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LINK Simone Biles slammed a Christian group after it criticized the ad campaign she did with Jonathan Van Ness for 'pushing the LGBTQ agenda'

Much of the planet believes in an unseen figure and adheres to the largest doctrine and form of brainwashing and they have a problem with this? The apocalypse will be great TV!

IAJO163 8 Nov 6

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Oh here we go again, One Million Moms, aka just ONE Mom pretending that she is One Million btw, getting her religious knickers in a twist over sweet f**k all as usual.
FFs, someone PLEASE by her a bloody vibrator.


And rightly she should have. I like Simone Biles and think she is a good person. Religion be damned!


Growing up during the civil rights era, it’s interesting how the laws were added, at different times that protected blacks, and women, and aged and etc from discrimination. What that means is it is ok to discriminate against anyone except these groups! I never understood why we don’t just have an anti discrimination law, period.

Having said this, I do have a bone to pick with the LGBTQ community, and that is in the moniker. It’s hard to say and every year or two they add another damn letter ( I get it, there is power in numbers) I guess I just can’t wait until they are normalized in society, and we can just call them PEOPLE......


Good old christian bigotry and hate. They haven't learned how to play nice with the other kids.


Wanting to receive equal protection under law is not pushing an agenda.
It's like parents pushing their feed their children agenda, see how fucking stupid it sounds?
I suppose women are following a feminist agenda and civil rights workers are following, what? a fairness agenda?
People that use the word "agenda" never lead in with or follow it with anything worth a fuck.
Simone Biles is right for slamming them.

Perhaps part of the problem is that so many religions have denigrated LGBTQ people over the centuries...they're an easy target. I've always hated that side of religion (well, along with others) and I cheer whenever another law/restriction falls!

I'm proud of Simone for so many reasons. She knows how to use her power!


If any bunch of crazies is sufficiently insane to claim the existence of their particular god, then they have no basis on which to condemn other people's sexuality or sexual behaviour.


Great meme


The fact that Christians (or Jews for that matter) condemn anything other than hetrosexual relations should not surprise anyone. It is in their "Holy" books, so why the surprise?

Lots of thing are in their "holy" book that are no longer adhered too and a few things that never were.

@jlynn37 If you have a point make it, your reply makes no point vis a vis my post.

@Alienbeing I thought the point was pretty clear. Why are they singling out homosexuality and ignoring stuff like interwoven cloths of different materials or bans on shellfish and such...

I find it somewhat curious, to say the very least, that Christians, etc, can be so Anti-Homosexual when, logically speaking, one can ponder as WHY their beloved and worshipped Founder, Jeebus Crust ( sarcasm intended btw) LITERALLY traveled the country-side, slept with/along-side TWELVE other MALES PLUS a biblically proclaimed Whore and YET never once had a child with ANY woman at all.
Was Jeebus either a closet Homosexual male, a closet bi-sexual OR just as Impotent as his oft proclaimed Heavenly father?
I means, WHAT real red-blooded male could resist a wee bit of nookie when there's a whore sleeping somewhere close to you?

@JeffMurray How does that affect anything I posted. My point was their "Holy" books condemns homosexuality. It doesn't comment on anything else in their "Holy" books. Additionally virtually all religious people selectively follow their religions so again you reply adds what?

@Alienbeing You asked why people would be surprised Christians condemn any non-heterosexual relationships. The answer is obviously that they don't condemn things like garments of cloth made of two kinds of material with the same fervor. So they should be surprised they are selective when there's no good reason to stress one biblical law over the other. Not sure what you're having trouble with here.

@JeffMurray I can't understand why you can't see you are ignoring my sole point and want to conflate. However I don't care to bicker anymore.

@Alienbeing Apparently no one gets your point...

@JeffMurray Nothing like that is apparent at all.

@Alienbeing Well, there's two people here that don't get your point and none that do, so...

@JeffMurray Not so however if you want to think that it is fine with me.

@Alienbeing Can you count to two? @jlynn37 and I both clearly don't get your point. No one except you has stated they understand what you're saying. Easy math, bro.

@JeffMurray Not at all but if it make you feel good, fine.

@Alienbeing Please detail the individuals that understand your point.

@JeffMurray Why don't you detail, it would make you feel good.

@Alienbeing You're the one claiming people understand your point. The onus is on you to produce evidence of that. I already produced evidence that two people don't understand and none other than you do.

@JeffMurray No, you must be smoking something strong. I made NO claim that anyone understood anything, I merely denied your claim. Learn to read. YOU, not I, in your 11/11 post said "Well there's two people here that don't get your point, and none that do". SO I inquired who are the two that don't get my point and how the hell would you know none do. You post of11/13 did not prove anything as jlynn 37 made no such declaration.

Actually, don't bother replying, I don't care. I only mess with you because i am amazed to see an adult who acts like a child, and it was fun.

@Alienbeing Saying that it is not apparent at all that no one gets your point is an insinuation that some do.
I don't care what someone like you thinks of my behavior/responses as you are not one of the several people here whose opinions I value and trust.

@JeffMurray You believe what you want to believe. Go play with your Leggos.

@Alienbeing Sick burn, bro.

@JeffMurray I note you never proved your comment re jlynn37. In other words you belch out nonsense.

@Alienbeing Apparently only @jlynn37 would be able to settle this to your satisfaction. To me it seems clear. His first comment answered your initial question, 'why the surprise' which suggests he didn't understand your point. You didn't seem to be able to understand his, so I explained what I thought he meant. Hopefully he'll clear this up, but I wouldn't be surprised if he blocked you and isn't getting any of these notifications. 😝

@JeffMurray Thank you for your comments. I have no intention of pursuing this any further and I only would block someone if they threatened me in any way.

@JeffMurray Is it your bedtime yet?

@Alienbeing Again with the devastating comeback. Bet people can barely breathe when you're around.

@JeffMurray You wouldn't be able to because you are so easy to correct.

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