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Who's been the best President of the United States in your lifetime?

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Richard Nixon

Shock value? Actually, he was only half-bad… I remember in HS, a few years from voting age, ending up in a large ‘double lab’ of students where our table of 6 promoted Nixon against ..countless tables supporting George McGovern. Brought up conservative, I’ve still got a fist full of ‘Nixon Now’ campaign buttons 🙂

As with Eisenhower, when comparing how far our nation’s stumbled to the right, Nixon can appear progressive. And we’ve had far, far worse since. But, I happily voted for Carter, when my opportunity arrived..

Nixon began the EPA and expanded access to healthcare. He'd never be elected by the right today.

@Ktcyan He had something like 174 IQ.


I’m 44 and would definitely say Obama.


Obama....Easy choice. Could have done more had the Republicans worked with him. They were more interested in making him look bad than working for the people. Had he been white it would have been a different story. If not for Vietnam Johnson would be number one for his work on civil rights.


Obama. (but I don't really count as I'm English I shouldnt get a vote) I will be keenly intrested if any one says Trump.

@Redcupcoffee that is so funny I am laughing out loud!


The last decent Republican president was Eisenhower. None of the presidents have led us to become a more peaceful nation. Given the limitations of the office and the constraints on office holders, I think Obama was the best even though there were many things which I still don't like. Jimmy Carter was very smart and had some good policies. However, his political skills were somewhat lacking and he lost the American people. Jimmy Carter is a very religious man who is more inclusive than most; he was able to see beyond himself and his own interests. He has done more for human rights and democracy since leaving office than other president in my memory.

I love to point out to RINOs that the last true Republican president was Eisenhower. For them, it's been all downhill since.

@Ozman the only true Republicans were Lincoln, Grant & Teddy all the rest are corrupt gangsters. ...Ike gave us McCarthyism and lies on our money IN gawd WE TRUST fuck Ike glad ReaGUN DIED A SLOW PAINFUL ALZHEIMERS death

@GreenAtheist But isn't corrupt gangster now the GOP brand?

@GreenAtheist Also, back in the day, people I know always referred to him as Ronnie Ray Gun (especially after he tried to push through the SDI)


Jimmy Carter


Jimmy Carter.


Obama, Carter. Maybe Johnson in a way. Civil rights bill. I was six days old when JFK was killed.


As a 26 year old Canadian, I'd say your best in my memory was Barack Obama. Honestly you've had a bit of a crap shoot these last couple of decades if you ask my less than educated oppinion.




I think Bill Clinton would been ranked the best, if he just could have kept his pants on!

balou Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

Many of them had zipper trouble, but when you exude that much intelligence and charisma … I suspect you’re constantly fighting off opportunity.. But glad to see another ‘Clinton vote.’ His ability to be slick made him the master of achievement. He maintained a progressive momentum though trimmed (with the help of Albert Gore Jr.) government like never before. There’ve been kinder, more giving Presidents during my lifetime.. James Earl Carter comes to mind, as well as Barack Obama, but as far as someone doing the most with the cards he’d been dealt - that man’s Clinton ~

@Varn Oh, yeah. Voted form him in 1992 and 1996. Was very glad to see him win that first term. I agree with you, he really knew his stuff.


I've only been alive since 1998, so I'm not exactly spoiled for choice. Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama and the infantile Wotsit, as I like to call him. Out of those, I must necessarily go for Obama; he took control of a country in recession and brought it back to being a respected international power instead of a bully.


Honestly Clinton.


William Jefferson Clinton ~

Varn Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

Obama. He who received BJ comes next.



Bill Clinton, then Obama

Same here 😉


Jimmy Carter. Hands down. Best ex-president, too.

Jimmy Carter was president when I was in High School. Wasn't very political myself but my parents were Republicans and so didn't like him.
I alway thought he made sense and was as honest as any president could be. Very sorry I waited 2 hours in line to vote for Reagan, thought my parents knew more about what we needed than I did, big mistake!
I think Jimmy Carter is a great example for all people, especially men as to what humans can achieve when they try. He and his wife have done more for humanity than anyone and they are still giving and doing for others, truly inspiring!

@Ktcyan goddamn right!


Probably Jimmy Carter.

I often think about where we'd be if we had listened to him about getting in bed with Saudi Arabia and other foreign entanglements among many other things. We could have easily sparked WW3 and didn't. We could have been a world leader in alternative energies too. Loved the solar panels on the White House.


Obama or Clinton. Hard to choose.





Coldo Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

What would be interesing to observe, is how foriegners see POTUS. Then compare how Americans see the same POTUS. Then of course there is the passage of time. JFK is often looked back on with some adoration, much in the same way us Europeans see Obama now. But the outside looing in and the inside looking can be quite different viewpoints. A POTUS who is great at foreign policy may be terrible for domestic.
Many of us Europeans,Canandians Aussies etc see Obama attempting to get the USA to catch up with our world view. Healthcare free at the point of need, fair world trade and a reduction of class disparity

I’ve had some insightful feedback for decades now from relatives in Sweden, a newspaper reporter, author and his science editor wife… They were happy to give me the European view on several presidents, beginning with Carter, whom they admired. They were ‘astonished’ at ‘America’s reaction’ regarding Clinton’s ‘sex scandal,’ describing in Europe, that went with the job! They said Clinton was considered brilliant. And were beyond impressed with our election of Obama, assuming American had grown up!

Now, they’re listening ‘to me’ ... as they’ve no idea why we shot ourselves in the head 😕


Obama with JFK a close second.

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