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LINK Kirk Cameron: “Disguised” Commies and Socialists Are “Knocking on Our Doors” | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

There’s surely no one you would rather hear from on Election Day than Christian actor and “Crocoduck” enthusiast Kirk Cameron, who appears on FOX News on Monday to explain why Halloween and social justice are all part of a larger Communist plot. Somehow.

He said this while offering commentary on the election.

snytiger6 9 Nov 3

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I'll ask the JW's if they ever stop back. I haven't seen them in years. True story - I put a plastic Spiderman in my kitchen door window and haven't seen them since.

Look around your front door frame. The JW's stick colored thumb tack into teh wood of people's doorways to color code how friendly people will be to their message. At lest they used to do that a while back.


Wishing that Cameron's own species would come and beam him back on to the mother ship.

Deb57 Level 8 Nov 4, 2020

That the greate FSM speaks to a psychdisordered human is intriguing.


The Evangelicals denounce and decry all sorts of groups: Women, non-Whites, non-Christians, LBGBT, scientists, ... really, anyone who isn't them. What is bizarre is how these a-holes will claim liberals are Communists. They intentionally fail to notice that Trump is a stooge for ex-KGB Putin.

It's pretty much the same thing as using Holocaust to describe abortion. These people are just plain sick. The only thing they care about is fomenting hatred and sticking it to the libtards.

Let them throw their stones from inside their glass houses. Their days are numbered and they know it.

@SeaRay215ex I think their days are numbered too, but I don't think they know it. They think they're right, but we KNOW we're right.


He's a tool, and not even a useful one.


There's literally only 1 word to describe him. Dumbfuck lol

I think there are many words to describe him.... asswipe, butthole Peckerhead.... and so on


Kirk who?


I forgot that show in which he appeared but I happily never watched it. It looked so insipid. He defines insipid and vacuous.

The TV show was "Fowing Pains", but I never watched it either. A lot of his his acting work is religious oriented. Like "left Behind" the movie, or "The Birth of Christ"

@snytiger6 Happily have never heard of these egregiously stupid-sounding films.


If disguised commies and socialists are knocking on our doors how do we really know who they are? maybe there is some sort of standard disguise they would use. IDK. Try again Crocoduck. I think you are hilarious.


Faithfools believe a lot of stupid stuff.


And people are stupid enough to believe it to be true.




He compared Charles Darwin to Adolf Hitler. He's against wearing masks. "One by one, we're being stripped of our God-given liberties," God didn't give us our liberties. Secular founding fathers did. He's living proof of evolution. People like him will evolve someday hopefully.


He's been living under a rock for to long, if he came up with crap like that.


Poor Kirk, throwing away his mediocre career like this.


Commies Unite!


The guy is a destructive, lying demagogue.


Because that's what America wants; the opinions of a washed-up, middle age, 80's teen heartthrob who's most famous now for being a Xian crank and the chief creative mind behind the worst Xmas movie ever made.

Yeah, I need to kn ow what he thinks.

He was the mind behind The Christmas That Almost Wasn't? []

@Paul4747 He was the mind behind Saving Christmas -- [] -- Which has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes Click the link, scroll down and read the reviews. They're so bad, they're fun.

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