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LINK Virginia Pastor in Charge of Anti-Mask Christian Daycare Says Virus is a “Hoax” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

It’s bad enough that the COVID-related irresponsibility of so many people has caused shutdowns across the country, but a Christian daycare in Virginia sent out a deranged letter to parents after the state forced it to close because it was putting people in danger.

Here’s the situation: Little Lambs Christian Dayschool in Radford began receiving complaints after a teacher who worked with students despite not wearing a mask tested positive for the virus. The head of Fairlawn Christian Academy (which oversees the daycare), Pastor Stephen Phillips, responded by telling parents to relax and that government health officials couldn’t be trusted.

snytiger6 9 Nov 23

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This so called Pastor is the one of the best arguments I have seen for allowing unfettered abortions.

The best arguements being Trump and McConnel?

@snytiger6 Those too are strong arguments.


I hope the POS gets covid. See how quick he runs to the nearest hospital.


In theory he was telling the parents not to panic and hoped he would have their business again at a later time. Sprinkle in a little Donald Trump and you get the idea.


Well.....the same Covid restrictions that are imposed on churches have also closed the bars. Explain that Pastor Looney-Tunes!!!!


Daddy, I got the hoax! Signed, Donald Jr.


Plenty of other mask deniers and COVID deniers have said very similar things only to later contract the virus and die from it. The worst part here is that his denial puts young children and their families at risk as well.


Man........If only I could re-open Auschwitz or Treblinka........This bastard will be the first one in the gas chamber.


Needs to go to jail now reckless endangerment

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 23, 2020

Worse is iI have heard that some of these Covidiots are continuing to deny the virus and abuse medical staff even as they are caring for them.


All these anti maskers should have to register. If they or their immediate family get sick, they should receive minimal care and kept in their church so their chosen god can take care of them. Instead of putting hard working medical personnel at risk from their mental illness.

Better to just leave them die like the pieces of shit they are.

That's a brilliant idea!


Well, we do know from experience what has happed to those people so far. Just a matter of time before he is the lucky winner of covid number 250 002.


Sounds more like little lambs to the slaughter. Would not have believed this if it wasn't from as credible a source. Happy that the "persecution" which hinders coronavirus spread also hinders the spread of their mind virus.

"Mind virus" - I like that phrase.


Like I said in another post. Religion is going to be death of us all.


Fucking untrustworthy idiot!


I hope that POS gets both Covid and a permanent case of incurable Mouth Ulcers.

Wouldn’t that be great!! Sling him up by his nuts too.

@SeaRay215ex Using a barbed wire noose of course.


That POS should be locked up for child endangerment.

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