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LINK Conservative Christians Are Praying to Change the Election Outcome

God's will isn't good enough for the MAGA cult.

snytiger6 9 Nov 7

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Good luck with that. As a kid I prayed for a bicycle and then I realized God don’t work like that, so I stole a bicycle and asked for forgiveness. (Not really, it’s a stolen joke, I only steal jokes).
My point is, how long before Vanilla Isis quits praying and goes out to do their version of stealing a bike?
We live in troubled times.
Still glad the U.S. fired Putin’s Agent Orange.


Nothing fails like prayer!!!!!

Yea now they can go witness the “cumming” of the lord!! Lol


Fall to your knees !

Read your chosen bi-bull passages !

Go to your churches , close your eyes, and wave your hands around !

Sing all them god songs !

Pray yourselves silly , till you can't anymore !

Ain't nuthin gonna happen ...

You said it!!


They are approaching it incorrectly. I have a special personal relationship with god. He told me that if I received $25,000,000 from Christians He (god) would see to it that Trump won.

Should they make a burnt offering? 😂

@girlwithsmiles That would help.


Here it is........


I'd rather they waste their time praying than try to solve their issues with violence.

The violence generally comes from the left. If Trump had won there would have been massive riots.

@Trajan61 Believe what you want. I know who the violent people in my area are and they don't lean left.

@Paracosm and the studies confirm you are right and the trajan troll absolutely wrong. []

@Mofo1953 Not to mention all those articles (i've posted several) about how white supremacists had infiltrated the Antifa and BLM protests to instigate violence in an attempt discredit the causes.

@Trajan61 Are you serious? The Proud Boys, The Neo-Nazis are to the Left? These are the real threats here, as well as Patriot Prayer. Check your history.......Fascism and Nazism were extreme forms of Nationalism.

@Trajan61, @Paracosm People are going to believe what they choose, regardless of right, wrong or logic.

@SeaRay215ex Why is it that the overwhelming majority of the looting and burning is in democrat controlled cities and states!

@Trajan61 Do yourself a favor......put brain in gear before putting mouth in motion. You sound like just another Trumpanzee.

@Trajan61 because, you idiot, they do that to fulfill their hatred agenda and create chaos in those cities where everybody knows cops won't shoot you on sight. The FBI has caught up with them though.

@Mofo1953 If you believe that you are truly an idiot!

@Mofo1953, @SeaRay215ex And you sound like a left wing piece of crap!

@Trajan61 i don't believe that, you moronic cretin. It has been proven by these pesky things called facts. Read, although I doubt you know how. []

@Trajan61 HAHAHAHA see.......your a living example of what happens when a chimpanzee bones a donkey. Maybe your parents were high on crack when you were conceived? Maybe you ate too many paint chips?


I was Christian and I use to do nonsense like this. I finally realized I wasn’t prYing for gods will I was praying for my will to be done and say it was gods will. Then I realized that it was all bs


how's that workin' out for them so far?



So much for “The Power of Praying” 😅


Time to move on to rationalizing mysterious ways, isn't it?


Not going to work. @ The Tweet of God done put the word out 🙂


One would think after two millennium of failures they would learn by now. I guess there's no fool like a religious fool. LOL

Actually, when you think about it, maybe they should question why their god would send a pandemic during the time of tRumps economic wonder (not). After all, if not for the pandemic we could very have 4 more years of utter misery. Of course their god's mysterious ways are always in favor of their crap beliefs.

Confirmation bias has kept them going for the last 2000 years.


Some people like wasting there time.


... and I hope they have as much success with it as their prayers against mass shootings have on those.


PO’ babies...the lord does work in strange ways...


And, maybe a few of them will recognize how futile prater is when the election results do not change..


Let them. We all know how powerful their prayers really are.


LOL, they just don't get it, and they never will.
However, on the bright side they are extremely fun to watch.


Yeah because praying is so effective!


And like that IS going to work.

Shh... Don't tell them or they may bring out their guns.

@snytiger6 No worries for me on that score.
I was taught and trained from around 6 years of age by the 5 times State Champion, 2 Australian Champion Rifleman to shoot.
In my very secure Rifle safe I have a 7.69 Mauser rifle, elsewhere in the house in a very secure place is 300 rounds of 7.69 ammunition and the bolt is stored safely away from both as well.
Plus an 80 pound draw strain Mongolian style recurve Bow and 30 arrows with assorted arrowheads attached, easy enough to 'drop' Christians since they always travel around in groups.....LOL.


Doesn't prayer mean a non acceptance of reality as when someone is not happy with how things are in his or her life or life in general?

Yes, because reality terrifies some people.


The more I look at America, the more I am saddened by the way it is infested with mental defectives.

Especially those idiots on the left who voted for that lying crooked sob Biden!

@Trajan61 Do smell the slight aroma of a Trumppet (Trump Puppet) here?

@Triphid & @Paracosm I suspect poor @Trajan61 is having one of his turns.

@anglophone Hmm, perhaps the nerve from the Rectal Orifice has gone awry yet again and made a detour to join up with the Oral- Oesophageal passage?
I wonder IF his anus ever gets into fits of jealousy when his his mouth usurps its job so often?

@anglophone he's one of those mentally defective trolls.


Trump is nothing tough. He’s an overgrown punk. But the Evangelical and Southern Baptist Sheep are obedient to their Shepherd. Trump fights with truly stupid fanaticism, with the primitive brutality of a rat that finds itself surrounded.


Oh no, Biden is doomed!

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