor but always brought presents for everyone in our family gathering, some 20 people. I may have gotten a soap bar or a tube of tooth paste and I was 4 or 5...She ment well, but I was a kid!


Not sure if i have wished you Happy Birthday or not but anyways here is a Post Happy Birthday Day to you , Great to see you were your so compassionit on your birthday doing a friend a good deed ,That is you 🙂 Happy to see you were out doing what you enjoy on your birthday Hiking ,Bummer about the cake


When my daughter was 8 years old she baked me a cake for my birthday. The Cake did not turn out good at all. It tasted really bad.
But it was still the best Birthday cake I ever got.


I don't like super sweet foods deserts.. I like carrot cake but I discard most of the sickening sweet frosting. Frankie bought home a black forest cake one time.. Just once.. I told him that's for you..
As for birthday gifts, I enjoyed everyone..


Best has been my sons joining me here for birthday , worst was being ignored by ex wife


Why did you choose to not freeze the cake, sliced into pieces the size you like?

No single worst present stands out. It would be a fairly long list of anything I did not actually want. And that is most of what you receive. It has been many years since I received anything tangible, I prefer experiences.


"This is not a good food choice," I thought, looking at that big cake.

My freezer is already full of healthy chicken-vegetable soup I made with homemade broth, lean meats, homemade bread, frozen berries, etc.


hmm best was an unexpected surprise got a delivery of a helium balloon and bouquet of flowers from my sister. It was not so much the gift, I tend to kill all things plant related, but the thought and gesture that touched me. ooh also my best friend from the states sending me a care package with my fav chocolates and a super cute MINIONS tshirt in it! <3 which sadly has lost its usability due to machine wash recently 😟 RIP shirt

On the flip side the worst is a tie between my parental unit being pissed at me and giving me some lousy card where she signed it like xo style, very informal, as if I was her coworker or stranger. And the time my sister forgot to wish me a happy bday and just said there's cupcakes for me in the fridge and went to sleep!


You just missed. 😋 Nice try though.
My Big Brothers match's birthday was last Tues. and my birthday is next Tues.
He's out of the state and I'm afraid I've never been much for celebrations for myself. Lol.

Happy birthday! 🛍


Best: a blowjob from a married woman, in her husband's car.
Worst: one year, when I was a kid, my parents forgot about my birthday.


Worst gift? a Cake that's too rich? How about enjoy it in small portions...over a long period of time? To me a rich cake is a great gift...and one that lasts!!


Not everyone has your self-control. I removed the temptation.

"This is not a good food choice," I thought, looking at that big cake.

My freezer is already full of healthy chicken-vegetable soup I made with homemade broth, lean meats, homemade bread, frozen berries, etc.


Happy birthday @LiterateHiker . Keep on kicking those mountains of yours.
The best birthday gift I ever had was when I hit 50. My girlfriend and my family managed to book a private suite at the Saputo Stadium for a soccer game of my favorite team, the Montreal Impact of the Major League Soccer.


My best gift was being born on Christmas, because I felt like I had a birthday party every year. Good timing, Mom.


Glad you had a good birthday! 🎂🥂🎉


Best birthday gift was a telescope when I was 10 in 1969.
The worst was brought on by a card my ex wife insisted I send to my brother who was a civilian contractor in Afghanistan. It was ornate and elaborate and had a music box in it, etc. One day three weeks after my birthday I received a piece of brown paper about the size of post card obviously torn from a grocery bag.
On it in black sharpie with the address and postage was a message.
"Money's tight and times are hard so here's your f@cking Birthday card."
We haven't spoke more than three minutes in over five years.


The two worst were from my first wife. The absolute worst was a ghastly colored shirt and sweater set which she bought because it was on sale (because no one wanted to buy it.). The other was a musical beer mug which I did not want and never used. I have no idea what ever happened to it.
I have had a number of truly good, loving gifts from my second and current wife. It is hard to rank them. .

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