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I had in interesting session with my
therapist. The “god” question came up.
She said that believing in a god helps her
cope with things. That it also helps her become
a better person.
I asked her if without a god would she be a
terrible person otherwise?
I mentioned the parts of the bible that disturb me.
She said that she only takes into account the
good parts that help her.
She said that is “her placebo” wether its
true or not. Then she said it could even be a rock.
I said so you can believe in a rock?
She said yes if it helps me cope.
She said whatever helps us cope in life that’s
not harmful to us.
Well next session I will explain why the “god”
belief is harmful. My time with her ran out.

Wildgreens 8 Oct 26

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A therapist is there to ask you questions about your own beliefs, not to explain theirs.


I thought religion was supposed to be left out of therapy? I'd get a new therapist.

Yes I agree. I will be getting a different one that’s for sure.


You going to spend your therapy session arguing with your therapist about why you think it's bad for her to believe in a god? Are you distracting yourself from what brought you to therapy in the first place?

No I’m not distracting myself from therapy.
In the one year of seeing her it’s the first time
that “god” or religion has ever come up.
She just made that one particular “god” comment.
I wasn’t going to just “agree” and things just expanded from there. I was trying to get her to think about what she was saying and how silly she sounded, and she’s the “professional”.

@Wildgreens Parts of the bible could be love one another and maybe she embraces that philosophy. Maybe to her god is the universe. Might be better for the relationship to either try to understand or accept that we don't always understand each other rather than insult her.

Thank you for sharing this advice.
That’s helpful thank you.

@Wildgreens you are welcome


I think you should be charging her not the other way around.


I think you're getting more outta the responses to your post than your therapy session AND it costs way less. 🙂


Wait, are you paying for this shit?!


It sounds like the therapist needs conversion therapy.

BDair Level 8 Oct 26, 2020

Very much so.


It seems to me that you could become her therapist, charge her $100 per session, and make some extra money!


It's a shame that you can't find a therapist in your area who is expert in all faiths, including humanism or atheism. Is it possible you could find a tele-health session with someone more suitable to your sense of beliefs?

If not, can you explain to your current therapist, that you shouldn't have to waste your time with her defending your beliefs or proving that you've done your reserarch and like many educated people, you are seeking more refined help than a religious approach.

Can you explain that you are seeking her help for ways you can help yourself understand and cope with problems on your own, not by reliance on a mythical creature. She should know that what works for her might not work for you, so she should be able to meet you half way.

Can she nurture your feeling that strength comes from within, and you are seeking ways to make that happen? Can she validate your feelings, and help you to create a more balanced and harmonious vibe in your head regarding your troubles?

Charge her with figuring out a way she can help you in a secular manner, without invoking gods or supernatural interference as a way to blame or credit your failures and triumphs.

True help for coping with the trials of life would work for anyone whether they are a person of faith in the supernatural, or a person of faith in their own abilities to overcome the challenges, with proper guidance.

It's her job to help you see that proper guidance and not to pass the buck to a fictional character. She should be able to set aside her beliefs to meet you where you are, believing in reality and seeking natural person-owned solutions.

Whoa! Atheism is not a belief.

@Gareth Did I say that atheism is a belief? Pretty sure I didn't. My belief is that one can be an atheist and have a belief in oneself, and believe that personal problems can be solved without faith in a supernatural being.

@Julie808 That was how I read " in all faiths, including humanism or atheism." I meant to have said "faith", as I suppose atheism is a belief of sorts, so my earlier post was incorrect.

@Gareth It's the pesky Oxford comma.

This is very helpful thank you, it’s something
for me to analyze for sure.


How much does your therapist pay you for the counselling she is receiving? 😉

JimG Level 8 Oct 27, 2020

So your therapist is opening up to you, is she? Who's the real therapist in this scenario?


Drop her like it's hot.


So cats went from being gods to being pets, and rocks went from being pets to being gods. This world is some messed up stuff.


I think therapists are suppose to challenge delusions. Get a new one, you're wasting your money.


Time fo a new therapist.

That was very unprofessional and unethical.

I agree.

@Wildgreens maybe she is provoking you to quit so she can scam other patients for more money than your plan pays her for


That it helps her doesn't mean it's true, and as a scientist she should have a greater appreciation for truth.


I'm sure it will help you cope to have that discussion and explain an alternate view to her. Then it's time to go, as she has violated a standard of therapeutic support.


How much do you charge this therapist for an hour?


I'm betting she's all for AA/NA/Alanon/etc., because that "it could be a rock" comment is OFTEN used as a suggestion for something to use as a "higher power" for those in 12-step programs. Given there's a mere 10-12% success rate of 12-step programs, maybe this whole rock idea is about as winning of a strategy as religion.

@Diagoras Indeed! There's nothing at all self-worth-inducing by the whole 12-step idealogies. All of the negativity. I've watched a number of friends literally apologize themselves to death and relapse and do it all again, and again and again....and so on. The courts LOVE the fact there will be a revolving door of fees/fines attached to those "ordered" to attend "programs" that will forever keep them in the system. It's perverse!


Rocky Saves


But you pay her ?

I have not been able to find a secular therapist.
I’m in the bible belt.

@Wildgreens That's enough to drive you crazy right there, ha ha



I find that using this venue to proselytize is unethical. Counselors meet people at their most vulnerable and should realize what a responsibility that is. I'm glad you're stronger than this.

Thank you, first time that she ever mentioned a god
and I have been seeing her for a year.
So I was surprised.


Get a new therapist. I don't need some quack proselytizing to me when I know full well there is no God. Unless I had to go for some court ordered bullshit, I'd walk the fuck out and refuse to pay.


Sounds like you reversed the roles and became the therapist to a confused believer.


Get a new therapist.

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