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The Orange Cheeto is nuts and it did not prevent fellow nuts from putting him in the White House. Jus' saying !

Only because of the Electoral College. But, be that as it may. Running for elected office and being given a lifetime appointment are two very different things. If our presidents had to be confirmed by experts, many of them probably wouldn't have made it.


In this case, I agree with Maher 100%. But see, people are treating her batshit beliefs with kid gloves because of attitudes like this: []

This guy used to be a conservative, and somehow came around—I think a building fell on him (i.e., Trump). But he still doesn't get that the Founding Fathers didn't want this batshittery in the government, period. Religion functions much like brain damage sometimes.


This is totally irrelevant but it just so happens that I was googling Angela lansbury cos today is her birthday. I couldn't believe she was still alive cos frankly I thought she was an old woman 40 yrs ago. Anyway I cam across this picture of Bill Maher who acting in Murder She Wrote. He is a goofy looking fella. That hair!

Thanks for that 🤣


I happen to agree with Bill. Religion gets a lot more deference and respect than it is due by our government. ACB has beliefs and is a member of an organization with view that are antithetical to the very core of our democratic society. As such, she CANNOT be an impartial arbiter of justice and that should be called out.


Well, I lost a lot of respect for Bill Maher when he cucked in front of Ice Cube. ACB is more than qualified to serve in the Supreme Court. Last time I checked, we are not using a religious test as a qualification for public office.

Certainly Bill will change the way he does things because you lost respect for the way he does anything. Probably considers it a monumental, devastating loss he’ll never recover from.

@ThisIsPatrick nice try with the trolling. The fact that he apologized for a joke, even though he himself is a comedian, is cowardice personified. He does not realize that leftists loathe him but still tries to ingratiate himself with these morons.

The fact she was highly ranked in People of Praise, a group who believe the husband has the absolute authority in his family, disqualifies her to be any sort of judge, let alone a Supreme Court Justice. Since she has to do anything her husband says, why wasn't he in the confirmation hearing?

@OldMetalHead That is her home life. Again, how does this disqualify her from the Supreme Court? Probably because he has a job too, eh? You are aware that religious beliefs cannot be used as a test for public office?

@Heavykevy1985 To me, a Supreme Court Justice is the "supreme", huh, authority on the constitution. Someone who is willing to subjugate their personal will in such a manner should not be given the privilege of being a judge, especially on the Supreme Court. Her husband can and will influence her decisions.

@OldMetalHead okay then. Prove it. You have not proved that her religion would have an effect on her rulings.


That is actually a good thing for the republicans as being nuts helps them get their way. No one seems to want to mess with crazy people. Maybe that's why tRump has so much appeal.


Barrett will be a far better judge than those like Sonameyer, Ginsburg, Kegan or Breyer who were appointed by looney liberal presidents! Trump will be re-elected and we will have lot more conservative judges appointed to the federal courts!


To be honest, I understand everyone’s concern about abortion rights and LGBTQ rights. For one thing, SCOTUS has been a conservative majority for over 50 years, and Roe vs. Wade was decided by one as well. Let’s not forget abortion was legal in New York and California before Roe was decided. Just as the LGBTQ community were guaranteed protections under New York State Law before the 2015 SCOTUS decision. Overturning either of these merely means that these issues go back to the states to decide on what is best for them and their populations. Southern States will just enact more restrictions most likely while liberal or blue states will likely pass more laws to protect them.


Maher is correct. Wat we need to fight for next is term limits for the Supreme Court. Why not? Why is it that we need these people on the bench for life? They were put there by an elected official with term limits and this makes the "lifetime" appointment so very wrong.

That’s how it works on the state level in states like Wisconsin. So yes I totally agree on term limits for that.


This how the wealthy and their corporations scam us out of money, property and into enslavement!!

The use of religious dogma is not a reality unless you are taught it is real, that you can suffer from it!!!

Religion is the opiate of the masses is beyond any force ever created by/for mankind to control the masses of sheep being lead to slaughter by their hand picked Judas goat!!!

The stacking of the courts with unqualified religious fanatics by these Obstructionist republican fascists is so purposeful for the wealthy and their corporations, it enables them to embed full trust of their elected leadership which in turn uses this trust to dehumanize, victimize, and enslave them while offering whimsy of faith and flagrant False hope which is never delivered!!!


Maher may be right in his assessment, but the Senate confirmation hearings did not ask him for his opinion, nor mine, nor yours.


IQ , sanity, and literacy tests should be mandatory for anyone running for, or being appointed to, public office!

Not only that, we need to exclude above all, Draft Dodgers. They are dishonorable cowards who would be bettter off in front of a firing squad as far as I’m concerned. This means people like Giuliani, Karl Rove, B. Clinton, the current shithead in the whitehouse and Newt Gingbitch as well. Death to traitors!!

That would exclude Biden from even being able to run!

@Trajan61 or Trump!


Barrett must not be on the Supreme Court, or any other court. She wants to unconstitutionally abolish the separation between church and state. Shame on her!

If that ever happens, it would be hard to imagine what would happen.

@SeaRay215ex Maybe another crusade, in which xians slaughter non-xians. 😲


Judge Barrett is saying the stuff to the dem's to get herself confirmed. She'll show her true colors once she is on the bench. AND WE WILL HAVE FALLEN FOR IT AGAIN!!

Meaning, I agree with Maher.

I don't think we, or the democrats on the committee, are falling for anything.
We ALL know she has no business being a judge at ANY level.
This whole confirmation process is an exercise in hypocrisy. The republicans, specifically McConnell, Graham, and Cruz, know they hold all the cards. They also are hedging their bets in case 45, and they, get the boot. The democrats really couldn't have done much of anything to stop this.

@KKGator You are correct, we (this site, and the liberal side) are not being taken in by her answers. I live in a right-wing, conservative, religious part of the country, so I tend to respond by what I'm surrounded with.

@linxminx I understand completely. I'm in southwest Georgia.
Deep red and surrounded by believers.
I feel your pain.


She should be NON judge material due to her strict adherence to a cult.


Bill is spot on about Barrett.


bill had some good points


He makes a very valid point.


He is right! If the other party put up a candidate who was a Muslim, even if that person rejected all forms of extremism, does anyone think Republicans wouldn't be all over that person's religious beliefs? Oh, she's a Catholic so that's ok, and a Christian. Baloney.


I agree whole heartedly. Her deep seeded belief makes her a liability as a SCOTUS.

exactly why she was chosen she is already expressed opinions against gays and pre existing conditions and roe and birth control altogether

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Enjoy being online again!

Welcome to the community of good people who base their values on evidence and appreciate civil discourse - the social network you will enjoy.

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