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I find too much crap going on today with our homeless people and how they are treated. Regardless of who you want to blame politically for people being homeless, the fact remains that we have the homeless and they are growing in numbers and nobody cares.

In my town and other small towns around me property owners are burning buildings that might house homeless people and claim the homeless are doing this accidentally to keep warm or to make drugs. The timing of these events falls in line with immediate new constructions. One such town in Cuba, Missouri has evicted low income homeless from an old motel to do "renovations " along Historic 66. People call this progress and think they are also solving the homeless problem. Since they have to go somewhere or die, it does not solve the problem.

Larry Rice is a minister that seems to be concerned with the homeless in two cities in Missouri and St Louis is one of them. I've heard it said that Larry Rice has another agenda. Reality of events does not show this in any way. His ministry is helping and feeding the homeless.

I've posted this in politics to show my take on the homeless problem. It is all about greed. That's right. GREED. Any time the banks get greedy enough to say you can take out a second mortgage on your home or property it seems plain that something is going to fall through here. We might have bailed out the banks but greed is the culprit here when it comes to the homeless and an increase in their numbers. It is equally plain that nobody wants to solve this situation.

Any thoughts?

DenoPenno 8 Oct 17

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If one could RICO Act the entire Capitalist Class, and confiscate their property, one could house all of the propertyless.


Many Americans are deeply concerned with homelessness. Although I think the program started in California, my home state of Colorado is developing Permanent Supportive Housing which provides affordable housing for homeless and other low income people. We sell it to conservatives and the establishment as a cost saving measure when you factor in savings related to crime, health care, etc.





Americans construct a romantic narrative for life to shield them from reality. They actively avoid anything they can't turn into awesomeness.

Capitalism is a system of winners and losers.The worshiped winners push for a free market, because that lets them keep winning.

@Fred_Snerd If Trump gets his way and does away with social security, medicare, and medicaid I have no other choice than to become homeless myself. This issue is about more than grandma and bingo.

@DenoPenno "I have no other choice than to become homeless myself."

I want to build ecovillages for everyone.

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