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Do you collect anything?

I collect porcelain dolls and money from all ages and around the world. My son collects baseball cards and comics. What do you enjoy collecting?

ashortbeauty 8 Apr 11

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I am laughing out loud as I glanced at your post!! I have 50 yrs of collecting to dispose of by the end of this month! I want to move into a 'tiny,' house and I wanted to spare my children this job...when 'my time is up!' When I was in my attorney's office...a gentleman there said his mom had died and he and sister had to clear out so much stuff...that he brought in a dumpster and it was full! That was one residency! So collect this is similar to real nighmares, that I have had!

Thanks for the wisdom and good luckclearing it all out!


Mostly dust, lol.

Luvbug Level 3 Apr 11, 2018

Books, since I have been a voracious reader since childhood. I refuse to buy another bookcase. When a new book comes in, another gets donated to the library.

Don't suggest a Kindle. I hate reading books on screens. I love the smell, heft and feel of beloved books. With favorite authors, I collect and re-read their remarkable books.

When I finished "Angela's Ashes" for the first time, I kissed Frank McCourt's picture before closing the book. Frank McCourt won a Pulitzer Prize for this first book, "Angela's Ashes."

I agree on the feel and smell of a real book. Good on you for donating!


Coming to think about it... I got a Great Collection of Memories!

@rakuman yeah, but sometimes the only witness that can validate the adventure passes away, that's life at times we lose friends faster we can make new ones. But we move on with our collection of memorable good times.

@rakuman And shall not forget my version and her version of the same memory is not the same version.


This is a weird thing to collect but I collect rocks. Not valuable rocks, just interesting shapes and colored rocks. I live in an apartment at the moment but I used to put them in my backyard.

When you moved to your apartment, did you bring the rocks, or do the people who live in your old house now have a backyard with really cool rocks?
Just curious. 🙂

@scurry I left them there with my x-wife.. I had no place for them unfortunately. Besides it would have made a mess of the backyard and I didn't want to do that to her.

@paul1967 so your ex got custody of the cool rocks.
I hope she treats them well. 😉
Have you restarted to collection? Smaller maybe?

I am also a collector of rocks...I love rocks!@paul1967

@scurry No not until I buy a home. But I do collect fossils. That's something everyone should look into, it far more fun than it sounds.

@scurry, @Freedompath Really? I think you and I are the only two. Maybe not.

@paul1967 @freedompath fossils fascinate me, although I don't collect. Rocks & pebbles; I like colourful and smooth, and geodes are pretty cool too.
My brother-in-law studied geology and would 'talk rocks' a lot.


Mistakes <deep sigh>

  • learning opportunities 😉

Yeah I have been box of them....but I also collect music, friends, joy, laughter & knowledge🙂


From age 15, I collected Depression-era glass, mostly from garage sales. Late in life, I started collecting late 19th- early-20th-century embroidery newspapers and magazines from France, usually on ebay. Now that I am closing in on 70, none of it is important to me...I am divesting, not acquiring. What really matters is the moments, especially those spent with the ones we love...I’ve been collecting those memories for almost 69 years and they are absolutely my most valuable possessions.


I have a thing for decorative masks. I have them all over my walls.

Love them too! Thank heavens I never went there...


Guitars and gray hair.Not enjoying the gray hair part though.

I think we all have to deal with that at some point 😉

@ashortbeauty Collecting guitars? I hope not, more for me, lol.

@nvrnuff guess I should have specified lol

@ashortbeauty Not to worry, it's just the smart ass n me

I cannot like that statement enough....strings just shine......


Musical instruments. I have a crazy amount. I'm embarrassed about it. Really. Just off the top of my head I have 3 banjo's, a mandolin, a guitar, 2 Ukuleles, 4 flutes, 3 concertinas, 5 melodeons, 2 fiddles .... that's not all of them by a long shot

🙂 that's good

I have a relatively mild form of bi-polar disorder. One of its symptoms is compulsive and obsessive behaviours. Playing music obsessively is one of the least damaging behaviours I've had but i still need to be very careful that i keep it under control.
Still it ain't crack. 🙂


I have a thing for guitars,banjos fiddles etc got to have strings. But I'm slowly letting some go, kinda hard to.

I feel your pain 🙂 it's so hard letting them go. I'm down to 5 melodeon s now. At one point I had 9!


I have quite a few collections. This one might scare people, but I have pretty nice collection of religious paraphernalia specifically Catholic. Anything from statuary to holy water bottles. Nope I’m not Catholic never have been, there’s just something about the art that I enjoy and I’ve always liked the ritualism. That being said, I also collect toys from when I was a kid, Pezz dispensers I have over 100, Batman figures I have over 30, lots of curious George lots of hello Kitty. Some Star Wars but specifically anything to do with Chewbacca. I love collecting things and they’re all collecting dust. I do not collect to sell. I have no kids so I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do with all the stuff but somebody will want it I’m sure.

@JustJan I’d love to see your collections. I’m so excited that I’m not alone in my collecting. It’s nice to meet a fellow religious art collector. I’m so intrigued with your Lucy and Desi collection. It’s funny I just watched The Long, Long Trailer a few days ago!


I tend to collect things along useful themes. I love to cook and have collected a ton of cooking gadgets. I also love woodworking and have amassed an extensive shop full of wood working tools.

Oooo woodworking 😀 love it


I collect books on crime and fish.

That is truely an eclectic collection.

I didn't write that properly lol. I collect books and I collect fish.

@LeighShelton I collect books, magazines... and write them about ornamental aquatics!

@BobFenner oh wow very cool

@LeighShelton Yeah Leigh. Is that your giant gourami?

@BobFenner yes and it's my third one. had them all my adult life. this is my giraffe catfish.

@LeighShelton Ahh! Have seen some of these in public aquariums that were huge.

@BobFenner its 28"

@LeighShelton Wowzah!

I love my fish--I have a catfish that is about 22 years old. I also started keeping goldfish, rosy minnows, gambusia & albino channel cats in out door ponds.


I collect porcelain lennox cats. I must have about 30 of them. They remind me of the kitty I had for about 22 years, her name was monster and she was a persian himalayan, before they screwed with the line and made their faces all squashed up.


I collect beautiful memories.


When I was a child, I collected comic books. I knew all about the Marvel and DC characters before they got famous in the movies.

I still have my collection of concert tickets that I have kept over the years. I think it is my proudest collection. There are lots of memories looking at those tickets.

balou Level 8 Apr 11, 2018

Antique and vintage synthesizers.And a wonderful collection of vinyl records and vintage music!


I feel ya


If I sit still for too long, I start to collect dust.


I collect memories. All the other stuff takes up too much space and once you die no one knows what to do with all the stuff you've collected. I'm sure a lot gets thrown away.

SamL Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

I collect dust. It's gathering on everything I own!


Various nicknaks..I have money from the countries I've visited...Pieces of explosives I've worked on..A couple pieces of the jets I worked on as well.


Friends. I collect friends.


I have a houseful of antique furniture and MCM art pottery....I actually have the largest known collection of a certain type of MCM pottery with about 1000 pieces (thanks Grandma). I also have 150+/- of the Degenhart glass owls (over 240 colors were made)....and, as a chef, I have over 1000 cookbooks...



I collect vinyl. I possibly have an unhealthy addiction with it haha!

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