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LINK The Decline of Religion Continues – Nones Gain 3 Percent in One Year – Religion in Public

Religion in Public article about rise of the nonreligious

Hages 7 Oct 9

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Religion can't die soon enough. It's leeching resources from people, repressing those it does approve of, and even if the philosophy is beneficent, someone will use it as an excuse to force their will and their beliefs onto others.


I’m surprised the numbers are that low, seeing more and more closed churches....


As I recall, studies of other countries suggest that, if the US follows suit, the Nones should continue to advance in their percent of population. Hopefully the ridiculous, corrupt and horrific failures of Trump will be linked to his Christian supporters. The effects of hating science show how people die as a result. And, as Trump goes, the cult of Christianity will also get a boot by younger generations. Let's hope. But also, we need to promote science education and promote clear, superstition-free thinking.

Good post, so true. "We need to promote science education" is the National Problem in my subtitle of my book written 2014.


Guiliani was terrible in chemistry, biology and 11th year math. And when I wrote the book almost all our congressmen were the same. Now years later thousands are dying because of it.


Perhaps if enough people get free of religion and conservatism we can start reinvesting in the education of our people.
Education has become so expensive in order to line the pockets of the rich.
This is encouraged by religion because they hate science, in particular biology, specifically evolution.
In the good old days American greatness was due to our public education.
Now the horrible status of America is due to our abysmal public education.
America will not be great again before college education is free for anyone able to keep up with the curriculum.
How many talented scientist, doctors, engineers, and even artist have lived compromised diminished lives because they couldn't afford to get the education they needed to flourish, while morons like Trump just shed money like COVID-19 virus and hold qualifications far far beyond their native capabilities.
I despise our educational gate keeping and I blame all of it on Christianity and it's twin brother ignorance.


Good news! All most 50% for gen z.


Ironically, the religious right has done more to harm religion than any anti-theist could ever hope to do. They will never again be able to claim any higher moral ground or make any claims that the morality of our elected officials matters.


And the religious especially the evangelicals know this and are running scared. A lot of energy is now being directed away from the developed countries (especially with the Catholic church) and toward the developing countries especially Africa.


It's only a matter of time at this point. Will religion and superstition destroy the Earth before there's an epiphany. By that I mean escape from the mental cage that Big Business, Religion, and Government placed us in.


I'd love to accept what this suggests. There may be fewer people going to a building to congregate, but there seems to be no shortage of believers.

SCal Level 7 Oct 9, 2020

This is because others always say "I believe in my own way." That translates into "screw the doctrines and what has normally been accepted over the years." I'm here now and if I wanna believe nonsense of any kind I am free to do that. In fact, it makes me feel comfortable.

I think there will always be believers, but there will be fewer who are dogmatic fundamentalists. Those types are increasingly on the fringe. They are losing their special status; which is why the Christian right is trying so hard to dominate the courts and to use the government to force their beliefs onto the rest of us. They don't want democracy and equality. They want their world view to dominate.

@Joanne, @DenoPenno
Seems like wishful thinking. Believers are fundamentalists.

Only someone who has completely swallowed the govt Kool-aid would think democracy is a good idea. Democracy is mob rule of the majority. The mob is rarely right about anything.

Can't buy into what you're selling.

@SCal Am I lost here or are you part of the modern Christian right? Democracy is about getting rid of Trumpian idea and keeping our benefits. This is why I will vote blue.

@SCal: Not everyone who believes in a god, or even the Christian god, is a fundamentalist. There are many, if not most, who do not take everything in the bible literally, and who are not out to force their beliefs onto others via the government.

We are a Democratic Republic. This means that the people vote in their representatives who are supposed to represent them; AND they are also supposed to make decisions for the people based on reason and facts--not according lies and misinformation, their personal god beliefs, or that which fattens their bank accounts.

In a democracy, the possibility of tyranny of the majority is real. This is why we have rights and protections in our Constitution and in our laws.

In the US, right now, we are under the control of the minority; and are at a real risk of having a tyranny of the minority.

The Republicans have shown their disdain for democracy and their willingness to accept an authoritarian leader--as long as that leader is doing what they want: showing preference for their religion, working to force their religious beliefs onto everyone, catering to interests that benefit a few rather than the whole and the list goes on...

It's downright sickening and against what our founders intended.


People are discovering that religion is mythology, not reality. 🙂

I discovered this by (1) studying the biblical prophets and finding that Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and others were false prophets; (2) that there are many contradictions in the Bible; and (3) that many biblical stories are scientifically ridiculous.

Now I am free from the chains of mythology! Hooray! 😀


I think the human race has already hit the point of no return and the fall of religion is inevitable, but we still have a long way to go.


America is slowly metamorphosing into the European attitude.


I read this a day or two ago, and was pleased. It confirms this trend in other studies.

There have been a number of articles about this for a while now. Great news!!

@SeaRay215ex i think what is really important is the growing religious indifference of the young, their apatheism, so called, and secular attitudes, and it is the younger age groups that set the trend as older groups pass on. Religions know this, see twindling church attendances, and fear these trends. In response they become more conservative and more devious in protecting their influence. This is my concern.

@David1955 Their deviousness doesn’t scare me. It’s merely the same thing as a child who throws a tantrum because his mother didn’t buy him ice cream or some toy that he wants but can’t have. It’s a sign of desperation, that’s it.


Adios!! Auf Wiedersehen!! CIAO, Goodbye!!

To the future!!

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