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What's better: tacos or pizza?

It has come to my attention that some people do not like tacos as much as pizza. This makes no sense. Do they live in an impoverished land where the wonderful variety of tacos has been relegated to the mere bland offerings of Taco Bell? Is it possible to fold an entire pizza in half in one hand and, by tilting your head, shove half of it into your mouth all at once? This is important! I need to know.

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ejbman 7 Apr 10

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I want a pitzataco.


I expected so much more from a site titled - thought that we would have deeper philosophical debates than Tacos vs. Pizza.

post away

Note the topic area: Silly, Random and Fun.

You were probably seeking the Philosophy & Meaning topic area: []


Whoa. No need for the division. Why can't we all get along? 😐

MikaB Level 5 Apr 10, 2018

here in New Mexico we have green chiles on pizza. Kind of meeting in the middle

@btroje Pizza without green chile is like a Margarita without the tequila.


It truly depends on the time of day for me. Tacos are a lunch thing for me. Pizza though, all night long, all night...

@IndySent your welcome, ??


You knew my answer before I even posted!

Of course being from Chicago it is pretty obvious.

Yes, we've decimated many a deep dish together, my friend.



godef Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

This kind of question is just savage and cruel. What kind of monster would make me have to choose?

Pizza. Because of all the possible toppings.

Ha ha ha! A sentiment shared by many...


No cheese, on either.


Chicago deep dish


I think this is one of the hardest questions asked on this site so far. It's like asking which one of your kids do you like best. I think I have to go with tacos, I could eat them almost everyday. Pizza is best with time in between.


Pizza. No question.


Tacos. But, hey, those aren’t tacos pictured in op....


No taco pizza option! I can not even... πŸ˜€


? Pizza

Coldo Level 8 Apr 10, 2018

Just made fajitas and chili this week. Good Italian slices. Boston or NY


Can't answer - the photos used are not the best representation of either......looking at one makes me want the other, until I see that photo.


I've consumed so much of both, it's a tough choice; but, right now, I'm thinking about the fish tacos and ice cold beer I had at a beach on Kauai a few years back, and can't recall pizza ever tasting quite that good. So, I'll have to go with tacos.


Tacos aren't my thing. Once a month is good for me.


Depends on who is making them and their choice of ingredients.


Tacos but only from MX.




Pizza, for sure.


Other than anything my boyfriend fixes for me, my favorite thing in the whole world to eat is probably a hand tossed greek pizza from a local NY style local pizza joint. But, I try not to eat cheese, so I gotta go with fish tacos on soft tortillas.

Both of those photos look amazing. I miss cheese.


Yes please. Tacos! Pizza! Taco Pizza!

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